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As the representative of the northern Loess Plateau gully region, the soil quality under different cultivation length of the orchard in Changwu county was studied. Using partial correlation coefficient to determine the weight, combined with evaluation of membership Sanction to evaluate soil quality levels of the area, the trend of orchard soil quality under different cultivation years was analyzed. The results showed that the IFI values of orchard soil were between 0.22 and 0.70, 27% of them reached the second soil quality standards, 64% reached a third-level soil quality standards, 9% met the fourth standards of soil quality.


Undergraduate education platform serves as the fundamental brand of a university. Postgraduate cultivation platform is the key of the development of a university. Doctorate cultivation platform acts as the ticket for a university to make a spurt towards a higher level of development.


Floor of entire county total ground accumulates 4885 square kilometer, climate characteristic is spring dry sand blown by wind is much, the summer is short rainfall is little, year average air temperature 2.5 ℃, fall 350mm is controlled, frost-free period is controlled 110 days, it is typical dry farming county, long-term since, because the ploughshare type of follow tradition plows cultivation, a large number of the earth's surface are completely bare, monsoon comes, soil land of medium fine sanded face is reached organic blow character, cause edaphic sand to change, fertility drops, raise of sand and dust, year answer a year, change dene serious with each passing day, cause aggravation of zoology environment year after year, the agriculture that also decided place produces a condition, groundwater source is not worth badly, 10 years of 9 drought, extensive cultivation, crop yield is low and flabby.


The said multi-in-one employs cultivation technique of supporting facilities of temperature control, humidity control, disinfection and bait feed in one cultivation pool, and finishes whole courses of oviposition, hatching, polliwog coming out of film, and young frog growth into product frog and hibernation.


Through empirical study, it also can find that among the four constitutional factors, the main factor that influences quality of talent cultivation and that is the most dissatisfactory one of the student is the procedure of talent cultivation, among which, the one that should be improved mostly is the method and means of teaching, which should adopt the heuristic, researching prelection mode.


Consequently, it is necessary to investigate and analyze the situation of protective cultivation in Jiangxi, and carry on scientific experimental demonstration, screen out the protective cultivation, which adapt to local conditions of Jiangxi, than extend and apply it.


Because the root systems were more healthy and abundant in mycorrhizal infected muskmelon plants, Use of mycorrhizal plants combined with supply of sufficient nutrient and improvement of cultivation technique for ratoon cultivation could be successful in plastic house.


A large amount of water is needed in cultivation of landscape plants, especially the cultivation of container seedling.


So the depth(20-40cm)of fertilizer application could be as best depthfor delaying the senescence of flag leaf and root system and gainning highyield and high efficiency in dry land wheat.5 The effects of deep cultivation-root cutting on the senescence after an-thesis and yield had been studied in dry land wheat of high yield.the best ef-fect obtained from treatments by deep cultivation-root cutting in beforewinter stage,next by the treatment in the starter stage treatment and in con-trol,lastly by the treatment in the before winter stage and starer stage.


And the three-dimensional strengthen cultivation methods were used, The super high-yielding hybrid rice cultivation of quality strategy and strengthen the complex technical measures were put forward.① disc seedling, low leaf transplanting seedlings longs for big panicles;②by organic fertilizer to ensure healthy balance growth;③strictly control medium-term population, increasing ear rate④application of ear and grain fertilizer, optimizing the allocation of canopy leaves;⑤pest control to ensure that live and mature, increase seed weight and seed-setting rate.


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