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Now number two, practiced the snake style 现在排名第二,实行蛇式

He was known as the snake spirit 他被称为蛇灵

He had the speed of a snake 他有一个蛇的速度


[Intro/Verse One: Killah Priest] [简介/诗一: Killah的牧师]


Niggaz is like serpents out there 兄弟们是像蛇在那里

(snake style, no one could compete) (蛇的风格,没有人可以抗衡)

Serpents will bite 蛇会咬

Lay outside, and then they roll back into they holes 躺在外面,然后他们退回到他们的孔

They slither, in the streets of Brooklyn, New York 他们滑行,在纽约布鲁克林区的街道

Slither in the streets, of Manhattan 滑行曼哈顿街头,

In the streets of Queens, streets of the Bronx 在皇后区的布朗克斯区的街道,街道

Streets of Staten Island 史泰登岛街道

Wherever you see em they slither 无论你在哪里看到的EM他们滑行

Whoever... yo 谁哟...

Fearsome shit... check it out 可怕的狗屎......看看

Yo, yo 哟,哟


It broke me up when they pat me on my shoulder 它打破了我的时候,他们拍拍我肩膀

Said stay strong cuz his life is now over 说留强的Cuz他的生命已经结束

I flash back to the heathens that he roll with 我闪回的异教徒,他用滚

They shot him up and down nobody knows shit 他们枪杀了他上下没人知道狗屎

My peers, little ears 我的同龄人,小耳朵

Came up to me with a eye full of tears 向我走来,用饱含泪水的眼睛

Last night we was shootin dice and gettin nice 昨天晚上我们是乱射骰子,刚开不错

Kid rolled us, played us for our merchandise 儿童推出了我们,打我们,我们的商品

We were in the hallway all day 一整天我们都在走廊

Me, Steve, and Little Ray 我,史蒂夫和小雷

Probably at first they tried to rob me 也许一开始他们试图抢劫我

Back me in the lobby, pull out the shotty 支持我的大堂,拔出shotty

Then came Scotty, fragile body 然后是斯科蒂,脆弱的身体

My first impression, he returned from a party 我的第一印象,他从党的返回

He was just stagger, smellin like Bacardi 他只是错开, smellin像百加得

The Dragon, braggin, how he was fuckin mad hotties 龙, braggin ,他是如何他妈的疯了帅哥美女

Pressed on the elevator button, then all of a sudden 按了电梯按钮,然后突然

He licked off, about a dozen 他舔了,大概有十几

Slugs from the cannon, that ripped through my cousin 从大炮蛞蝓,通过我的表弟撕开

Nobody was standin when the nigga started bustin 没有人standin当黑人开始巴斯廷

Blood started to flood the floors, by the elevator doors 血液开始充斥地板,由电梯门

That's the last thing that I saw 这是我看到的最后一件事

Damn, we plan to make grands of our home 妈的,我们计划使我们的家分站赛

(Number two) (排名第二)


[Verse Two: The RZA] [诗二: RZA ]


Jagged edge, rockin God, hard as Stonehenge 锯齿状的边缘,摇滚上帝,硬如巨石阵

Pledged whoever crossed his path get scrapped with a sledge.. 承诺凡从他前面走过得到报废了雪橇..

..hammer, he didn't give a damn about the manor ..hammer ,他并没有给出关于庄园该死

And on the block he was called by the momma's and the grandma's 并在该区块他叫了妈妈的和奶奶的

Indecent, heathen, juvenile delinquent 不雅,异教徒,不良少年

His weekends was frequently, locked inside the precinct 他的周末是频繁,锁定选区里

His most recent cape for catchin papes 他最近的披肩捉大殿

Was snatchin up snakes on a roof butt-naked hang em off like drapes 是snatchin了蛇在屋顶对接裸体挂时间关闭窗帘一样

Then ask what's the combination to the safe, with the brace 然后问有什么组合的安全,用支架

And those who didn't reply they fell straight to their face 而那些谁没有回答他们直跌到他们的脸

Razor blade sharp who invades the dark 刀片锋利谁入侵的黑暗

And raid more spots than Spays and NARCS iron heart like Tony Starks 和RAID比Spays和NARCS铁的心脏像托尼·斯塔克斯多点

A fierce lion, who never leave the crib without the iron 一场激烈的狮子,从来没有谁离开婴儿床无铁

And on the block he be slingin rocks and duckin from the sirens 和块,他被slingin岩石,并从警报器duckin

Greetin niggaz he loved with a pound, and a bear hug Greetin的兄弟们,他也爱和一斤,和一个熊抱

Those who wanted life, they catch a slug from the snub 那些谁想要的生活,他们搭上了塞的冷落

A Five Percent, who all knew was one to ten 有百分之五的,谁知道一切是一到十

He loved the Gods with his heart but his brain was filled with sin 他爱上帝与他的心脏,但他的脑子里充满了罪恶

And when he came through niggaz be lookin out 而当他经过兄弟们就可以看着出

Hopin he gets shot or tooken out, or locked the fuck up in Brooklyn House 河滨他被枪杀或托克出来,或者锁定他妈的在布鲁克林的家

