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Ms. Holy Roller


歌词相关歌手:SMITH, WILL

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[INTRO] [简介]

Mic check 1, 2, 1, 2.. this is dedicated to an old friend of mine, Michelle 麦克风检查1 , 2 , 1 , 2 ..这是献给我的,米歇尔的老朋友

She a holy roller now 她现在是一个神圣的滚筒

Now everything old gon' burn 现在一切都老坤烧


[CHORUS] [合唱]

Ms. Holy Roller, new angel, got ya Bible out shoutin' and you're ringing a bell 圣子女士,新的天使,有雅圣经出来叫喊着 ,你就摇铃

mid-life, reborn, can't wait to tell, if I don't believe what you believe, 中年,脱胎换骨,迫不及待的告诉,如果我不相信你所相信的,

I'm going to hell... 我要去地狱...

I've been down with Jesus since Sunday school & Easter speeches 由于主日学及复活节讲话我已经下来了耶稣

The Bible was survival, that's what my grandma would teach us 圣经是生存,这就是我的奶奶会教我们

Since I was 5, I've been dying and trying to read it When I did I did, it redefined it 因为我是5 ,我已经奄奄一息,并试图读取它,当我做我做,它重新定义了它

Now you was 34 when you found Jesus after your life fell to pieces 现在,你是34 ,当你发现耶稣后,你的生命倒下成为碎片

Wife two times, with two guys, now enlightened in speeches 妻子两次,有两个家伙,现在开明的讲话

Seemed to flow out your mouth with the hype of a preacher 似乎要流出来你的嘴与传教士的炒作

Took your whole life to reach you, now I'm a trifling creature 把你的整个生命来达到你的,现在我是一个微不足道的生物


[CHORUS] [合唱]


Come on, if I die right this second, I reckon that God would simply check 拜托,如果我死了正确的这一秒,我认为上帝只会检查

into my life & times, dissecting my rhymes, he'll see how I've been leading his troops 进入我的生活和时代,解剖我的童谣,他会怎么看我已经带领他的队伍

You can't do dirt your whole life then say "oops'! 你不能做的污垢你的整个生活,然后说“哎呀” !


[BRIDGE] [桥]

Now where was Jesus, when you life then you was cheatin', when you was deceiving me? 现在,这里是耶稣,当你的生活,那么你是不忠的,当你在欺骗我吗?

Where was Jesus when you greedy, your lawyers was bleeding me? 哪里是耶稣,当你贪婪,你的律师在流血吗?

Where was Jesus when every weekend, a new man living with you? 那里是耶稣的时候,每个周末,一个新的人一起生活吗?

Oh, wait he was with me, trying to keep me from killing you! 哦,等等,他和我在一起,试图阻止我杀了你!

Now, where was Jesus when you was lying & you was betraying me? 现在,这里是耶稣,当你躺在&你被出卖了我?

When I was trying to make it, you was hatin' delayin' me, huh? 当我试图做到最好的,你是hatin delayin 我,是吧?

Where was Jesus when the ice was thrilling you, 那里是耶稣,当冰惊心动魄的你,

Oh, he was he with me trying to keep me from killing you! 哦,他是他与我试图阻止我杀了你!

If I ain't know Jesus, ain't no telling where I would be 如果我不认识耶稣,也不是没有说服力的,我会

It's been nights I felt like feces; I needed to fight to release it 它已经晚上我感觉自己就像屎;我需要打去释放它

I'm in the limelight, it's hot & the heat is ceaseless, 我的风头,它的热和热不断,

Holding my tongue while little bums cut me to pieces 牵着我的舌头,而小流浪汉把我给片

The only reason's cause I studied the life of Jesus & 唯一的原因的,因为我曾研究过耶稣与生活

Venting with my pen, intending to write & release it 用我的笔宣泄,打算写与释放

But when an ex-friend would slight me or slam me with venom 但是,当一个前朋友会略有我还是踩住我的毒液

I hate it, I can't stand it, damned, I really resent it 我恨它,我受不了了,该死的,我真的很反感

I always strive to be righteous, my version of God 我一直努力成为义人,我的版本神

The reason why I never write verses with curses inside 为什么我从来不写的诗句里面诅咒的原因

The reason I never purposely hurt persons, 究其原因我从来没有故意伤害的人,

I've applied many teaching of God, 我申请了很多神的教导,

Searching the reaches of God 寻找神的河段

Pondered the mysteries of why you be dissing me, 思考为什么你可以瞧不起我的奥秘,

I adore you all I hope for you is freedom from misery 我爱你们,我希望你是从痛苦的自由

You made mistakes & blunders, you breaking from under 你所犯的错误和失误,从下破

But yo, If I'm going to hell, it's making me wonder. 但是哟,如果我去地狱,它让我知道。


[BRIDGE] [桥]


The greatest atrocities ever committed on this planet have been in the 曾经犯下这个星球上最伟大的暴行一直在

name of God 神的名字

This country was founded by Puritans, for the expressed purpose of 这个国家是由清教徒建立,为表达目的

oppression-free worship 压迫自由的崇拜

Your attitude is the same arrogant, fearful fundamentalism that fueled the 你的态度是一样的嚣张,可怕的原教旨主义的推波助澜

hatred of the Crusades 十字军东征的仇恨

& the attacks on 9/11. &在9月11日的袭击事件。

If we are not allowed to worship God as groups & individuals free from 如果我们不能敬拜上帝的团体和个人自由的

persecution, in respectful 迫害,在尊重

Tolerance, there's only one outcome... 宽容,只有一个结局......


[CHORUS] [合唱]

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