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Grown Man Business


歌词相关歌手:MOS DEF

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[Minnesota] [森林狼]

Hear Me, See Me 听我说,我见


Welcome to Soundview Projects 欢迎来到Soundview项目

Bronx New York, 10473 布朗克斯区纽约, 10473


Intersection action ribs touching 路口的行动触及肋骨

New gutter smacks replacing the whole Dutchman 新沟之嫌更换整个荷兰人

Loose mamis fucking, they definite land mines 松mamis他妈的,他们一定地雷

Dudes with no right hustle throwing gang signs 花花公子,没有正确的喧嚣抛帮派标志

Empty in the webbings broke and underpaid 空的带子断了少缴

Fighting federal cases with legal aids 战斗的联邦案件与法律援助

The unlit stage tonight performing lime desires to eat 在熄灭舞台表演今晚石灰想要吃

Can get you in a 8 by 5, the corner's younger 可以让你在一个8× 5 ,拐角处的小弟

I smell feel touch and taste they hunger 我闻到触摸的感觉和味道,他们的饥饿

Next in line to rep these street signs to they blunder 接下来的行代表这些路牌他们铸成大错

Under, wiping tears from his eyes facing the felony 下,从他的眼睛面对重罪擦眼泪

These niggaz wanna be Pistol Pete -without the penalty 这些兄弟们想成为手枪皮特-without罚款

His last words, promise me this much in death 他的最后一句话,答应我这么多死亡

Don't my boy live to retrace my steps 不要我的孩子活到折回我的脚步


Minne- stay safe move quiet and get it Minne-保持安全的举动安静,并得到它

If you encounter opposition get a inch from they face with It 如果你遇到的反对得到英寸从他们与它面对的


Later amigo, digest the day to end discreetly 后来雅谷,消化当天结束谨慎

Sex money and boss 性别金钱和老板

My ties to hear me see me 我的领带听到我看到我

True villain 真小人

Face covered, driving gloves 面盖,驾驶手套

Commit by my lonely when push comes to shove 在我寂寞的时候承诺推来推

They say that grown men lay on they prey 他们说,成年男子躺在他们的猎物

Took shorts in the street 在街拍短裤

Came back and made up for that with that white sheet 回来了,弥补了与白表

Revenge is best served cold 复仇是最好的冷食

Get it the same way you give it 得到它,你给它以同样的方式

This ain't fear I just need to get away with it 这是不是害怕我只是需要摆脱它

Son stop over here(?), you looking at me like I'm lame 儿子停在这里( ? ) ,你看着我像我跛脚

But I'm looking at y'all like y'all call this the drug game 不过,我看你们都喜欢你们都称之为药物的游戏

Grand child hosing sims 大孩子冲水模拟人生

Put the heroin in queens 把在皇后区的海洛因

Put Pops Freeman on in the early seventies 把流行弗里曼在七十年代初

I sat in rooms with money machines 我坐在房间钱机

Drugs sitting 3 feet off of the floor 药物坐在3英尺掉了一地的

Cover the smell of the raw 涵盖原料的气味

Chest moves like bars scale my connects untimely 喜欢酒吧的胸部移动缩放我所连接生不逢时

King Henry from 12th street flooded the Bronx in the 90's 亨利从第12街充斥布朗克斯在90年代

03 scene MVP and one Accord 03现场最有价值球员和一个协议

Boss makes decision paper wins awards 老板进行决策纸夺大奖


[Mos Def] [莫斯戴夫]

See Me, Hear Me 看见我,且听我


Welcome to Brooklyn, New York City 11206 欢迎来到布鲁克林,纽约11206

Roosevelt Projects, wild rose water the plant 罗斯福工程,野生玫瑰水植物


Son you know what it is 儿子,你知道它是什么

From the moment that you come over the bridge 由你来过了桥的那一刻

And if you don't ride with me 如果你不坐我

I'm gonna show you some shit 我会告诉你一些狗屎

Ima show you where my niggaz stay sure on the mix IMA告诉你在哪里我的兄弟们留一定的组合

Ima show you where the pain and the poetry is IMA告诉你哪里痛与诗歌

Ghetto young'ns spend a lot of time alone in the crib 贫民窟youngns花费大量的时间独自一人在婴儿床

BET on the screen, walls and posters of BIG 下注大屏幕,墙壁和海报

Hustlers getting dough sitting low on the 6 混混让面团坐低就6

Blazing up the ambro glow over they wrist 炽烈起来ambro焕发了自己手腕

Hop in the game knowing the risk 合,在游戏中认识风险

Still down to load up they clip 还是向下加载它们夹

Gamblers with hopes of rolling the trip 赌徒与滚动的行程希望

But when you hear head crack there ain't no rolling again 但是当你听到头裂纹不过是没有再滚动

Snatch the dice and everything you want is going it in 抢夺骰子,你想要的一切是怎么回事就在

This how it happens, good people, bad habits, diabetics, crack addicts 这是怎么回事了,善良的人,坏习惯,糖尿病患者,吸毒者裂纹

Asthmatics 哮喘

Searching for the truth leaping through the holy tablet 寻找真相,通过神圣的跨越式平板电脑

The bible, the Q uran, or the ten crack commandments 在圣经中,则Q乌伦或十诫命裂缝

Speak on it God, What's today's mathematics 说话就可以了上帝,什么是今天的数学

The five day forecast, the Dow Jones average 五天天气预报,道琼斯指数

The price of beer, cigarettes, bread, milk and pampers 啤酒,香烟,面包,牛奶和帮宝适价格

Life is a test and we all got the answer 人生是一种考验,我们都得到了答案

The streets keep calling its hard not answer 街上不断呼吁其很难不回答

And on my government-my attribute-my all 和我的政府,我的属性,我的一切

So it's only natural I holla black and respond 所以很自然í呼啦黑色和应对

Brooklyn stand up and make 'em all sit down 布鲁克林站起来,让时间都坐下

(?) We do not fuck around ( ? )我们不他妈的左右


That's what it is (All Day) 那它是什么(全日)

That's what is Niggaz (Official, Official) 这就是为兄弟们(官方,官方)

That's how it is Niggaz 这是怎么回事兄弟们

BX, BK live all day BX , BK住了一整天

Get with it 获取与它

Grown Man Business 成年男子商务

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