歌词 "Bis Vs. Rip (Original Version)" 的中英对照歌词与中文翻译

Bis Vs. Rip (Original Version)



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[Intro: (Bis) {RIP}]  

(Yo Rip {WHAT} come here man, let me talk to you for a 'sec?)  


(Why you screamin' man?) [简介(二) { RIP }]

{I'M THE ILLEST, I'M THE ILLEST} (哟瑞普{ }什么来到这里的人,让我跟你说话了秒? )

(Yo, relax, yo put that down) {YO, DON'T TELL ME..} {什么他妈的你想讲黑鬼?


(Yo, what the fuck is wrong with you?) {我是ILLEST ,我是ILLEST }

{FUCK YOU!!} (哟,放松哟把下来) {溜溜,别告诉我..}

  { YO ,我会打败你的小紧身蠢货}

[Rip:] (哟,什么他妈的是怎么了? )

Yo, you fuckin' hate me; you fuckin' lock me in the basement { FUCK YOU ! }

But you still want me to protect you - it doesn't make sense  

Can-I-Bitch - I supported you like a weight bench [愿(死者)安息: ]

Without me you're defenseless you better face it 哟,你他妈的恨我;你他妈的把我锁在地下室

You ain't show me love when you was at your apex 但你还是要我来保护你 - 它没有任何意义

Gettin' paychecks up at the radio with DMX and Flex 灿I - 婊子 - 我决定支持你喜欢的重量板凳

Catchin' wreck while Noreaga was catching his breath 没有我你是手无寸铁的你最好面对现实吧

I had to keep the situation in check 你是不是给我的爱,当你为你的先端

Look at the varicose veins in my neck, Germaine is the best 刚开了工资了,在与DMX和Flex的电台

The industry fucked you; I'm just payin' 'em back 而Noreaga被喘气捉残骸

What's the matter with slayin' jackers? That's all I've been doin' 我必须保持的情况检查

Besides talkin' shit I ain't done nothin' to 'em 看静脉曲张在我的脖子上,杰曼是最好的

They just mad 'cause when I see 'em I don't run up to 'em 业内性交你;我只是在婚前“他们回来

Between me and you, yo you know I run right through 'em 什么是与slayin “ jackers回事?这就是我一直在干什么


[Bis:] 他们只是疯了“的原因,当我看见他们,我不跑了时间

Yo, calm down 你我之间,哟,你知道我是通过时间运行的权利


[Rip:] [双: ]

Who you tellin' to calm down nigga, I'm a Ripper remember? 哟,冷静下来

I told you not to do "Gone Til November"  

But you wouldn't listen; I always had your best interests in mind [愿(死者)安息: ]

I wrote all your best lyrical lines 你在告诉谁“冷静下来黑鬼,我是开膛手还记得吗?

If it wasn't for me you'd be writin' pitiful lines 我告诉你不要做“飘胡麻月”

On stage if you was tired, I was spittin' sometimes 但你就是不听;我一直牢记您的最佳利益

Nobody knew you bit off my rhymes 我写的所有的最好的抒情线条

I would just be quiet, stand to the side and let that shit ride 如果不是因为我,你会被以创作“可怜线

But I'm gettin' tired of havin' to remind you Bis 在舞台上,如果你累了,我吐口水有时

If it wasn't for me nobody would've signed you Bis 没有人知道你咬下我的童谣


[Bis:] 不过,我刚开了累了就吃了“提醒你双

C'mon Rip, you a lyin' ass bitch and you know it 如果不是因为我没有人已经签订了你二

Group Home was part my company, I co-owned it  

If its one thing I learned in show biz [双: ]

Stay focused and don't quit Rip 来吧瑞普,你说谎的屁股婊子,你知道它

Why you talkin' 'bout old shit? 集团首页为部分我公司,我共同拥有它


[Rip:] 集中精力,不要放弃瑞普

Germaine, you fuckin' water brain 为什么你说话布特老狗屎?

