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Soil and water conservation protective cultivation is an advanced cultivation technology that avoid cultivation or few cultivation on farmland and with stubble cover.Protective cultivation technology is an integration technology that use stubble cover,no-tillage cultivation,deep-plough with machine,and weeding with chemistry.Adopting soil and water conservation protective cultivation can reduce the loss of soil and water in northeast blackland area and improve the soil anti-erodibility.


The work of this paper include nailing down the meaning of cultivation of creationary thinking during college physics teaching, analysing of relative theory about creationary thinking ,such as its definition,trait, essence and so on, and demonstration of creationary thinking educable, discussing several kinds of creationary thinking and it's exhibition in physics phylogeny , bringing forward idiographic tactic of cultivation of creationary thinking, which is the core of the paper, putting forward two problems needing embedded thinking, which are correlative with cultivation of creationary thinking successfully.


The above results are useful for the cultivation of transgenic cyanobacteria in enclosed photobioreactors, and would promote the application of mixotrophic cultivation system in microalgae cultivation. Besides, they are also useful to understand the interrelation between photoautotrophy and heterotrophy in cyanobacteria.


The cultivation of engineering students in Hunan University of Science and Technology has achieved satisfactory results. In cultivation purpose, it emphasizes the requirements for safety quality in engineering; in cultivation content, it strengthens the impartation of knowledge in engineering safety; and in cultivation method, it puts emphasis on the training of engineering safety skills.


The Value of Ci of leaf in Rain cultivation is less than in Open-air cultivation.The content of chlorophyl a and b of Rosario Bianco leaf in Rain cultivation is higher than in Open-air cultivation and the chlorophyl content of the 5th leaf is maximal in Rain cultivation. Stem diameter of Rosario Bianco were increased 8.68%~10.74% during the stage of rain growth in Rain cultivation. The study shows the leaf area of Rosario Bianco in greenhouse is lager than unsheltered and the environment of greenhouse is suit for grape leaf growing.


A research of the cultivation treatments of the commonly used compost fermentations on Volvariella Volvacea production was made in this paper by comparison with the cultivation of raw ingredients. They are zymotechnics of water-logged compost, twice regular zymotechnics and simple twice zymotechnics. The result shows that the cultivation effects of above three are better than that of the cultivation of raw ingredients, among which the simple twice zymotechnics is the best.


The thesis analyzes deeply the questions of the college campus culture construction in the course of the college student"s innovation quality cultivation, such as the idea culture construction isn"t enough that made the college student"s innovation quality cultivation lack the source, the institutional culture construction lags to contrast with the society development that made the college student"s innovation quality cultivation lack the power, the administration system petrifies that made the college student"s innovation quality cultivation lack the harmony quality, the material environment construction has much superficies and little connotation that made the college student"s innovation quality cultivation lack the effect.


Protected cultivation of fruit trees in Shandong province started from 1990's,and the production area reached to 15400 hm2 in 2002, the yield was 180 000 t, and the fruit trees mainly concentrated on strawberry, peach, plum, apricot, cherry, pear and grape.

protected cultivation ;山东省的果树设施栽培从90年代初起步,90年代中期开始迅速发展,到2002年全省果树设施栽培面积已达1.54万hm2,产量18万t,栽培树种有草莓、桃、李、杏、大樱桃、梨、葡萄等,已经成为全国发展速度最快、规模最大的果树设施栽培生产基地。

Under the plastic-mulched ridge and furrow cultivation, the average soil water content of furrow (12.7%) was significantly higher than that of ridge (9.1%) at the soil depths of 20-100 cm. The locally compacted ridge served as a water flow barrier and a rainfall collection area under locally compacted ridge and furrow cultivation, and the water content of furrow was significantly higher than that of ridge in the same soil depths, which was similar to the characteristic of soil water distribution under plastic-mulched ridge and furrow cultivation. No significant differences were found in soil water content of furrow between locally compacted ridge and furrow cultivation and plastic-mulched ridge and furrow cultivation, with the same efficiency of water collection.


It mainly includes the social moral standard education, the cultivation of moral emotion education such as the sense of responsibility and shame feeling, the cultivation of the self-gauge capacity and self-control ability, the cultivation of ability of self-discrimination and selection, the cultivation of Self-gauge capacity and so on.


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