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[Intro: Mr. Hudson] [简介:哈德森先生]

Time is all I feel 时间就是一切,我觉得

It's why I just keep running 这就是为什么我只是不停运转

The quest for love was all that you and I held dear 追求爱是一切,你,我亲爱举行

With the beat still in your head 随拍还是在你的脑袋

And the Good Book by your bed 与好书由你的床

We will survive 我们会活下去


[Hook: Mr. Hudson] [钩:哈德森先生]

Someday 有一天,

Are we gonna wake up 我们该怎么醒了

A little bit older 有一点旧的

Are we outta time, time, time 我们是否失控时间,时间,时间

I know that 我知道

Should we ever break up 如果我们闹崩了

We'll find a way to make up 我们会找到一个方法来弥补

In the fullness of time, time, time 中的时间,时间,时间的丰满


[Verse 1: Rockie Fresh] [诗歌1 : ROCKIE新鲜]

Man I'm so ahead of my time, through my passion I am the future 男人我好提前我的时间,通过我的激情,我的未来

I was able to get shine without having to see a jeweler 我能得到的光泽,而不必去看珠宝商

And I never really pictured me being the pick-and-choosers 我从来没有真正想象我是在挑选和挑肥拣瘦

But I'm who they wanna hang with like my name was Mr. Koopa 但我想,他们挂了像我的名字是库巴先生谁

And through the shakers and movers, I'm now producing my best shit 并通过振动筛和推动者,我现在制作我最好的狗屎

View me like the Zohan, I'm not the nigga to mess with 看我像Zohan ,我不是黑人惹

Look at all the time and the money that was invested 看看所有的时间,这是投资的钱

And now in return the good life is what I'm blessed with 而现在作为回报,美好的生活是我很幸运

But since I got that blessing, I really don't have the time to waste 但因为我得到了祝福,我真的没有浪费时间

Never take a day off until the day I win the race 从来没有休息一天,直到有一天我赢了比赛

The moment that you do could be the moment that you get replaced 你做的那一刻可能是因为你被替换的时刻

So to my old friends, this is why you rarely see my face 所以,我的老朋友,这就是为什么你很少看到我的脸

But if I don't make there'll never be an excuse for me 但是,如果我不作再也不会有借口对我来说

Besides the simple fact that it really just wasn't meant to be 除了简单的事实,它真的只是不意味着是

It's affecting me mentally, taking off on this runway 它影响我的精神,在这条跑道起飞

Praying that we meet again one day, and I hope that... 祈祷,我们一天再次见面,我希望...


[Hook] [钩]


[Verse 2: Rockie Fresh] [诗2: ROCKIE新鲜]

All I needed was time, to find out where I was meant to go 所有我需要的是时间,要找出我的意思去

It's easy to get lost in a place you never been before 人们很容易迷失在你从未到过的地方

And I admit the change of scene may have caused a change in me 我承认场景的变化可能对我造成的改变

Wish would cause some glitches in the man that I have grown to be 愿望会引起人一些小问题,我已经成长为

I'm sorry, I guess I was just so caught up on winning 对不起,我想我只是这么赶上了制胜

That I lost many people who were here from the beginning 我失去了很多人谁是从这里开始

And the time I took to break it, took much longer to fix it 我花了打破它的时候,花了更长的时间来修复它

But many of ya'll forgave me and remained to stay committed 但很多你们大家原谅我,依然坚定不移的决心

I miss it because that life without you I am starting to know now 我很怀念它,因为没有你的生活,我从现在开始就知道

I'm always on the road and this life is getting so wild 我总是在路上,这样的生活也越来越如此疯狂

Camera men are lunatics, everywhere that I go now 相机的人都狂人,到处都是,我现在就去

I'm just trying to cover up my face, like slow down 我只是想掩饰我的脸,像慢下来

But somehow, came a long way from where I stood in 但不知何故,就从那里我站在很长的路要走

No I'm not from Cuba but this is what I'm good in 不,我不是来自古巴,但是这是我的身体状况很好

My life's a instrument but I won't blow it like a woodwind 我的生活是一个工具,但我不会吹它像一个木管乐器

And I made it happen but now without my family and... 和我做了这一点,但现在没有我的家人和...


[Bridge: Mr. Hudson (Rockie Fresh)] [桥:哈德森先生( ROCKIE新鲜) ]

Good friends (never easy to find) 好朋友(不容易找到)

You can count them on one hand (they come to you over time) 你可以指望他们一方面(他们到你们这里来过一次)

And they'll never judge you (yeah) 他们永远不会评判你(耶)

Whatever your crime, crime, crime 无论你的罪,犯罪,犯罪

I know that (I know that they won't forget us) 我知道(我知道他们不会忘记我们)

I could include you (their spirits are always with us) 我能有你(他们的精神永远与我们同)

And to forgive me (yeah) 并原谅我(是)

In the fullness of time, time, time 中的时间,时间,时间的丰满

Tell me where'd you wanna be (now at this special time in my life) 告诉我你在哪里想成为(现在在这个特殊的时刻在我的生命)

When all your friends have settled down (I've been blessed with alotta good people) 当所有的朋友都安顿下来(我一直在祝福alotta好人)

In the suburbs on the greener side of town 在郊区在城市的一边更绿


[Hook] [钩]

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