Don't you understand, fuck the mainstream  

You should just call out names [愿(死者)安息: ]

The industry's all about game 杰曼,你他娘的“水脑

I shit on 'em all the same 你难道不明白,他妈的主流

And I leave spit stains on their brain 你应该只叫出名字

Like liquid chocolate spillin' over their new white trainers 该行业的所有关于游戏

Insane is an understatement, I'm Satan 我便对时间都一样

Canibus is amazing; I don't know what the fuck Germaine is 我吐留下污渍他们的大脑

I just know that both of y'all are trying my patience 像液体巧克力spillin “在他们新的白色运动鞋

I don't give a fuck about a beat; I've been rhyming for ages 疯狂的是轻描淡写,我撒旦

Rippers are dangerous, all jackers are afraid of us Canibus是惊人的;我不知道他妈的杰曼是什么

You wanna face me Bis? Kick a rhyme! 我只知道,你们双方都想要我的耐心


[Bis:] 挖掘机是危险的,所有的jackers都怕我们

No, that's ridiculous 你想面对我二?踢一韵!


[Rip:] [双: ]

Aiight then, listen to mine 不,那是荒谬的

I jump in a costume impromptu just to rob you  

Put the nozzle to your eye ball and tell you what not to do [愿(死者)安息: ]

Rip your tonsils out through your nostrils Aiight然后,听雷

Bury you next to shark fossils 我跳的服装即兴只是为了抢你

Make it impossible to find you 将喷嘴到您的眼球,告诉你不要做什么

Depths that Jacque Cousteau himself wouldn't dare to dive to 撕裂你的扁桃腺切除后通过你的鼻孔

With goggles, oxygen bottles and Doppler effect modules 埋葬你旁边的鲨鱼化石

Lock you in a time capsule, smash the console 使人们无法找到你

Shit on you in reverse and suck you in a brown hole 深渊是雅克·库斯托本人也不敢潜水

Suck the power out of your soul 用眼罩,氧气瓶和多普勒效应模块

You're nothin' but a coward in the cold freezer with a hour to go 你锁在一个时间囊,粉碎控制台

Watching my Casio stop watch, countin' it slow 反向和狗屎你吸,你棕色孔

Like drug lords checkin' to see if it's Talcum or Coke 吸的力量你的灵魂

I can kill you by drownin' the globe 你是没什么,但在寒冷的冰柜懦夫一个小时就到了

Or I can just spit inside of a hole and put an ounce in your throat 看我的卡西欧秒表,数慢慢来

In battles I'm a thousand to no, I silenced the Pope 像毒枭签 ,看看它是否滑石粉或可乐

Do you know how many rhymes I've economically grossed? 我可以drownin “地球杀了你

No? I thought so, neither do I 或者,我可以只吐出一个洞里面,把一盎司的喉咙

It's a dick between your mother's thighs divided by pi 在战斗中我一千到不行,我沉默了教皇

I'm the sickest linguistically, illicit lyrical misfit in the business 你知道有多少儿歌,我在经济上的票房?

And probably in existence, what's your consensus? 不是吗?我想是这样,我也不

Study my own syntax statistics since '96 这是一个家伙你妈妈的大腿上通过PI之间的分

With CPA certified assistance 我的症状越严重语言学,非法抒情的失配业务

I made a decision that my standards are above precision 也可能存在,什么是你的共识?

The only thing I can honestly say I love more than women 研究96年以来,我自己的语法统计

Are dope writtens, if it ain't dope then don't spit it 与会计师查核签证协助

Don't be sensitive and get on the defensive 我做了一个决定,我的标准是高于精

Just practice your penmanship 我唯一​​可以诚实地说我爱多于女性

If you can't spit at high temperatures then just quit 是掺杂writtens ,如果它不掺杂那么不吐出来

Be careful of the tongue it tends to bend to the left 不要敏感,并得到在防守上

According to manufacture's specs you'll make a mess 只是练练书法

And rupture the blood vessels in your neck fuckin' with Rip 如果你不能吐在高温下然后就退出

Got millions of blueprints on zip disk 小心它趋向于向左弯曲舌

Stock versions of sick verses that come with conversion kits 根据制造商的规格,你会成为一个烂摊子

In a course every Thursday that teaches you how to burst like Rip 而破裂的血管在你的脖子他妈的与瑞普

You never experienced work like this 得到数以百万计的蓝图对ZIP盘

Nigga welcome to the serpentine world where I twist 生病的诗句股票的版本附带的转换工具包

The world that I rip, the world that I fixed, the world where I live 在一门课程每周四,教你如何像决堤瑞普


[Bis:] 黑人欢迎的蜿蜒的世界里,我捻

Okay Rip you made your point, I can't out-rap you 我懵了世界,我固定的世界,我居住的世界。

You said you was the illest, I would never doubt that too  

At the moment of truth I let you design the tattoos [双: ]

