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交易 的英文翻译、例句


基本解释 (translations)
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trade-off · sales transaction
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The viewpoint thinks, collect tax to fictitious belongings, be regarded as all the time before imply " gray region " fictitious belongings individual trades under the counter by normalization, be in time and again before this National People's Congress by " submit a written statement to a higher authority " give to fictitious belongings legislation approbatory asks hopeful gets coming true.


As a Credit expansion mode in securities market,There werea huge risks in Securities Credit Transactions,the core of establish Securities credit trading system is to Control the risk of credit transactions,and exert it's ascendency and active role.by compare and research Mature international credit trading system, this article put forward some relevant recommendations to develop Securities credit transactions on the basis of Learn from international experience and combine with the reality of our country.


Chapter 2 concerns three primary viewpoints on adopting the Penal Plea Bargaining now, those are the affirmative standpoint, the negativism, and the deferrable viewpoint. This part analyses the advantages and disadvantages of that system from positive and negative, as well, this part discusses the possible problems we would face if adopting the system now. The problems include five aspects, such as the two parties can bargain whether or not;the relation between the Penal Plea Bargaining and justness together with efficiency; the Penal Plea Bargaining and the protection of the victims, the Penal Plea Bargaining and judicature corruption, the Penal Plea Bargaining and the status of our prosecuting attorneys in proceeding.


It makes empirical description of the insider trading in the follows : the effect of insider trading on the stock price , the abnormal return or disgorgement of insider traders , the impact of insider trading on the information asymmetry in trading .


On the one hand, the feature of non-human capital transaction is fictitious. The market transaction of non-human capital has evolved fictitiously from the market transaction of material object to the market transaction of the bond, stock, and options.


Combined with the financial futures theory , accounting of corporation engaged in IRFs is further discussed .And four kinds of IRFs transaction including speculation , spread , arbitrage and hedge are studied in detail. Accounting of arbitrage and accounting of spread , which are often ignored by most research on the derivative financial instruments accounting , are also studied .


On the basis of investigating and analyzing the present situation and effect of profitrigging of listed companies in related transactions in China, the type of company, transactioncontent, transaction motive and the hazard are analyzed in detail. Through the analysis of thelaw about the related transaction at present, the deficiencies of the related laws of relatedtransaction, such as lower policy effectiveness, inauthoritativeness, unconfined capability,limited adjusting range, are pointed and it couldn't control the unfair related transaction.


The Move from the Pit 放弃场内交易 Trading on the floor, down in the pit, might have been exciting during this era, but today the Chicago Board of Trade floor is silent.


The purpose of this research is to discuss the decision of negotiation types and processes. The conponents of the decision-making of each transaction include "the counterpart" and "the deal". The Potential Value of Social Transaction and The Potential Value of Economic Transaction can distinguish between the "quasi-economic man" and the "quasi-social man", two different types of psychological construction. This research makes a point of dyad according to a quasi-economic man and a quasi-social man which can distinguish among three different dyadic decisions of negotiation types:the dyadic decision of negotiation type between a quasi-economic man and a quasi-economic man, the dyadic decision of negotiation type between a quasi-social man and a quasi-social man, and the dyadic decision of negotiation type between a quasi-economic man and a quasi-social man.

摘要 本研究旨在探讨谈判决策类型与过程之研究,交易双方在谈判时不只会考虑交易事物「事」,也会考虑交易对象「人」,本研究以社会交易潜在价值和经济交易潜在价值所表现出的交易权衡模式,把个人区分为准经济人与准社会人两种不同类型的人,本研究旨在分析谈判双方如何讨价还价达成交易的过程,特别重视二位体的观念,根据准经济人决策权衡模式与准社会人决策权衡模式的组合区分出准经济人与准经济人的二位体谈判决策类型(A-1类型);准社会人与准社会人的二位体谈判决策类型(A-2类型);准经济人与准社会人二位体谈判决策类型等三种不同的类型。

Transaction costs are affected by the characteristics of transaction (limited rationality;opportunism;asset specificity;uncertainty and transaction frequency) which are determined by the characteristics of main body of transaction (vegetable-growing households and sale intermediaries), transaction object and the environmental condition, as well as relations between them.


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accommodating transactions:调节性交易

16、调节性交易(Accommodating Transactions)是弥补性交易(Compensatory Tansactions)亦称事后交易(Ex-Post Transactions). 17、线上项目(Items Above the Line)实际是指自主性交易项目,线下项目(Items Below the Line)则是指调节性交易项目.

After Hours Trading:收盘后交易主要大型交易所正常交易时间以外进行的买卖交易

After Hours Trading 收盘后交易主要大型交易所正常交易时间以外进行的买卖交易 | After Tax Operating Income - Atoi 税后营运收入一家公司除税后的总营运... | After Tax Profit Margin 税后利润率一种财务比率,计算...

deal on credit:信用交易

信用交易(deal on credit) 信用交易概述 所谓信用交易又称"保证金交易"(Margin Trading)和垫头交易,是指证券交易的当事人在买卖证券时,只向证券公司交付一定的保证金,或者只向证券公司交付一定的证券,而由证券公司提供融资或者融券进行交易.

Floor trader:場內交易員

那些讨价还价的人通常称为场内交易员(Floor Trader). 场内交易员是以自营方式在交易所内通过交易赚取买卖差价的NYSE成员,这些交易员既可以为自己进行交易也可以充当经纪人代客户交易. 近年来,公开叫价的交易方式正日渐被电脑系统撮合的交易方式取代.

Forward Exchange Transaction:远期外汇交易

远期外汇交易(Forward Exchange Transaction) 与即期外汇交易的根本区别 在于交割日不同. 凡是交割日在成交两个营业日以后的外汇交易均属于远期外汇交易. 交易方式 直接的远期外汇交易:是指直接在远期外汇市场做交易,而不在其它市场进行相应的交易.


小麦交易分为现货交易(cash grain)和期货交易(futures). 现货交易多数情况下出现在麦农与乡村仓储商间. 大宗小麦贸易一般都采取套期保值手段,因而与期货交易密切. 美国小麦期货交易全部通过芝加哥交易所(The Chicago Board of Trade,


2、 after house trading 场外交易:场内交易结束后,通过电子终端系统进行的交易 | 3、 kerb 场外交易:在交易交易时间外的交易 | 4、 bear market 熊市

margin trading:保证金交易

所谓信用交易,又称"保证金交易"(margin trading)或垫头交易,是指证券交易的当事人在买卖证券时,只向证券公司交付一定的保证金,或者只向证券公司交付一定的证券,而由证券公司提供融资或者融券进行交易.

business negotiation:交易磋商

一般要进行多次的磋商才能 达成交易,签订合同. 因此,交易磋商是国际货物买卖过程中不可缺少的环 节. 第一节 交易磋商的形式 交易磋商的形式 交易磋商(Business Negotiation)可以采取口头(By Word of Mouth) 的或书面(By Writing..

over-the-counter trading:场外交易;柜台交易

over-the-counter market 场外交易市场 | over-the-counter trading 场外交易;柜台交易 | over-the-counter transaction 场外交易;柜台交易