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3 Obedience Jim was a slave, and under the long-lasting oppression and slavery, deep inside hime, there was a servility of obedience. This point especially stands out at the end of the novel. After Jim was eventually captured, during his rescue by Huck and Tom, he listened to them for everything, which allowed an initially simple and smooth rescue operation become a child's play. But the debauch of its ending showing that when Tom becoming a clone and victim due to this farce, faced with torment and shame, while Jim was released as a result of Miss Watson's death will, show the miserable situation of the slaves at that time.

3.3 顺从吉姆是一个黑奴,在长期地压迫和奴役下,他骨子里自然就有了一种顺从的奴性,这点在小说的最后表现的极为突出,当吉姆最后被抓后,在哈克和汤姆的营救过程中,他事事顺着他们,让一场本来可以很简单顺利的营救活动变成了一场儿童闹剧,而当吉姆很自然地成了这一闹剧的小丑和牺牲品,受尽了折磨和凌辱,最好却因话说小姐的一纸临终遗言而获得自由而荒唐结局,这也说明的当时黑奴处境的可悲。

It shall be lawful for each and all of the cardinals, even those who consented to the simoniacal election or promotion, even after the enthronement and adoration or obedience, as well as for all the clergy and the Roman people, together with those serving as prefects, castellans, captains and other officials at the Castel Sant' Angelo in Rome and any other strongholds of the Roman church, notwithstanding any submission or oath or pledge given, to withdraw without penalty and at any time from obedience and loyalty to the person so elected even if he has been enthroned (while they themselves, notwithstanding this, remain fully committed to the faith of the Roman church and to obedience towards a future Roman pontiff entering office in accordance with the canons) and to avoid him as a magician, a heathen, a publican and a heresiarch.

它应是合法的每个和所有的枢机主教,甚至那些谁同意simoniacal选举或晋升,甚至在坐床和朝拜或服从,以及为所有的神职人员和罗马人,连同那些担任省长, castellans ,船长和其他官员在卡斯特圣天使在罗马和任何其他据点的罗马教会,尽管任何提交或宣誓或承诺给予撤销死刑,并没有在任何时候从服从和忠诚的人当选即使他已坐床(而他们自己,尽管这样,仍然充分致力於信仰罗马教会,并服从走向未来的罗马教皇进入办公室根据炮),并避免他是一个魔术师,一个异教徒一个酒馆和

Thus after their pontiffs have received from the Roman pontiff the pallium, which is the sign of the fullness of the pontifical office, and have taken an oath of fidelity and obedience to him they may lawfully confer the pallium on their own suffragans, receiving from them for themselves canonical profession and for the Roman church the promise of obedience.

因此后pontiffs收到了罗马教皇的披肩,这是标志丰满宗座办公室,并已采取宣誓忠诚和服从他,他们可以合法赋予的披肩自己suffragans ,接受他们的为自己的职业和典型的罗马教会的承诺服从。

And to let us see, that even absolute power, where it is necessary, is not arbitrary by being absolute, but is still limited by that reason, and confined to those ends, which required it in some cases to be absolute, we need look no farther than the common practice of martial discipline: for the preservation of the army, and in it of the whole common-wealth, requires an absolute obedience to the command of every superior officer, and it is justly death to disobey or dispute the most dangerous or unreasonable of them; but yet we see, that neither the serjeant, that could command a soldier to march up to the mouth of a cannon, or stand in a breach, where he is almost sure to perish, can command that soldier to give him one penny of his money; nor the general, that can condemn him to death for deserting his post, or for not obeying the most desperate orders, can yet, with all his absolute power of life and death, dispose of one farthing of that soldier's estate, or seize one jot of his goods; whom yet he can command any thing, and hang for the least disobedience; because such a blind obedience is necessary to that end, for which the commander has his power, viz.


So that the judgement of those things is in the Church; the magistrate himself yields obedience thereunto and requires the like obedience from others.


This covenant is also called a covenant of nature, as made with man in his natural or unfallen state; a covenant of life, because "life" was the promise attached to obedience; and a legal covenant, because it demanded perfect obedience to the law.


Since ancient Hindu belief has taught us that there are three objectives in life, the first is the Drama, sagar obedience to the mandate and the third is Drama, obedience to the sacred command, the second is Artha, the acquisition of wealth and the third is Kama, the enjoyment of sensual pleasures.


Yes, Jonah's obedience was a begrudging


"Obedience is the mother of all virtues":"obedience is that which openeth heaven and raiseth man from the earth":"obedience is the food of all the saints, by her they are nourished, through her they come to perfection": such sayings illustrate sufficiently the view held on this point by the fathers of the desert.


"Obedience is the mother of all virtues":"obedience is that which openeth heaven and raiseth man from the earth":"obedience is the food of all the saints, by her they are nourished, through her they come to perfection": such sayings illustrate sufficiently the view held on this point by the fathers of the desert.


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