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The objective was to reveal characteristics of nutrients accumulation and distribution in early and ratoon rice under different cultivation models; Dry weight and nutrients contents in the rice plants were determined at different developmental stages, using a new combination hybrid rice II Youhang 1 under super high-yield cultivation and conventional cultivation models;The results showed that the accumulated N, P and K in the plant were 15.06 g/m2, 4.58 g/m2 and 15.8 g/m2 at the fully ripening stage under SHC models, which were 47.2%, 21.2% higher and 9.1% lower than those under CC models respectively.


The grain length, width and 100-grain weight of parents and 110 lines in waterland cultivation of were greater than that in dryland cultivation, and amylose content and chalkiness rate were less than that in dryland cultivation. The comparative study on RVA showed that the greater effect of water stress was observed on the cold plastic viscosity, consumers base value, the restoring value of RVA spectral characteristics and litter on gelatinization temperature, the peak time, the highest viscosity, hot plasma viscosity, disintegrating value.


objectiveto provide the scientific foundation for the construction of gap cultivation bases of abrus mollis hance by evaluating the pollution status of soil and irrigation water in abrus mollis hance cultivation base.methodsthe environment quality was appraised by the nemerow pollution index method.resultsthe quality of soil and irrigation water was good, falling in the categories of "clean".conclusionthe quality of soil and irrigation water in abrus mollis hance cultivation base accords with the requirement of gap of chinese medicinal materials.


In this paper, with continuous cultivation simulating fermentations in different nutritional conditions, continuous cultivation of Alcaligenes faecalis with glucose and ammonium chloride as a sole limited substrate were carried out respectively, and kinetics and characteristics of continuous cultivation were investigated.


Known as the "Oriental Pearl" of Qianxi Chestnut, with its unique quality in the international and domestic market reputation, all the year round production of 20,000 tons and export volume of 12,000 tons, ranking first in the nation's first county-level; chestnut mushrooms to achieve artificial domestication cultivation,xian mo an annual output of 2560 tons, chestnut mushroom cultivation for the whole country's largest county, has been named as the "mushroom cultivation base for the National County"; in addition to hazelnut, bracken,huang qin , Campanulaceae, more than 340 kinds, such as Salvia have to use the value of wild plant resources.


The first chapter of this paper penetratingly analyzes the problem of contemporary cultivation of creative people in university in educational philosophy"s perspective, realizes that conventional educational model doesn"t pay enough attention to the cultivation of students creative capability and both the lack of university spirit and the defect of university system are the key obstacles of the cultivation of creative students, which are philosophically problems of culture and have deep inner connection with the construction of university culture.


Cultivation soil preparation total principle is break up in order to plough (tractor-ploughing) or avoid less agrarian for the foundation, rake, Mo , pressure, ridging ridging plough, ditch, make the work look tie such as farmland, master appropriate correctly opportunity of exercise of agrarian, appropriate make smooth with a raking, reduce cultivation charge and the sources of energy to use up accomplish reasonable cultivation, assure exercise quality.


The article starts with the analysis on pollution resource of inshore cultivation, in order to clarify the formation and infection by inshore cultivation to ocean fishery environment and give the countermeasure to the sustaintable development of inshore cultivation.


In the history of human cultivation, there was the term "muddle-headed deities", referring to those who pursue great theurgies in cultivation but who know nothing about the Daoist connotations of the universe or life. Although they have attained some theurgies and can become high-energy lives, their wisdom is lower than that of human sages. For all the pains in cultivation, they have attained high-energy animal lives. Although they have become deities, they are not buddhas. This is the meaning of "muddle-headed deities"!


My company is a stone pillar forest ginseng cultivation is the main business, and set tests, types of plant, plant protection, processing and sales of modern enterprise in the cultivation of wild ginseng must be natural resources, cultivation techniques, product brands, scale industrialization has others can not be replaced by the unique advantages of the state enterprises established by the Department of ginseng products in China for Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for fixed-point production service enterprises and detection networks ginseng products.


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