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King Of Tomorrow



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[Intro - Sratched Chamillionaire samples] [简介 - Sratched Chamillionaire样本]

"I-I-I already made it" “ I-I -I已经成功”

"I-I-I already made it" “ I-I -I已经成功”

"I-I-I already made it" “ I-I -I已经成功”

"I already made it, made it, made it" “我已经做到了,成功了,成功”


[Verse 1 - Chamillionaire] [诗歌1 - Chamillionaire ]

Y'all say that they relevant, I say they embellishin 你们说,有关他们,我说他们embellishin

Keep gettin better, I told 'em that I'm developin 请刚开好,我告诉时间,我很developin

The throne still in the same spot that I set it in 我在设置它的宝座还是在同一地点

Did have the "Venom" until I drank all the medicine 也有“毒” ,直到我喝了所有的药

You're pelicans, your mouth too big so 你鹈鹕,你的嘴太大了所以

Won't give you the info, I'll give ya the intro 不会给你的信息,我给雅的介绍

I'll give ya the hello and I skip to the hell no 我给你的问候,我跳到了地狱无

I'm knowin that the money the reason you there for 我深深地知道,这些钱你的原因在那里

A tall figure, all y'all are raw dinner 一个高大的身影,所有你们都生晚宴

I hover about all y'all like Godzilla 我行将所有的盘旋你们都喜欢哥斯拉

I'm crossin a, right, left on a tall sinner 我横穿而过A,右,左一个高大的罪人

Y'all NBA after W 'cause I ball bigger 之后W ,因为我的球你们大联盟

What if your fans outnumbered by all your haters 如果你的粉丝数量上超过了你所有的仇敌

Take a trip to Barbados, enter into hiatus 走一趟巴巴多斯,进入裂孔

Enter into a round with no entry for entertainers 进入圆与艺人没有条目

We could of did that but instead we just recreate us 我们可以这样做,而是我们只是重新创建我们

So now you are lookin at the brand new we 所以,你现在看着在全新的我们

'Cause it would take a hundred of y'all to make a brand new me 因为这将需要一百你们都来建立一个新的我

And the man you see, will open man you free 而你看到的那个人,会打开你的人免费

Hit ya chick and then exit when I get a N-U-T 打亚小妞,然后当我上N -U -T退出

Even without the punchlines, I'm still in front of the line 即使没有punchlines ,我还是在该行的前面

My (Destiny) was not a (Child), she a woman that's fine 我的(命运)不是(儿童) ,她一个女人,很好

She got me permanently tatted on the back of her spine 她让我永远梭织她的后背脊柱

I'm 2009, y'all 2000 behind 我是2009年, 2000你们都落后

When the heck did we let all these self promoters get on? 当赫克也让我们这些自发起人获得?

Tired of DJ's always yellin over most of the song 累了的DJ总是喊了大部分歌曲的

What you smokin on? Michael Phelps must of hand you his bong 你戒掉什么呢?菲尔普斯必须手你他奉

You can't tell me nothin if you think you know that I'm wrong 你不能告诉我没什么,如果你认为你知道,我错了

Blog after blog with another mixtape to gossip 博客博客后与另一混音带八卦

You and you did it and you are an accomplice 你,你做到了,你是帮凶

The messed up part is y'all ain't even makin hotness 该搞砸部分是你们竟然没有这回事辣味

Stop it, the mixtapes, you shouldn't even drop it 别闹了,在混音带,你甚至不应该放弃它

I taught y'all youngin's how to hit a lick 我教你们youngin的如何打一舔

And you didn't make love to it, you got up in it and you hit it quick 而你没有做爱了,你在里面站起来,你很快打它

Soon as you got a nut you actin like you innocent 一旦你得到了一个螺母,你装作喜欢你天真

Actin like this little ugly baby isn't even his 肌动蛋白就像这个小丑娃甚至不是他的

All y'all the fathers of what we left with 是我们留给你们所有的父亲

To hell with this relationship, I'll move on to my next chick 地狱有这层关系,我会移动到我的下一个小妞

They had life but I gave the tapes a death wish 他们的生活,但我给了磁带找死

No competition, the Messiahs' are the best-est 没有竞争,救世主是最好的, EST


[Break - Chamillionaire - talking ("scratched Chamillionaire samples")] [歇 - Chamillionaire - 谈( “划伤Chamillionaire样本”)]

R.I.P. R.I.P.

("I-I-I-I-I-I-I already made it") ( “ I-I -I -I -I -I -I已经成功” )

Yeah, pray for me 是啊,为我祈祷

("I-I-I already made it") ( “ I- I - 我已经成功” )

Hold up 耽误

("I-I-I-I-I-I already made it") ( “ I-I -I -I -I -I已经成功” )

("All-all-all-all my-all my-all my-all my Mini Me's can have it") ( “全全全我所有的,我的所有,我的所有,我所有的小我的可以拥有它” )


[Outro - Chamillionaire - talking] [尾奏 - Chamillionaire - 谈]

Yeah I meant it when I said we was done man 是的,我的意思是,当我说我们做男人

Everybody keep talkin like they don't think I'm serious man 让每个人都喜欢说话,他们不认为我是认真的男人

We done with the legacy, we done with the dynasty 我们与传统做的,我们与王朝完成

We done with the Mixtape Messiah run, it's been fun 我们用的Mixtape弥赛亚运行完成后,它很有趣

Wakin up every night, gettin in the studio doin nothin but freestyles man 周而复始每天晚上,在刚开工作室的乐队没什么,但Freestyles系列的人

It's a little crazy man 这是一个有点疯狂的人

You know? I spend 100, out of a 100% of my time 你知道?我花了100 ,超出了我的时间100 %

I spend 85% of my time in the studio doin mixtape freestyles 我在录音室花了我85%的时间干什么混音带Freestyles系列

And I can't go as far as I want with 'em 我不能走得太远,因为我想用时间

So I decided to switch it up 所以我决定转起来

And now I spend a 100% of my time in the studio makin real songs man 现在我在录音室里出不来真正的音乐人花我的时间100 %

Y'all can't keep comparin my mixtape work to everybody else 你们不能让我开始比较Mixtape作者作品所有的人

It's a unfair advantage 这是一个不公平的优势

So a, now we gonna do is, we gonna create a new brand called Major Pain 所以,现在我们该怎么办是,我们会创建一个新的品牌叫重大的痛苦

That's gonna be the name that's runnin the game, know what I'm sayin? 这会是那奔跑的游戏名字,知道我在说什么?

New music all on authentic and original beats, know what I'm sayin? 新的音乐都在真实和原始的节奏,知道我在说什么?

Somethin fresh, somethin new 一斤新鲜的,新的事端

We got to switch it up man, can't keep doin the same thing 我们一定要转起来的人,不能让干什么一回事

Everybody else in Texas, y'all need to follow my lead man 其他人都在德州,你们都需要按照我的领导的人

Put out some real songs, some real music 拿出一些真正的歌曲,一些真正的音乐

Real content, know what I'm talkin 'bout? 真正的内容,知道我在说什么 ?

If you already doin that, then you shouldn't feel offended 如果您已经上来了,那么你不应该感到被冒犯

If you are offended, then so what? 如果你得罪了,那还等什么?

It's the King, Koopa 这是国王,库巴


[Pimp C sample] [ Pimp C的样品]

"And a fight go with that" “而打架去了”

"I-I get tore up, I-I get tore up under city lights" (city lights, city lights) “二GET撕掉了,第二下得到城市的灯光撕毁” (城市之光,城市之光)

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