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Just behind the station, before you reach the traffic island, a river runs thru' a concrete channel. 只是后面的站,到达安全岛前,一条河直通运行“的具体渠道。

I took you there once; I think it was after the Leadmill. 我带你那里一次;我认为这是Leadmill后。

The water was dirty & smelt of industrialisation 水是脏冶炼产业化

Little mesters coughing their lungs up & globules the colour of tomato ketchup. 小mesters咳嗽肺部了与球番茄酱的颜色。

But it flows. Yeah, it flows. 但它流动。是的,它流。

Underneath the city thru' dirty brickwork conduits 下方的城市通“脏砖砌管道

Connecting white witches on the Moor with pre-raphaelites down in Broomhall. 与前拉斐尔派的布鲁姆霍尔下来摩尔连接白巫师。

Beneath the old Trebor factory that burnt down in the early seventies. 下面老Trebor工厂,在七十年代初被烧毁。

Leaving an antiquated sweet-shop smell & caverns of nougat & caramel. 留下一个过时的甜香味店及牛轧糖和饴糖的洞穴。

Nougat. Yeah, nougat & caramel. 牛轧糖。是啊,牛轧糖和饴糖。

And the river flows on. 而河流上。

Yeah, the river flows on beneath pudgy fifteen-year olds addicted to coffee whitener 是啊,一江春水上下方沉迷于咖啡增白剂矮胖的15岁儿童

And it finally comes above ground again at Forge Dam: the place where we first met. 它终于降临地上再次锻造坝:我们第一次见面的地方。


I went there again for old time's sake 我去那里了旧时代的缘故

Hoping to find the child's toy horse ride that played such a ridiculously tragic tune. 希望能找到孩子的玩具马一路狂飙,打出了这样的可笑可悲的调整。

It was still there - but none of the kids seemed interested in riding on it. 这是仍然存在 - 但没有一个孩子似乎有意骑就可以了。

And the cafe was still there too 而网吧还在那里太

The same press-in plastic letters on the price list & scuffed formica-top tables. 同样压在塑料封价目表及抓痕蚁顶表上。

I sat as close as possible to the seat where I'd met you that autumn afternoon. 我坐在尽可能接近的地方,我会遇见你,秋日午后的座位。

And then, after what seemed like hours of thinking about it 然后,大概过了考虑这个问题的时间

I finally took your face in my hands & I kissed you for the first time 我终于把你的脸在我手上与我吻了你的第一次

And a feeling like electricity flowed thru' my whole body. 和电一样的感觉流过直通我的整个身体。

And I immediately knew that I'd entered a completely different world. 我立刻知道,我已经进入了一个完全不同的世界。

And all the time, in the background, the sound of that ridiculously heartbreaking child's ride outside. 和所有的时间,在后台,那可笑的令人心碎的孩子外搭的声音。


At the other end of town the river flows underneath an old railway viaduct 在城市的另一端溪旧铁路高架桥底下流

I went there with you once - except you were somebody else - 我去那里,你一次 - 除了你别人 -

And we gazed down at the sludgy brown surface of the water together. 我们在水泥的棕色表面低头在一起。

Then a passer-by told us that it used to be a local custom to jump off the viaduct into the river 然后,一名路人告诉我们,它曾经是当地的习俗跳下高架桥入河

When coming home from the pub on a Saturday night. 当从上周六晚上酒吧回家。

But that this custom had died out when someone jumped 但是,这种习俗已经死了的时候有人跳楼

Landed too near to the riverbank 登陆太靠近河岸

Had sunk in the mud there & drowned before anyone could reach them. 已经沉没在泥泞中有与淹死之前任何人都可以达到这些目标。

I don't know if he'd just made the whole story up, but there's no way you'd get me to jump off that bridge. 我不知道,如果他刚刚做了整个故事了,但没有办法,你会得到我跳下了桥。

No chance. Never in a million years. 没有机会。即使再过一百多年。


Yeah, a river flows underneath this city 是啊,一河这个城市的下面流

I'd like to go there with you now my pretty & follow it on for miles & miles, below other people's ordinary lives. 我想和你去那里,现在我的漂亮和它后面的数英里和公里,其他人的普通生活下文。

Occasionally catching a glimpse of the moon, thru' man-hole covers along the route. 偶尔赶上一窥月球,到人孔盖沿线。

Yeah, it's dark sometimes but if you hold my hand, I think I know the way. 是的,它有时暗,但如果你握住我的手,我想我知道的方式。

Oh, this is as far as we got last time 呵呵,这是据我们得到了最后一次

But if we go just another mile we will surface surrounded by grass & trees & the fly-over that takes the cars to cities. 但是,如果我们仅仅一英里,我们会浮现包围的草地与树木和飞在那取车城市。

Buds that explode at the slightest touch, nettles that sting - but not too much. 这爆炸在轻微接触味蕾,荨麻的刺痛 - 但不会太大。

I've never been past this point, what lies ahead I really could not say. 我从来没有过去,这一点,是什么样的未来我真的不能说。

I used to live just by the river, in a dis-used factory just off the Wicker 我用的河流,只为了生活,在DIS使用的工厂就在柳条

The river flowed by day after day 通过日复一日流入河

"One day" I thought, "One day I will follow it" but that day never came “有一天, ”我想,“有一天我会跟着它”但那天没有来

I moved away & lost track but tonight I am thinking about making my way back. 我走开去与失去的轨道,但是今晚,我想我的方式回来。

I may find you there & float on wherever the river may take me. 我可能觉得你有与漂浮在任何地方,河水会带我走。

Wherever the river may take me. 无论河水可以带我走。

Wherever the river may take us. 无论河流可能需要我们。

Wherever it wants us to go. 无论是要我们去。

Wherever it wants us to go. 无论是要我们去。

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