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The invasion of drilling fluid is the main cause to the damage of fractured formation. The composite salt free-gel drilling fluid is got after analyzing the influence of different kinds of such soluble adulterant as organic salt and non organic salt on the performance of the solid-free drilling fluid and studying the condition to develop the free gel structure and the method to improve the fluid's high temperature stability and inhibitive property. The experiment shows that the apparent viscosity of this system is as high as 27000 mPas when the share rate is 0.3 r/min and the high temperature reaches at the stable level of 150℃ and the HTHP filtrate loss decreases to 15 ml at 150℃.

钻井液侵入是裂缝性储层损害的主要因素之一,实验分析了无机盐、有机盐等不同类型水溶性加重剂对无固相钻井液性能的影响,研究了无固相钻井液快速弱凝胶特性形成条件以及高温稳定性和抑制能力的提高方法,研制出的无固相复合盐弱凝胶功能性钻井液高温稳定性达到150℃,具有独特的流变性(0.3r/min黏度达到27000 mPas)和优良的抑制能力(150℃HTHP滤失量小于15 mL),成本远低于甲酸盐钻井完井液。

Firstly found of Salt mineral largely in clastic is one of the significant discovery , The experimentation study shows that permeability can be improved 20-40 percent if salt mineral is dissolved,therefore, Salt mineral is important in affusion exploitation.


One of my peers shouted amazedly:"Come here and take a look! I just can't believe that even the road we walk on is paved with salt!" People who always say "The salt I have had is more than the rice you have eaten" should come here and have a look, because the salt here is really more than rice indeed.


Besides unique salt - flavored ice lollies , other products on sale at the shop include gourmet salt , bathing salts , salt toothpaste , salt soap , algae soap and algae soya sauce


Sodium chloride is generally marketed as coarse salt, fine-grain salt, crystal salt, or table salt.

氯化钠一般被销售作为粗盐、 fine-grain 盐、水晶盐或食用盐。

Being the largest manufacturer of Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps, also known as Rock Salt Lamps or Natural Salt Lamps, we take this opportunity to assure that SUPER SALT LAMPS is committed to achieve the highest quality standards.


Populus growth to a high degree of salinity in the soil, due to the Populus cells permeable than the average plant strong, and from the main root and lateral roots, trunk, bark and leaves to be able to absorb a lot of salt, and through the stems and leaves The excretion of salt gland secretion, when the accumulation of too much salt in the body, it can scar from the trunk section of the gap and will be automatically excretion of excess salt out to form a block of white or yellow crystal,"Populus Tears", commonly known as "Populus base."


During the operation of the salt cavern gas storage, the salt bed around the salt cavern will generate variation of stresses because of strata pressure and internal pressures of the salt cavern s.


In the first experiment, ground pork ham, loin, belly and shoulder were mixed and homogenized with different percentage (0, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40%) of exogenous RO water and 0.95% salt solution, individually. In second experiment, only ground pork ham was mixed and homogenized with different percentage (0, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40%) of exogenous pork backfat. The electrical conductivity of these samples was determined and all data were collected and analyzed to obtain correction coefficient and regression formula for predicting fresh meat with different percentage exogenous water or fat. In final experiment, analyzed electrical conductivity, gel strength, hardness and fat particle stain of emulsion with different amounts of exogenous fat in two salt systems (2.5% salt and 2.5% salt + 0.3% phosphate).


Fushun County, built in 567 AD Since the county has already gone through a long journey in 1438, is the birthplace of China's Well Salt, one of the first Zigong Salt - Salt Fushih on the birth of the oldest in the county, because of salt industry, agriculture and a wide and rich Sheng Sichuan, known as the "Silver Fushun."

富顺县自公元 567年建县至今,已经走过了1438年的漫长历程,是中国井盐的发祥地之一,自贡市的第一口盐井——富世盐井就诞生在这座古老的县城,曾因盐业、农业并盛而富甲全川,被誉为&银富顺&。

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Cynanchum Lingtai apricot production in the average weight 65 grams, the brightly-colored fruit, juicy rich, sweet-sour taste, sweet from the nucleolus, when the late Qing Dynasty famous Shaanxi, Gansu provinces, the Qing imperial court Tongzhi tribute for years.


Chenopodium album,Solanum nigrum, and Amaranthus retroflexus were very susceptible to the herbicides. Polygonum persicaria and Abutilon theophrasti were relatively less susceptible to the herbicides, and Lycopersicon esculentum was not susceptible to it. The relationship between reduction rates of weed biomass and PPM values of weed leaves 2,4, and 6 days after treatment was established.

供试的6种杂草对该混剂的敏感性存在显著差异:红心藜Chenopodium album、龙葵Solanum nigrum和反枝苋Amaranthus retroflexus对该混剂最敏感,ED90值分别为47.65、71.67和29.17g/hm2;春蓼Polygonum persicaria和苘麻Abutilon theophrasti敏感,ED90值分别为96.91、114.20g/hm2;而番茄不敏感。

However, I have an idea.