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Methods We focused on the cultivation of249nurse students in t wo respects:one is culti-vation of psychological quality including rigorous dem ands,strong-mindedness,open-mindedness,increase of the ability to face in-tense pressure;the other the cultivation of self-study ability including understandin g the organic connection among the learned sub...


Using the BIOLOG-carbon utilization method and traditional plate cultivation method,the effectiveness of a Bacillus commercial probiotics on the microbial community composition and function in different layers of shrimp ponds was investigated at the telophase of cultivation period.


Said simple building comprises building body, roof and pool inside room; the lower building body is complete closed, the upper building body is provided with pillar on lower building body, and is circled with sun-shading net around pillar, the outside of sun-shading net is equipped with movable curtain; the roof is straw roof and has two sides along ridge; the pool inside the room comprises cultivation pool and laying-up basin, each cultivation pool is provide with a overflow bench, the bench surface is equipped with a cushion and the cushion is fixed on slope bench with a plurality of bracing column of same height, and a bamboo curtain is placed on the bracing column for young wood frog rest.


It can grow all right in high salt Since twenty century , molecular biology and bio-technology have a large development , agriculture and physic have been speedily development too ,especially after the plan of human genome was successfully implemented ,more people engaged in bio-technology industry .but the area of the bio-technology study was very extensive , Ocean Rhodotorulas have been studied by people at beginning, on the end of 1980s , Ocean Rhodotorulas separation from sea and Japan was the first succeed in cultivation by zymolysis , the Ocean Rhodotorula of cultivation was used for a good nutrimental to feed for fish and shrimp.


ObjectiveTo provide the scientific foundation for the construction of GAP cultivation bases of Abrus mollis Hance by evaluating the pollution status of soil and irrigation water in Abrus mollis Hance cultivation base.


ObjectiveTo provide the scientific foundation for the construction of GAP cultivation bases of Abrus mollis Hance by evaluating the pollution status of soil and irrigation water in Abrus mollis Hance cultivation base.


To study the grown characteristics of Alcaligenes faecalis for Curdlan in Continuous Cultivation, the Kinetics of Alcaligenes faecalis in Continuous Cultivation with carbon source used as a limited substrate were investigated.


Antimonate calcium precipitates in cell wall of hyphae grown for 5h in pH 4. 0 medium appeared less than in pH 6. 8 medium. And it was proved that pH in medium gradually reduced with the cultivation time during cultivation of hyphae.

在pH 4.0介质中培养5h后的菌丝,顶端细胞壁的焦锑酸钙沉淀比pH 6.8介质中培养的菌丝明显减少,并证实菌丝在生长过程中培养介质pH随培养时间的延长而逐渐下降。

Considering the slow growth rate of Cephalotaxus furtunei, field trials were conducted including seedling fostering, plantation cultivation as well as harvesting mode to establish systematic technique including nursing of super seedlings, cultivation of short-period, high-yield officinal plantation of C.


The total seed storage in topsoil (0-10 cm) was 83499-109141 indm^(-2) for natural wetlands and 9140-47452 indm^(-2) for reclaimed paddy fields. In natural wetlands, the seeds were of 16-30 grass plant species, being dominant with Polygonaceae and Cyperaceae or Cyperaceae and Gramineae; while in reclaimed paddy fields, the seeds were of 7-16 grass plant species, with the dominant of Gramineae. The seed storage and species numbers were greater in Shengjin Lake than in Shibasuo Lake. Higher seed bank storage and more species were observed in the paddy fields from Shibasuo wetland with 30 years of cultivation than from the Shengjin Lake wetland with over 50 years of cultivation.


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Fearing that the fall-out from Nessa for his actions will be harsh, Cal persuades Olivier to help him out.


The workers are paving a road with stone.


Love deeply and ardently , even there is pain , but this is the way to make your life complete