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In the Fan Village and around the mountains, but also to see many large plant height of tall and straight Gusong Cooper, and the ancients named Qi has a lot of rock, the so-called "stone fish fly Corner","Sumon five small","sunset alexandrite" and so on, are very attractive tourist destination.


Vivid fuchsias bloom in China's Hengduan Mountains. Early 20th-century British explorers collected these and thousands of other plants that today are lovingly cultivated in the gardens of England, the United States, and other countries around the world.


The parents' givings are higher than the mountains and deeper than the ocean. let's have a heart of thankful, to treat all the ppl around you.


From heather covered mountains to dense wooded glens , dramatic coastline scenery to windswept bog lands, there is a breathtaking sight around every corner.


Dragon Boat Festival a year, she came to Canyon County over the mountains and found a very serious drought in this area was designated a local gourd-shaped pond, the water will be dumped in Aquarius people, But the water was more than we should see run wild, hurried nine days will be invited, 108 soldiers, 108 are zoned 9 Bay Area, she is also the most talented person in the water around the dam, hand poked five holes, governance of the water, they formed a Tianchi now and the hole pitch.


The wind that blew from Manchuria and beyond,"down over the Yalu and the mountains all around... down into the gorges with their frozen streams and naked rocks... down along the ice-capped road—now shrieking and wild—that wind," said noted photographer David Douglas Duncan,"was like nothing ever known by the trapped Marines, yet they had to march through it."


With its mist-shrouded mountains and lush plains, the scenery around Beichuan is beautiful, the land naturally fertile, with a mild climate and soft showers.


Don't worry if you're looking for major attractions, parks, hospitals, mountains, racetracks and such around Phoenix, you will find this information on some good Phoenix Arizona maps.


Drizzt Do'Urden walked slowly along a trail in the jutting southernmost spur of the Spine of the World Mountains, the sky brightening around him.


Pingxingguan Chengkungling-Ping Hu Ju City, was square-based, around 900 more than ten feet, the North-South a home, the amount of gate inscribed "Ping-ling," the three characters, that really Xiongguan mountains.


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