You are the illest alive, that's a fact that you proved 好吧瑞普你做你的观点,我不能出去,你说唱

Just a couple rappers don't want it to happen for you 你说你是illest ,我永远不会怀疑过

Raggin' on you like battlin' is all you can do 在关键时刻,我让你设计的纹身

You didn't sell enough units to be honest with you 你是illest活着,这就是你证明了一个事实,

Nobody knows the truth; you got talent out the gazoo 只是一对夫妇的说唱歌手不希望它发生在你

When niggaz first heard you it was like "Man on the Moon" Raggin 你喜欢battlin 是你能做的一切

You got dissed by a legend but you damaged him too 你没有足够的销售单位,跟你说实话

So what if the ladies think he's more handsome than you 没有人知道真相;你有人才出的GAZOO

What happens if the rumors about being a faggot are true? 当兄弟们第一次听到你这是像“月球上的人”

Look what it's runnin' into 你有dissed一个传奇,但你破坏了他太多

I don't feel like havin' this discussion with you 那么,如果女士们觉得他比你更帅

I'm tired of fuckin' with you 会发生什么,如果对身为男同性恋者的传言是真的吗?

Niggaz in the game don't wanna do nothin' with you 你看它的天边成

Bussin' with you, going one on one with who? 我不觉得自己就吃了你这个讨论

They wanna get rid of you, shit is too lyrical 我已经厌倦了他妈的你

Headhunters out to get you, that's why I had to protect you 兄弟们在游戏中不想做什么也没跟你

I wouldn't disrespect you as another intellectual Bussin “和你在一起,会一对一与谁?

Without you I'm unsuccessful, God bless you 他们想干掉你,妈太抒情

What makes you think I left you or why I'd ever be tempted to? 猎头出去找你,这就是为什么我要保护你

Ever since my third album I've been mentionin' you 我不会不尊重你的另一智慧

I got your name on my arm, I'm representin' you 如果没有你,我不成功,上帝保佑你

You +Rip the Jacker+ I would never question you 是什么让你认为我离开你,或者为什么我会永远被诱惑?

I respect your opinion as a professional nigga 自从我的第三张专辑,我一直mentionin “你

I just want you to listen to what I'm tellin' you i在我的手臂得到了你的名字,我representin 你

What happened between L and you, forget it 有+翻录Jacker +我不会问你

People know you won the battle; they will give you the credit 我尊重你的意见作为一个专业的黑鬼

A lot of people don't want to admit it 我只是想让你听我告诉你

But I consider it a real privilege 发生什么事了L和你之间,算了吧

To bear witness to your lyrics 人们知道你打了胜仗;他们会给你的信用

And be involved in sharing the merits, I'm forever indebted 很多人不愿意承认这一点

I just need you to chill for a second so I can send a positive message 但我认为这是一个真正的特权

Like Tupac before he left us 见证你的歌词

The author of the work ethic Genesis 并参与交流的优点,我感激不尽

Has inspired me to write the Exodus scripts 我只需要你放松一秒钟,所以我可以发出一个积极的信息

As a constant reminder not to forget Bis 像图帕克之前,他离开了我们

But I've reached a precipice 该作品的作者伦理成因

Remember Rip, you can't rhyme forever 激发了我写的剧本出埃及记

There's always somebody with better shit 由于不断提醒自己不要忘记二

I keep you out the public eye for a reason 但我已经达到了一个悬崖

You're a commodity Rip, ain't that how you wanna keep it? 记住瑞普,你不能永远韵

I keep your whereabouts secret 总有别人更好的狗屎

I bring bitches to the crib every weekend so why is you beefin'? 我把你淡出公众视线的一个原因


[Rip:] 我把你的行踪秘密

Ayo, stop patronizing me, you despise me 我把母狗的婴儿床每到周末,为什么是你beefin ?

All you wanna do is steal rhymes from me  

You constantly keep me behind walls of concrete [愿(死者)安息: ]

Lock me in the basement like a fuckin' zombie 亚青,停止光顾我,你鄙视我

If I was a priority, you'd acknowledge me 所有你想做的事是我偷的童谣

You ain't shit neither; you ain't got no college degree 你不断地让我后面的混凝土墙

You can't rhyme without me, stop smiling at me 别把我像一个该死的僵尸地下室

Give me the keys to the garage; I need to borrow the Jeep 如果我是一个优先事项,你会感谢我

Get the fuck out my face nigga! 你是不是拉屎没有;你没有得到任何大学文凭

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