歌词 "I Love Music" 的中英对照歌词与中文翻译

I Love Music


歌词相关歌手:TECH N9NE

English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Verse 1 - Tech N9ne:] [诗歌1 - 技术N9ne : ]

The, the 在中,

The reason that I'm breathin' 是我的呼吸“的原因

...gets me cheese while I'm eatin' in Bad Season ......使我奶酪,而我eatin “在糟糕的赛季

Was deep in beef and was needin' some beasta release in evenings 很深的牛肉,被送掉“一些beasta释放的夜晚

Instead of me being up and bleedin' with these young heathens with cheese and obstacles 相反,我是和流血“这些年轻的异教徒奶酪和障碍

Made it possible for the flow, gotta be profitable 使人们有可能为流,得盈利

Your text's audible, his inarguable prada prophet was plausible 你的文字的声响,他不容争辩的普拉达先知是合理的

God is so good for givin' me music! 上帝是得到安宁我的音乐这么好!

Liftin', gettin' me though it when I was fixin' to lose it Liftin “ ,刚开了我虽然当我fixin 失去它

Dudes hit Big Scoob's shit 'n reppin' the blue tip 帅哥打大Scoob的狗屎N reppin “蓝色提示

Foo's skipped with ... we jumped in the ... whip Foo的跳过了......我们跳了......鞭

Full clips for who stick the homie for true grip 全部剪辑谁坚持的亲密真正的抓地力

My crew, thanks to music, we all living through it 我的工作人员,感谢音乐,我们都经历它

Got me out of the ghetto 让我走出贫民窟

Got me mucho dinero 让我MUCHO迪内罗

In Cozumel, Mexico shorts and Jordans and a sombrero 科苏梅尔,墨西哥短裤和乔丹和宽边帽

This gift, ain't given from a devil, so settle 这个礼物,是不是从给定的魔鬼,所以解决

Come and get this rebel music that's hot as a kettle, pendejo 来吧,让这个反叛的音乐,是热的水壶, pendejo

Saved my life, paid my lights, made my wife, say "Bye Bye" 拯救了我的生命,我的付出灯,做我的妻子,说“再见”

Gave my ... babes, I like prayed my mic 给我的......美女,我喜欢祈祷我的麦克风

Would never fade, forever slayed, days I write 永远不会褪色,永远slayed ,天,我写的

My chedda raise up better, faze way high hyped 我chedda提出了更好的,扰的方法大肆宣传高

My music's one reason I always get to lay my pipe 我的音乐的一个原因我总是把我管

The reason Tech Nina can comfortably say "Night, night" 究其原因技术尼娜可以舒适地说:“夜,夜”

Blessed me, with original flow, so Hey! Why bite? 祝福我,与原来的流量,从而嘿!为什么要咬人?

I hear, I feel, I live, listen, and learn. 我听到了,我觉得,我还活着,听,学。

I like 我喜欢


[Chorus - Krizz Kaliko:] [合唱团 - Krizz卡里科: ]

(I love music) (我爱音乐)

Yeah, I love (I love music) 是的,我爱(我爱音乐)

For real (I love music) 对于真正的(我爱音乐)

And I need (I love music) 我需要(我爱音乐)

To feel (I love music) 感觉(我爱音乐)

Go and play it (I love music) 去玩儿吧(我喜欢音乐)

Yeah, know what I'm saying? (I love music) 是啊,知道我在说什么? (我爱音乐)

My love (I love music) 我的爱(我爱音乐)

Know what I'm saying? 知道我在说什么?


[Verse 2 - Oobergeek:] [诗歌2 - Oobergeek : ]

Automatic when I do this 当我这样做自动

Manually, daily, monthly, annually 手动,每天,每月,每年

I get a step closer to being the coolest 我得到一个更近一步成为最酷

Acoustic got me foolin', about to lose it 声让我愚弄,也即将失去它

Ooh, shit 哦,狗屎

Jump in the grind, and my hom' Mean Mike produced it 跃在研磨,我的坎“是什么意思迈克生产出来

That's music pahtna 这就是音乐pahtna

I'm just a poet with incredible rhythm 我只是一个令人难以置信的节奏诗人

Words arranged will let you know he has incredible in him 安排的话就会让你知道他有令人难以置信的在他身上

