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Last week it was reported that perhaps as many as 250 people had been killed in clashes between the Rizeigat and Misseriya, two Arab nomadic tribes that populate the area around the Nuba mountains.

上周, 据报道大约 250 人在里宰加特部落和弥斯瑞雅部落冲突中丧生。这两部落同属阿拉伯游牧部族,并且同住在努巴山附近。

The Finnish Finland around December Christmas day, all is the violetall over the mountains and plains which is in full bloom, complementson the white earth, looks a piece of purple red, the purple Christmascauses the person completely relaxedly.


On the basis of the large numbers of age analysis on apatite and zircon fission track, through the research on the present structural framework, mineral characteristics and depositional environment in remanet strata and comprehensive compare with its neighboring Mesozoic basins in strata, sedimentary facies and hydrocarbon source rock, this thesis systemically discussion on the uplift timing of these mountains around Yanqi basin, original appearances in Mesozoic and characteristics of evolution and later reformation and provide important theoretical basis for petroleum exploration.


Tortuga stands off the north coast of Haiti, full of rocks and mountains making a riddling pirates epidemic. Around the year of 1630, as the first pirates plundered the merchant's ships authorized by Spain, they were evicted to this island by Franch government and later resided here.


All around the city,mountains stand in different shaps—you have probably seen some Chinese paintings of the landscape.


Here was not wide field, dunghills were around us, her organ, although without any exercises, and was tameless, led me to the top of mountains under blue sky, and make me feel my heart become wide.


A thermophilic strain CW2 was isolated and purified from the soil around a hot spring in Chang-bai mountains.


A massive wildfire burning out of control in the mountains north of Los Angeles doubled in size overnight Monday, Reuters reported. The blaze charred 105000 acres, up from 42000 acres late Sunday, and sent up towering palls of smoke that fouled the air for miles around.


Like a traveler, like a person far from home, a pure dreamer, who trudges among mountains and rivers in Sichuan area in the drizzle, who walks on the Gobi desert in the sunset glow, who visits a hospitable family in the old town in Fenghuang, who dances with Sahara native people around the fire.


Logging's demise meant that the forests wreathing the mountains and lakes around Bend are likely to stay the same for many years. As towns such as Missoula, Montana, and Sun Valley, Idaho, have also found, trees are more valuable standing than chopped down for lumber, says Nina Chambers, a researcher with a think-tank called the Sonoran Institute.


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European economies have perked up recently, but the record is still of lamentably slow growth and high unemployment.


The violence of my fever abated in three weeks, yet it several times returned.


There are other things that I have been thinking of. Fondas I am of you, I really don't think you are the right man for me.You're much too independent.