歌词 "God Flow" 的中英对照歌词与中文翻译

God Flow


歌词相关歌手:DOE B

English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

Started out with peanuts, young street dreamer 开始了以花生,青年街梦想家

Feeling like Ace Boogie when he first quit the cleaners 感觉像王牌不羁,当他第一次退出清洁工

Almost shocked the world, Muhammad Ali 几乎震惊了世界,穆罕默德·阿里

I’m back stabbing, Calvin ass niggas tryna team up 我回来了刺,卡尔文屁股黑鬼tryna组队

Back watching my nigga because I’m watching for niggas 回看我的兄弟们,因为我看的黑鬼

Who wanna stop me my nigga but trust me I’mma get richer 谁想要阻止我,我的兄弟们,但是相信我,我就要变得更富

By any means, like macking with that thing in that picture 以任何方式,喜欢用那个东西在画面macking

I ain't ringing like a iPhone, niggas wanna leave me cause 我是不是响像iPhone ,黑鬼想离开我的原因

When you get money, trouble tend to come your way 当你得到的钱,麻烦往往会出现在你面前

If you play, raise my gun like my son in your face 如果你玩,养我的枪就像我的儿子在你的脸

I bust it like a nut, made me cum on your face 我胸围它像一个螺母,使我暨在你的脸上

I go off like a bomb, think Saddam in this place 我去了像一颗炸弹,认为萨达姆在这个地方

A lot of niggas in the way, still in a turtle race 很多黑鬼的方式,仍处于乌龟赛跑

But you know it ain’t no fun when the rabbit got the cake 但是,你知道它是不是没有乐趣时,兔子得到的蛋糕

I go hard like a pallet in yo place 我去硬像哟到位托盘

And I ain’t spraying like Proactive in your face, you niggas at me to the streets 我不喜欢喷主动在你的脸上,你黑鬼我上街

I can’t believe niggas believe niggas 我简直不敢相信黑鬼相信黑鬼

Bet, you could check my background 打赌,你可以检查我的背景

Yea, I was gone for a minute but I’m back now 是啊,我走了一分钟,但我回来了

And you little niggas, summer’s over, fallback now 而你的小黑鬼,夏天的过去,现在回落

I done fell down a couple times, crawl back now 我做摔倒了几次,爬返现

Hoes ain’t used to answer for me, now they call back now 锄头是不是用我来回答,现在他们叫回来了

I ain’t used to be shit, they think I’m all that now 我是不是曾经是狗屎,他们认为我所有的,现在

Niggas hollering beef shit back to me, y'all on cow worse 黑鬼喊叫牛肉狗屎还给我,你们就牛差

Yea, and these is words of a real nigga 是的,这些是真正的黑人的话

No matter where, hand you a Dolce got a deal with it 无论身在何处,交给你一件Dolce得到了处理它

And how I feel is how I feel, there’s no feel niggas 我怎么觉得是我的感觉,没有感觉黑鬼

Cause fake niggas paralyze real niggas 造成假黑鬼瘫痪真正的黑鬼

Back when I was little loved to idolize real niggas 回来时,我是有点喜欢崇拜真正的黑鬼

And see how much it says really do kill niggas ,看看有多少是说真的杀了黑鬼

They ain’t gon' feel you til they kill you 他们是不是坤觉得你直到他们杀了你

I’m top five dead or alive, one of the realest 我前五位死是活,对最真实1

Just the ordinary life of a G 中的某个G只是平凡的生活

I can’t believe these niggas want stripes off of me 我简直不敢相信这些黑鬼想条纹别碰我

Niggas I grew up with, I can’t even fuck with 黑鬼我长大了,我什至不能用他妈的

He can’t look you in the eyes, then a nigga suspect 他不能看着你的眼睛,然后一个黑人嫌犯

That’s the reason I can’t trust shit 这是我不能相信狗屎的原因

But my vision colorful as TrukFit 但是我的视力丰富多彩的TrukFit

I could see the future 我能看到未来

I could see the winners and the loser 我能看到的赢家和输家

Copping Versace, I feel like Medusa 柯平范思哲,我觉得像美杜莎

Snakes around my head, snakes around my bed 在我的床上搂着我的头蛇,蛇

Snakes all in the yard, damn, gotta cut the grass 蛇都在院子里,该死的,总得切草

Niggas I give my last, they don’t even wanna see me last 黑鬼,我给我的最后,他们甚至不希望看到我过去的

Take the good with the bad but damn this shit bad 以良好的配合不好,但是这个可恶的坏狗屎

Get money, don’t get mad 拿不到钱,不要生气

I said get money, don’t get married 我说拿钱,不结婚

Only wife of mine just this life of crime 唯一的妻子我的就是这样走上犯罪道路

When I started fronting with Duck I almost got fired 当我开始用鸭面向我差点被解雇

I remember hearing shots fired in the hospital dog 我记得射击在医院的狗听到镜头

Said he thrown apart, can’t recognize 他说,除了抛出,无法识别

I’m up nine, mane backin' down 我是九个,鬃毛backin “下来

It’s trap life til my casket down 这是陷阱生活直到我倒骨灰盒

This my city, you can ask around 这是我的城市,你可以问问身边

And if I’m lying in that case, a fish can drown 如果我趴在这种情况下,一条鱼可以淹死

My god, we ain’t no motherfuckin biscuit town 我的上帝,我们是不是没有娘的饼干镇

Yall can keep all that bullshit, just don’t forget the crown 亚勒可以将所有的废话,只是不要忘了冠

King shit 王狗屎

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