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Scary Story


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Willow 杨柳

Daddy can you tell me a story? 爸爸,你能告诉我一个故事?


Oh you wanna hear a story? What kind of story you wanna hear baby? 哦,你想听到的一个故事?你想要什么样的故事,听到宝宝吗?

Willow 杨柳

A scary story 一个可怕的故事

[VERSE 1] [诗歌1 ]

Oh, ok 哦,好吧

Once upon a time there was a kid who wanted nothin' more than to rhyme 从前,有个孩子谁想要什么也没多韵

Almost like he was born in the rhyme 就像他出生在韵

He thought of his rhymes almost all of the time 他认为他的词,几乎所有的时间

And he fought with his mom 和他打了他的妈妈

His school getting caught with his rhyme book 他的学校陷入了他的韵书

And he knew he shouldn't of took it there in the first place 他知道他不应该走上这也摆在首位

At least he shouldn't of been sittin lookin there in her face with it 至少,他不应该对被呆坐着她的脸,看着它有

Teacher told him get it out of her class 老师告诉他,拿不出来她的类

Wicked witch, trick told him that's probably why you won't pass 邪恶女巫,招告诉他,这可能是为什么你会不及格

Now if you shy you won't last but you're new 现在,如果你害羞,你会不会持续,但你是新

So underneath his breath before he left he said I'm a be richer then you 所以,他的呼吸之下他离开之前,他说我是一个更加丰富,那么你

What you say? She said. 你说的话?她说。

What you mean? He said. 你是什么意思?他说。

Boy don't you play, she said. 小子,不用你打,她说。

What you mean? He said. Damnit. 你是什么意思?他说。该死。

Ten minutes later standin up in the principles office 后十分钟standin在原则办公

Getting handed the phone clammed up cause his father was talking 入门把电话递给闭口不起来的原因他的父亲在说

And he was pissed he wasn't listening to his son. 他很生气,他不听他的儿子。

You testing me? You messin up again 你在考验我?您messin再升

You done boy. 你做的男孩。

[CHORUS] [合唱]

This is just a story about a young man comin up in the rap game 这仅仅是一个关于一个年轻男子科曼的说唱游戏剧情

A real scary story 真正可怕的故事

Went from rags to riches it has goblins in it haters and witches. Uh. 从发家致富的它在它的仇敌和女巫妖精。呃。




[VERSE 2] [诗歌2]

First thing he did was find somebody to give him some money. 第一件事情,他做的是找人来给他一些钱。

He wasn't stupid but wasn't using his senses honey. 他不傻,但不是用他的感官蜂蜜。

The guy's he meant was a little shady, a little funny. 这家伙的,他的意思是有点阴暗的,有点搞笑。

But they gave him the money so they played the record company. 但他们给他的钱,所以,他们所扮演的唱片公司。

It sounds silly but when he grew up in Philly rhymin wasn't what it is today 这听起来很傻,但是当他在费城rhymin长大是不是今天有什么

Deals wasn't a dime a dozen 优惠不值钱了

Today every sister, uncle, or mom or cousin gotta record deal 今天,每一个姐姐,叔叔,妈妈和表哥得成交记录

But for real it wasn't like that then. 但对于真正的它不是这样的话。

As you could imagine when he started risin to fame and fortune he was 正如你可以想像,当他开始RISIN名利,他

havin Started antagonizing the guy's he was with 就吃开始对抗的家伙的他与

At the same time he started realizing 与此同时,他开始意识到

The deal he got from them guys in his eyes didn't fly with size of his hits 他从这些家伙在他的眼中得到了这笔交易并没有与他的命中大小飞

He called a meeting to find a solution. 他召集了一次会议,以寻求解决方案。

He said I'm gettin beat out of my loot 他说,我刚开拍了我的战利品

And I'm not recording no more until we find a solution 我不会记录没有更多的,直到我们找到一个解决方案

The dude's said we found a solution its this .44 花花公子的说,我们找到了解决的这个0.44

He ran for the door a little shaken 他跑了门口一点点动摇

But the next day he found a lawyer, told him the situation 但是第二天,他发现了一个律师,告诉他情况

He said I'm breakin this contract for ya 他说,我唱到这个合同雅

He said how much the lawyer said I'm a charge you a quarter cause I like you 他说,有多少律师说我是你负责的四分之一,因为我喜欢你

Just do me a favor 只是帮我一个忙

get your life in order 让你的生活以


[CHORUS] [合唱]

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