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Sittin in the back of the police car position 在好好坐着警车位置的后面

Your mission is forgetting and denying they existence 你的任务就是忘记和否认他们的存在

Thinking of different ways to keep from submitting 不同的方法,以保持从提交思维

and continuing not tomention...like that 并继续不tomention ......这样的

Grand marquee police interceptor edition 大帐篷警察拦截版

with wall so you can barely fit in 与墙,所以你可以勉强适应

Knees is touching the front seat shifting 膝盖接触到前座移

Cause your handcuffs is cutting your wrist and 因为你的手铐被割伤手腕,

Your wishin that he would drive faster pleeeease 你许愿,他会跑得更快pleeeease

But he slows the hood as he drives past the free 但他减慢了遮光罩,他开车过去的自由

It's cool but you trippin' the quicker you get there 这很酷,但你践踏了你更快到达那里

The quicker you sit there and cuffed to a bench and 你坐在那里,又打在凳子上的更快,

They playing good cop, bad cop one of the them 他们玩的这些好警察,坏警察1

pretending so you rewindyourself 假装所以你rewindyourself

To your uneasy recline in the back of the police car 在警车后面的不安放倒

hand-cuffed to the seat belt...NAW 手带套囊的安全带... NAW

"You ain't gotta quicken the pace" “你是不是得加快步伐”

That just give me more time to sit and erase 这只是给我更多的时间坐下来和擦除

Alibi and aliase switch and replace 不在场证明和aliase开关和替换

Think about then figure out an escape thank God that I'm up in the states 想想看,然后找出一个转义感谢上帝,我在美国

Cuz if I was in Russia who knows how'd they do a hustla 的Cuz ,如果我是在俄罗斯,谁知道他们怎么做hustla

Waite! I ain't a hustla I'm straight 韦特!我公司是不是hustla我爱异性

I'm damn near a busta, no laws I break 我该死附近布斯塔,没有法律我打破

Money I never seen guns, I didn't hold 钱我从来没见过的枪,我没抱

drugs I never sold calls I didn't make 药我从来没有卖电话我没有

Nigga this is a waste of your time and mines 兄弟们,这是在浪费你的时间和地雷

"Is that uncomfortable?"...."I fine" “那是不舒服? ”...... “我很好”

A case? this ain't even a fine 案例?这甚至不是罚款

You ain't find nothin' homie not even a dime 你是不是觉得没什么亲密一分钱也没有

Not even a don that'll drop dime on me 甚至连唐那将下降毛钱给我

I know you as Don so you put a dime on me 我知道你是不要让你把一毛钱给我

I know thats a crime you suppossed to fight crime for me 我知道这是你suppossed犯罪打击犯罪为我

Protect and to serve 保护和服务

Prosecute, correct and return to the homies 起诉,正确的,并返回到兄弟们

And thats gonna send direct to the curb, so you can put em back on me 和多数民众会直接发送到路边,所以你可以把他们回来对我


Handcuffs [Chant] [10X] 手铐[咏] [ 10X ]


He's sittin in the front of the police car position 他呆坐着,在警车的位置的前面

His mission is bending, pinning charges on niggas even if they didn't 他的使命是弯曲,寄希望于即使他们没有黑鬼收费

He's sittin in court lying, testifying against defendants LIKE THAT 他坐在法庭上撒谎,指证被告那样的

And he love to choke niggas 他爱呛黑鬼

He don't trip wit the rich he just love the broke niggas 他也不行机智富有,他只是喜欢打破黑鬼

Probably did more dirt in the street than most niggas 在比大多数黑鬼街上大概也比较耐脏

Even the old people don't like em, cuz of the way he approach niggas 即使是老人们不喜欢他们,方式的Cuz他接近黑鬼

"Nigga you ain't no better than me" “黑鬼,你比我不是没有更好的”

Just a hustla wit a badge confiscate the dope money 只是hustla机智徽章没收钱涂料

Put it wit your retirement boat money 把它放在你的智慧退休的船钱

You ain't building no playgrounds in the poor for some cash 你是不是建立在穷人没有玩耍的一些现金

That ain't a pension thats a shoe box stash 这是不是一个养老金那是一个鞋盒藏匿

Wit a glock to protect it we both undercover check it 机智格洛克,以保护它,我们两个便衣检查

Thinking that the good we do, gonna out weigh the sinning that we do to collect it 以为我们好做的,会掂量出我们做收集它的辛宁

Sayin its for the community, they don't value us 在说其对社会,他们不看重我们

Only around because the property value up 只是因为周围的属性值了

And they gotta clean the street before they put the houses up 他们得打扫街道,他们把房子之前

Knock the Section 8's down...put them 200,000's up 敲第8的下来...把他们20万的了

Feel he don't get paid enough 感觉他没有得到足够的支付

To kick in doors to raid and cuff 在门踢突击和袖口

So he use what niggas get on the street to supplement the wages cut 于是,他利用在大街上什么黑鬼得到补充削减工资

So he gotta keep just enough niggas out there hustlin to keep his paper up 于是,他得保持足够的黑鬼那里hustlin保住自己的论文了

LIKE THAT!!!...Maybe he should be in the handcuffs 像这样! ......也许他应该在手铐


Handcuffs [Chant] [8X] 手铐[咏] [ 8X ]

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