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We can imagine lifting up still bleeding heart, lighting the road lead to the saintliness; even falling down, we believe, our heart will also sleep peacefully amidst fresh and tender green grasses, winding pure water is around; our heart with no regret, facing the mountains covered by woods, getting the deepest trace eternally left in the spiritual homeland…….wherever our fingerprints reach wherever the deepest cherished dream will emerge


The scenery around the house has not changed. The blue lake and the snow-capped mountains are as beautiful as ever.


With the snow-capped mountains around it,it looks beautiful.


In fact, snow-capped mountains around the corner, it seems within reach, but I can not go to the sanctity of touching it.


In the Fan Village and around the mountains, but also to see many large plant height of tall and straight Gusong Cooper, and the ancients named Qi has a lot of rock, the so-called "stone fish fly Corner","Sumon five small","sunset alexandrite" and so on, are very attractive tourist destination.


With waters and mountains around the cen ter, it covers an area of 36,000 square meters.


Carlin is where gold mining began for Newmont. In 1961, Newmont geologists began probing the high desert area around the Tuscarora Mountains in search of finely disseminated gold - gold that could be seen only in a microscope and, thus, had eluded earlier prospectors.

历史概述 Carlin是纽蒙特金矿的发源地。1961年,纽蒙特的地质人员开始在Tuscarora山四周的高沙漠地带寻找细颗粒浸染型金—一种极为细小,只有用显微镜才能看见的金子,所以以往的勘探人员都未能发现。1963年夏季通过钻孔和化验划定了一个 300万盎司的矿床,即使当时的金价每盎司只有35美元,该矿山也具有开采价值。

In 2003 of Tibet water sheep year, over 10 thousands of native circumambulate around holy mountains.the natives are only equal and harmonious with mountain!

5.2003 年是藏历水羊年,这一年踏上转山路的朝圣者就在十万人以上。一座山峰,我们想到的是垂直超越,但藏民则是平行地绕着它走。

Whe the earth was still flat / And clouds made of fire / And mountains stretched up to the sky,sometimea higher / Folles roamed the earth / Like big rolling kegs /They had 2sets of arms /They had 2 sets of legs /They had 2 faces peering out of the giant head/ So they could watch all around them as they talked while they read /and they knew nothing of love / It was bofore...origin of love The origin of love / The origin of love / The origin of love / The origin of love


In particular the Changbai Mountains area, which is called "Changbai Forest Sea" produces not only valuable timber such as Korean pine and kahikatea, but also "three Treasures in Northeast China" famous around the country -- ginseng, marten and pilose antler.


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European economies have perked up recently, but the record is still of lamentably slow growth and high unemployment.


The violence of my fever abated in three weeks, yet it several times returned.


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