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Research in quality standard for Rhizoma Drynariae with salt Moisture, heave metal limit examine, arsenic salt examine and animalcule limit examine of ten batch magnifying processing sample are examined, then constitute the quality standard of rhizoma drynariae with salt.


From soil analysis we could seen that orchard soil salt composing types of the experiment area was Chloride-Soda-Sulfate in the 0~20 and 40~60 cm soil layer depth, the 20~40 cm soil layer was Soda-Chloride- Sulfate. Soil pH was less 8.5, and all soil surface layer salt contents less 0.20%, ESP was less 10, HCO3(superscript -)/Cl(superscript -+SO4(superscript 2-) was less 0.5. There were a little salt and basification phenomena with soil of growth better orchards compare.

从土壤的分析结果看,项目区果园土壤盐分组成类型为:0~20 cm和40~60 cm土层为氯化物-苏打-硫酸盐型;20~40 cm土层为苏打-氯化物-硫酸盐型。pH.5,土壤表层盐分的含量均小于0.20%,ESP值小于10,HCO3/Cl(上标-+SO4(上标 2-)。5,与生长良好的果园区土壤相比有轻微的盐化和碱化现象。

Heavy use of salt in the chemical industry and processing of salt as raw materials, production, such as chlorine, bleaching powder, caustic soda and soda ash and other chemical products, is the use of salt, the main component elements and sodium chloride.


Use briny hairdressing, uses salt should be fine fine salt; Oily skin person, sheet uses salt and water can.


And then the functionalized carbon nanotube, partial platinum salt and all transition metal M salt are stirred and reflow for certain time, added with rest platinum salt to continue to reflow, cooled, washed centrifugally, dried and carried out heating treatment in a hydrogen atmosphere, thus obtaining the anchoring platinum catalyst of the transition metal on the carbon nanotube.


The comparison of deodourization of yeast fermentetion, black tea salt system, complex purple perilla salt system and smoking fluid salt system for freshwater chub and younger sea fish were researched.


The invention discloses a preparing method of bacillus alcaligenes strain Alcaligenes sp., CCTCC No.M206121 of degraded o-nitrophenol, which comprises the following steps: allocating inorganic salt culture medium with dibasic sodium phosphate, monobasic potassium phosphate, manganese sulfate, copperas, addex-magnesium, calcii chloridum, blue copperas, white copperas and hydrogen dioxide solution; adjusting pH value; sterilizing under high temperature; enriching bacterial; sampling from sludge; allocating suspending liquid with soil sample and inorganic salt; seeding into ortho-nitrophenol fresh organic salt culture medium with finite volume seeding quantity; keeping the temperature; culturing on shaker; getting enriched culture; separating and purifying enriched culture in LB solid culture medium.

本发明公开了一种降解邻硝基酚的产碱杆菌菌株及制备方法,产碱杆菌为Alcaligenes sp。,CCTCC No.M206121。其制备步骤是:首先是配制无机盐培养基,成分为磷酸氢二钠、磷酸二氢钾、硫酸锰、硫酸亚铁、硫酸镁、氯化钙、硫酸铜、硫酸锌和双蒸水,调pH值高压灭菌;其次是菌种的富集,从污泥中取样,将土样与无机盐培养基配制成悬浮液,将悬浮液以一定体积接种量接种到含邻硝基酚的新鲜无机盐培养基中,恒温,摇床培养,获富集培养物;第三是将富集培养物在LB固体培养基中分离和纯化。

Up to now, analysis on salt cress physiology , biochemistry and gene expression, and the construction of different cDNA libraries and mutant libraries have made salt cress a valuable model for the study of salt tolerance.


Perhaps the most brazen (marked by contemptuous boldness) case occurred when the ITC investigated allegations that Canadian companies were injuring the United States salt industry by dumping rock salt (rock salt: n.岩盐,石盐), used to de-ice roads.

也许最著名的案例发生于当 ITC 调查声称加拿大公司通过倾销岩盐损害了美国的盐工业时,岩盐被用于去除路上的冰。

Corrosion resistance of concrete exposed to salt lakes is of special importance because of the extremely harsh weather in salt lake regions. Aiming at the desiccate environment of salt lake regions, in which the relative humidity ranges within 30%~50%, High Performance Concrete accommodated to the circumstance were proportioned on bases of field investigations, incorporated with proportion principals of HPC, cracking prevention effects of fibers and shrinkage compensation functions of expansion agent.


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A : May I have a look at your passport , ticket , and your vaccination certificate?


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That day is stamped indelibly on my memory.