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But there exist many problems in technology cultivation,such as the farmers damands and cultivation disaccording, the wishes and actions disaccording, and 'lead heartful and farm carelessness'.


People say that university is for the cultivation of talents, and I have indeed been deeply edified by the cultivation of Liaoning University.


He was influenced by traditional ideas of aesthetic education, and places emphasis on the value of aesthetics on life from the perspective of a subject. Aesthetic education should start from self-cultivation of a subject, and then interior self-cultivation would become exteriorized at a time.


Drought has seriously influenced agricultural development because there are 20310 million square miters area under cultivation in the west half arid and arid ecology area which is 51.5% of total cultivation area in JiLin province.


In Taiwan, Anthuriums are important tropical flowers from the standpoints of cultivation and trade. However, the local cultivation of high quality Anthuriums using conventional approaches is frequently unsuccessful due to high production cost, unavoidable nematode infection and poor fertilization management.


The basic method will be to realize co-development of crop cultivation, animal husbandry and aquaculture while actively developing transportation and marketing and the processing industry with raw materials derived from crop cultivation, animal husbandry and aquaculture so as to tightly link grain production with transfer, processing and circulation, add value by manifold ways, increase the comparative benets of grain production and the income of the farmers, and ensure the sustained, stable development of grain production.


Yantai still has a long grape growing and wine history of the accumulation of centuries of cultivation techniques, cultivation of fruit with rich management experience, the production of fruit quality, rich in a variety of nutrients.


Cultivation is so equal that it is suitable for every person. Cultivation is meant for correctly adjusting one's own behavior which is to modify one's own foot lifting and stepping. From one's own two feet, one begins to observe his inner soul to allow the bright beaming arise from the bottom of the feet.


The experiment use cucumber as materials, There were two stubble cultivation includingspring stubble and autumn stubble. Three temperature environmentwere setted upby opening back slope ,back wall and front ventilation mouth or cover of many layers ortemporary hightened temperature. Jinchun 3 was used in spring stubble and Jinyou 1 was used inautumn stubble. The experiment initially ascertained that different temperature conditions ingreenhouse influence on growth and yield of cucumber by studying different temperaturetreatments effect on atmosphere factors (air temperature, ground temperature and relativehumidity), growth, correlated physio-biochemical index and yield of cucumber, which couldprovide reasonable temperature parameters for greenhouse cucumber cultivation in our province.

本试验以黄瓜(Cucumis sativus.L)为材料,分为温室春秋两茬栽培,通过开启后坡、后墙、前侧通风口大小、多层覆盖、临时加温等手段,设置 A、B、C 三个温度环境,春茬选用品种为津春 3 号,秋茬为津优 1 号,通过研究不同温度管理方式对日光温室内气象因子(气温、地温和空气相对湿度)及黄瓜的生长、产量、相关理化指标、果实商品性、品质的影响,初步探明日光温室内不同温度管理对黄瓜生长及产量形成的影响,为我省日光温室黄瓜栽培环境控制提供合理的温度参数。

The analysis of the problems in present cultivation model of mechanics majors and application-oriented higher education,with the combination of an introduction of pioneering work in the field by UGS College,Yancheng Institute of Technology,this study elaborates the thought,main content and application procedures of a new talent cultivation mode that is centered on ability development,integrated with education in knowledge,ability and personal quality.


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