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Watch Your Back



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

I don't know who to trust no more 我不知道该相信谁没有更多

Let it go 放手吧

It'll take me to war 它会带我去战

That's those voices in my head 这是在我的头上那些声音

It's got me over seeing red 它让我在看到红

See I don't wanna cross the line 见我不想交行

But that's the fucking last time 但是,这他妈的最后一次

You ever try to play me out 你曾经尝试玩我了

Now this shit is going down 现在,这一切,正在下降


[chorus] [合唱]


Watch your back homie 看着你的背影亲密

Watch your back [X5] 看着你的背影[ X5 ]


Watch your back nowdays 看着你的背影nowdays

All these busters always lookin at me sideways 所有这些破坏者总是在我侧身看着

Sizing me up trying to figure out how I play 浆纱我,想知道我是怎么玩

But I ain't playing with these motherfuckers no way 但是,我不玩这些怎么就没有办法

Not today or anyday 不是今天或ANYDAY

I learned the hard way 我学到了艰辛的道路

Been double crossed and backstabed 被双划线backstabed

Been burnt for major money funny friends just went bad 被烧毁的主要资金有趣的朋友刚去坏

It's high stakes even family members scheme on you 这是高风险的,即使家庭成员计划,你

So know your enemy and only trust a chosen few 所以了解你的敌人,只有信任的寥寥


[Chorus] [合唱]


Watch your back you'll get slapped 看着你的背影,你会得到耳光

Sick of suckers talking smack 生病的吸盘嫌说话

Run yo mouth were you at 运行满一年的嘴你是不是在

Look at me like I'm wack 你看我像怪人

Is he fake can he rap 他是假的,他能说唱

Don't get hit by his batch 不要被他批打

Your the click he's the clack 你点击他的唠叨

I'm a dog, you're a cat 我是一只狗,你是一只猫

I'm taking it making it sound so great 我把它做它的声音如此之大

So listen to the master demonstrate 所以,听主人展示

When I smoke this blunt and elevate 当我抽烟这种生硬和提升

Like damn our boys a heavyweight 就像该死的我们的孩子一个重量级

We gonna bake to see if tonight's the night 我们该怎么烤,看看今晚的夜

Like damn our boys'll make it hot 就像该死的我们boysll刁难

Like damn our boys'll boys we just don't stop 就像该死的我们boysll男孩,我们只是不停止

Like damn our boys calling the shots 就像该死的我们的孩子发号施令

I know some cats that always talk a lot but did nothing 我知道有些猫总是谈论了很多,但什么也没做

You never win you ending losing if you always bluffing 你永远不会赢你输结局,如果你总是在虚张声势

So you moving cakes 所以,你移动的蛋糕

But you really only baking muffins 但是,你真的只烤松饼

Raking up P's 扒了普的

Get rid of shit in bakers dozen 得到十几个面包摆脱狗屎

Big mounds yeah 大冢耶

They'll bound to catch it too 他们势必会抓住它太

We knew who ran the lick 我们知道谁跑的舔

And there day is coming soon 还有一天即将到来

You gotta watch your back 你得看着你的背影

I know I'm watching mine 我知道我在看矿

Just ask my soldiers who be holding down the front line 只要问问我的战士谁可以按住前线


[Chorus] [合唱]


You ever had a friend a bitch that claimed that they was down for you 你曾经有一个朋友的母狗声称,他们是下来为你

I mean the loyal type you trusted thought they was true 我的意思是你值得信赖的忠实类型以为他们是真的

You let deep inside 你让内心深处

Kept them fed you kept them high 他们不停地喂你保持他们的高

Come to find out every word they said was just a fucking lie 来了解一下每一个字,他们说只是一个他妈的骗人的

You feel like mystical 你觉得神秘

Take it to that gutter level 把它带到了阴沟的水平

Get down and dirty with 'em make 'em wrestly with the devil 获取下来,脏时间让时间wrestly与魔鬼

But they ain't even worth the time sweat or energy 但他们甚至不值得花时间的汗水和精力

Just learn a listen 刚刚学习倾听

On the friend you trust and keep 在你的朋友的信任和保持

After yourself to many people got it all wrong 经过自己对很多人来说是错

Burning bridges when they should be mended more 过河拆桥的时候就应该多补好

He's only at the top 'cause everybody's after you 他只是在顶部因为每个人的后

You gotta watch your back yeah that's what you gotta do 你得看你回来啊,这就是你必须做的

Business and personal shit 企业和个人的狗屎

Learn how to split well 了解如何分割好

Too many motherfuckers acting fake 太多怎么就充当假

Go to hell 去死吧

I ain't energy or time to waste on wasted talent 我是不是精力和时间浪费在浪费人才

I keep movies straight and forward never ever lose my balance 我把电影直接和前锋永远失去了平衡

I keep it poppin 我把它屁股

I ain't from Compton (Westside) 我是不是来自康普顿(西城)

I am a heavyweight in the gamesid by having the buds that with no single no we got the whole country stomping 我在gamesid一个重量级的通过具有无单无,我们得到了全国跺脚芽

Watch your back 看着你的背影

Watch your back 看着你的背影

Watch your back motherfucker 看着你的背影娘

'cause I'm coming through the front 因为我通过前方传来

And smelling like a shunk 而闻如shunk

Just ask doctor green 只要问问医生绿色

I about the killer kali kush blunts 我行将杀手卡利库什成风

Realize who your true friends and your enemies are 明白谁是你真正的朋友和你的敌人

'cause when the end comes 因为当月底来

You get fucked over 你去死了

You better watch your back dawg 你最好小心你的背耶


[Chorus] [合唱]


Times like these 这样的时代

It's getting hard to see 它变得很难看

Hope you see your friends now 希望你看到你的朋友现在

And whose your enemy 而其你的敌人

Want to see the end 想看看到底

I guess it all depends 我想这一切都取决于

What you call an enemy and 你叫什么敌人,

Who you call a friend 谁你打电话给朋友

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