I don't mean to toot my own horn, but toot toot, ha ha 我的意思不是嘟嘟我自己的号角,但嘟嘟的,哈哈

I laugh because it's easier than do ray mi fa so la 我笑了,因为它更容易做的比光ㄙ这样啦

Ti do, we know he go ... on that C Note 钛做的,我们知道他去...上C注

And he can play a C Note with that B Note 他可以打C注与B注

I'm talkin' truth 我说的实话

And I got stories that I show you that it's walkin proof 和我的故事,我告诉你,这是走着证明

A thousand miles of it and I can show you what I'm walkin' through 千里之行呢,我可以告诉你,我走着通过

Music ain't a hobby, it's an organ, of my body, that the creator provided back in January of '92 音乐是不是一种业余爱好,它是一个器官,我的身体,那创作者提供早在九二年一月

So don't you dare say that music skipped my generation 所以,不要你敢说音乐跳过我这一代

Your hatin' ain't nothin' but motivation for these compilations 你hatin 是没什么,但动机这些编译



[Chorus 2 - Krizz Kaliko:] [合唱团2 - Krizz卡里科: ]

(I love music) (我爱音乐)

Yeah, it feeds me (I love music) 是啊,喂我(我爱音乐)

I need (I love music) 我需要(我爱音乐)

You feel me? (I love music) 你觉得我吗? (我爱音乐)

Know what I'm saying? (I love music) 知道我在说什么? (我爱音乐)

Yeah, it's my thang (I love music) 是啊,这是我的唐卡(我爱音乐)

Know what I'm saying? (I love music) 知道我在说什么? (我爱音乐)

And I love it (I love music) 我喜欢它(我爱音乐)

Yeah, go ahead! 是啊,去吧!


[Verse 3 - Kendrick Lamar:] [诗歌3 - 肯德里克 - 拉马尔: ]

Music is my life 音乐是我的生命

The reason why I write 为什么我写的原因

Like Edgar Allen Poe on the beat, like a parasite 喜欢爱伦坡的节拍,像寄生虫

You thought a parachute made my flow just fall out the sky 你以为降落伞让我流刚刚从天上掉下来

Then you fell apart into a body part no one would buy 然后,你闪开到身体的一部分,没有人会买

Nobody tried my limits 'cause they're afraid of heights 没有人想我的极限“因为他们是恐高症

The ambition, weak or gravity let 'em die 野心,弱或重力让时间死

I let you live until a nigga compose a rhyme 我让你活到了一个黑人组成一个韵

Then it's like a Rhino in your ass every time 那么它就像一个犀牛在你的屁股,每次

Time and time again I treat my pen like The Pen 一次又一次,我把我的笔状的笔

Bars harder than Pelican Bay and I been 酒吧难度比鹈鹕湾,我一直

Servin' a life sentence since the day I was ten 塞尔“,因为这一天我十岁无期徒刑

Nine times outta ten you only ten songs deep before you leap 深三思而后行九次失控10 ,你只有十首歌曲

Into a pool of sharks then swim 为鲨鱼再游池

That's an analogy on the way I do casualties 这是对我人员伤亡的方式比喻

And I do this shit casually 我做的这一切,随便

Before the first end, I'll be in the Hall of Fame with my picture framed, friend 第一结束前,我会在名人堂有我的照片陷害,朋友


[Chorus 3 - Krizz Kaliko:] [合唱3 - Krizz卡里科: ]

And if it wasn't for my music, I wouldn't be standing here! 如果不是因为我的音乐,我就不会站在这里!

If it wasn't for my music, you wouldn't have nothing to hear, yeah 如果不是因为我的音乐,你不会什么都没有听到,是

And I love... 我爱...


(I love music) (我爱音乐)

I need it to live (I love music) 我需要它来生活(我爱音乐)

It's almost the ... (I love music) 这几乎是... (我爱音乐)

Yeah, and I love yeah (I love music) 是的,我爱耶(我爱音乐)

This time I'ma be quiet (I love music) (Shh!!) 这一次,我是个安静(我爱音乐) (嘘! )


And I love it (I love music) 我喜欢它(我爱音乐)

Showing I love it (I love music) 显示我喜欢它(我爱音乐)

Whoa! 哇!


[Tech N9ne] [技术N9ne ]


Wake Up!!! 醒来!

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