In PC, on a liquid diet, but he was louder than a riot 在PC机上的流质饮食,但他不是一个响亮骚乱

(Number two, the snake) (第二,蛇)


[Verse Three: Masta Killa] [诗三:空间Masta Killa的]


Do the knowledge to a nigga named Trigga 做知识名为Trigga黑鬼

Bad rude boy from the land of Jamaica 来自牙买加的土地粗鲁的坏男孩

With visions to venture, to the U.S. 与愿景创业,到美国

To receive the gold that he couldn't acheive 要获得金牌,他不能acheive

In his country, even though he sold mad weed 在他的国家,即使他卖疯了的杂草

For the next man, who was the Don of the clan 对于一个男人,谁是氏族的顿河

Niggaz actin like they got the block locked 肌动蛋白的兄弟们像他们得到了该块被锁定

Like I can't sling drug raps and eat food 就像我无法吊带药物斥责和吃的食物

But I be the rudest, bad boy steppin gun totin 但我是粗鲁,坏小子垫脚枪totin

Shots lash out like a violent explosion 射击骂像一个剧烈的爆炸

At the nigga, who tries to stop my production 在兄弟们,谁试图阻止我的生产

Intervene the scene and slow up the CREAM 介入现场,并减缓了奶油

None of that black, East New York, gun talk 没有一个黑色的东纽约,枪说话

Niggaz I extort from Baltic to Boardwalk 兄弟们,我从波罗的海敲诈到浮桥

Memories of injuries wounds and burns 受伤的伤口和烧伤的回忆

Walkin through the streets of Medina I stand firm 通过麦地那的街道上走着我的立场坚定

Cause I know this, which means I can hold mine down 因为我知道这一点,这意味着我可以抱雷倒

Without a doubt, niggaz who front, get snuffed out 毫无疑问,谁的兄弟们面前,得到扼杀了

Justice must be born there's no escape 法官必须出生在那里没有逃脱

Cause a snake can't be reformed so I wait 引起蛇不能改,所以我等待

Comin in the name to proclaim your fame for protection 科曼的名义宣布你的名声保护

And you don't know no fuckin lessons? 而你不知道有没有他娘的教训是什么?

(Number two, the snake) (第二,蛇)


[Verse Four: Ol Dirty Bastard] [诗四: OL肮脏的混蛋]


Bad, bad, Leroy Brown 坏,坏,乐华布朗

Baddest man in the whole damn town 不好的人,在整个该死的小镇

Badder than the deep blue seaaaaa 比深蓝色seaaaaa巴德

Badder than you and meeeeee 比你meeeeee巴德

Niggaz comin thru the trees, like a salamander, bitin 兄弟们马上就要通了树木,像蝾螈, bitin

Like a piranha, but I'm bitin you back, like a black pantha 像食人鱼,但我bitin你回来,像黑色pantha

The style I'm ampin the... fuck my name, who I be? 风格我ampin了......他妈的我的名字,我是谁呢?

Fuck the game, it's all about the moneyyyy! 他妈的游戏,它的所有有关的moneyyyy !

Owahhaerahh, sometimes I get high with the Meth Owahhaerahh ,有时我得到较高的冰毒

Then I turn to the Killah Priest 然后我转向Killah的牧师

When it comes TWELVE O'CLOCK!! 当谈到十二点!

I turn into the demon beast, yo 我转成兽妖,哟


Yo fuck that shit! 哟他妈的狗屎!

(number two, the snake) (排名第二,蛇)


(number two, the snake) Rawwrarrrah (排名第二,蛇) Rawwrarrrah

Rahhwarwaahauh, rawwaroar!! Rahhwarwaahauh , rawwaroar !

WHOSE THE BAD-ASS? *rawharrah* 谁家坏驴子? * rawharrah *


(now number two) Rawwwaahrah (目前排名第二) Rawwwaahrah

(he practiced the snake style (他练蛇式

He was known as the snake spirit) YEAHhhhhh 他被称为蛇灵) YEAHhhhhh


[Verse Five: Buddah Monk] [诗五: Buddah僧]


Lyrics, never waitin, twelve days, penetrated 歌词,永远等待着,十二天后,渗透

When I come with the ruffness, mad niggaz try to rush this 当我来的ruffness ,疯狂的兄弟们试图赶这个

Slip into my killings, then I slays and you're helpless 潜入我杀人,我杀害,你是无奈

When I try to stay sick, it's yacub grafted six 当我试着保持生病,这是yacub嫁接6

Calm for the kill, knowing the style that's ill 平静下杀手,知道风格是生病

When I drop, lyric skills, brothers say, Buddah chill!! 当我滴,抒情技巧,兄弟们说, Buddah寒意!


[Outro: Ol Dirty Bastard] [尾奏: OL肮脏的混蛋]


I don't need to rhyme no more, niggaz know, yo! 我不需要韵没了,兄弟们知道,哟!

To all the Wu-Tang Clan members 给所有的武当派成员

The Ghostface Killer, the GZA, the RZA, the Ol Dirty Bastard 该Ghostface杀手,在GZA的RZA的OL肮脏混蛋

The Method Man, the Chef - Raekwon, Inspector Deck, U-God 该方法的人,厨师 - Raekwon的,检查甲板,U型神

Yo!!! 呦!

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