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Sep Seven Game Show Theme



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[Slug] [弹头]

The following program has been brought to you by Rhymesayers Entertainment 下面的程序已经为您带来Rhymesayers娱乐

The following program contains explicit lyrics 下面的程序中包含露骨歌词

and we the producers stay defiantly behind the views expressed in the following program. 我们的生产留挑衅的背后体现在以下程序中的意见。

All right, all you players and player haters, once again it's time for the "Sep Sev" game show 好吧,各位玩家和玩家的仇敌,再次是时候了“九月西弗”游戏展

Recorded live right here in lovely snowy Minnesota 记录生活在这里的可爱的白雪皑皑的明尼苏达

this is the game where we make the average player a star. 这是游戏,我们让普通玩家中的明星。

Now, if you'll join me, let's give it up for the host of the "Sep Sev" game show 现在,如果你和我一起,让我们给它弥补了“九月西弗”游戏节目主持人

that's right, here he is, Mr. Sep Sev... 这是正确的,在这里,他是9月西弗先生...


YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, fuck the money, everyone on the floor drop 哟,哟,哟,哟,哟,哟,他妈的钱,每个人都在地板上落

I want all the food in the bag, and I ain't tryin' to hear that soar talk 我想所有的食品袋,我是不是试着听到谈话飙升

Stole the dinner and freaked it to the freeway 偷了晚餐,吓坏到高速公路

Flipped the screenplay, and made every love scene a three-way 翻转的剧本,并尽一切爱情戏三路

Sound track recorded here in Minnesnowda 声迹录在这里Minnesnowda

Tastes like ambrosia 如豚草口味

Disinfects pen holders 消毒笔筒

Yo, let's hold our breath and show your chest, if you're proud of it 哟,让我们保持我们的呼吸,并显示你的胸部,如果你感到自豪

And wake me back to safety if you see me falling out of it 并叫我回到安全的,如果你看到我闹翻了吧

Under a full moon, the color ?of mind is a mucous? 下一个满月,颜色的?心灵是粘液?

See your in the distance, the images riveting 看到你在远处,图像铆

Given the way the clouds moved, it fucked with the lighting 由于云层移动的方式,它与照明性交

Grabbed me by the thoughts and pulled me tight like a kite string 抓住我的想法,拉着我紧就像风筝线


All right, let's hear it for contestant number one 好吧,让我们来听听对选手排名第一

What's your name sir? 你叫什么名字,先生?

Yo, MC famous, the killer 哟, MC著名的杀手


Okay Mr. Anus Driller, you want to play the next round for a new Lexus with matching socks? 好吧肛门钻先生,您要播放的下一轮新雷克萨斯与之相配的袜子?

Or air on the horny Miami based video 或空气的角质迈阿密的视频

or do you just want to take the phony looking fifty dollar bills and run with money? 或者你只是想借此欺世盗名看50美元钞票和金钱跑?


Yo, I want the sex man, just give chicks man, just, just let me touch 'em man! 哟,我想做爱的人,只要给小鸡的人,只是,只是让我碰它们的人!


[Slug] [弹头]

Now what If I spent, my whole day ?, on getting bent, and now I can't afford my rent 现在,如果我花了,我整天? ,在越来越弯,现在我买不起房租

Do I grab a crowbar to your back door (Back door) 难道我抢撬棍到你家后门(后门)

or hit up Super America for the cash drawer? (Fast forward) 还是撞了上去超级美的钱箱? (快进)

I should be honest, cause even my outer conscience, 我应该是诚实的,因为即使我的良心外,

Knows the odds of blowing up are equal to people waking up from sleeping, 知道吹起来的可能性是相等的人进入休眠状态唤醒时,

Keeping me from retrieving kingdoms and bed time stories, 让我从检索王国,并在床头讲故事,

Used to bore me with, positioned in the orbit of my imagination 用于生了我有,放置在我的想象中的轨道

Small portion, even that much, flustered by the drug fell in lust with the rush 小部分,甚至说多了,由药品心慌下跌欲望与匆忙

Hush, maybe somewhere in it I became a cynic, 嘘,也许在某个地方是我变成了一个愤世嫉俗的人,

but your sexy grin gets less attractive by the minute 但你的性感笑容获得了分钟的吸引力

The planets in my head now rotate around the mind 在我的脑海行星现在周围的头脑转动

The substance, the bug shit, all in my circumference 该物质,该bug ,妈的,都在我的周围

And I function 我和功能

Like I don't give a fuck if you grasp it 就像我不给他妈的,如果你抓住它

Resent the bitch that don't and cast it under the masses; 讨厌不丢在群众的母狗;

I asked, "Is that right?" I answered, "Does it matter?" 我问:“是吗? ”我回答说: “什么关系? ”

I was glancing at how you fancy the passion, bastard 我看了一眼你怎么看上的激情,混蛋

How fast you scale the ladder to jump 你如何快速缩放阶梯跳

I'd rather just flunk than gather your junk 我宁愿只是不及格不是你收集垃圾

(Yo dog, you should blast that punk) (溜溜狗,你应该爆炸的朋克)


Alright, this next round our contestant is gonna have to slam 好吧,这下一轮我们的选手是要去要踩住

a whole bottle of expensive firewater, chase it with a forty of malt liquor 一整瓶昂贵的烈酒,用麦芽酒的40追它

smoke a blunt, load a gun and sell records to 14 year olds all over the country 烟钝,加载一炮而全国各地的销售记录,以14岁的孩子

And the first one of you genocidal fashion fantasy fucks to go platinum wins 和你的第一个种族灭绝的时尚幻想乱搞去铂胜


Wins what!? 赢什么!


Mr. Announcer, tell them what they'll win! 播音员先生,告诉他们,他们就赢了!


Well, they'll win respect, lot's and lot's of props! 那么,他们会赢得尊重,很多公司和很多的道具!


[Slug] [弹头]

Pissed on the Asti Spumonte, sippin' kamekazi 生气的阿斯蒂Spumonte ,啜饮着 kamekazi

Shoulda called mommy when you saw me pull up in ? 早该叫妈妈,当你看到我拉起来的?

The rest of you're life's a flashback when I jump out that hatchback 你是一辈子的闪回,当我跳出了两厢车

Here's your tape, give me my cash back 这是你的磁带,给我的现金返还

I'm on tracks, and that's that, in fact that's all you need 我在轨道上,这是说,其实这就是你所需要的

Either take some kind of lead, or fall to your knees and bleed 无论是采取某种铅,或下降到你的膝盖和流血

How's your scene? 怎样的场景?

And how's that rental running? 怎么就这么跑出租?

And how's the weed selling? 怎么是杂草卖?

And how's the demo coming? 如何的演示来了吗?

Me and my participants, be the reason why you and you crew bit your lips 我和我的学员,​​可为什么你和你的船员咬你的嘴唇

Stick this in your mouth to cleanse it 在你的嘴来清洗它坚持这

The fuckin' prop is too expensive 该死的道具太贵

Make's me want to end it (Repent kid) 使的我想结束它(悔改的孩子)

My advice is from here on out you purchase yellow boxers 我的建议是,从现在开始,你购买黄色的拳击手

That way when your bitch does your laundry, she won't tell her moms about the stains created 这样,当你的母狗做你的衣服,她也不会告诉她的妈妈对创造的污渍

when I skated across that flat service you refer to as lyrical endowment 当我滑冰跨过平服你所说的抒情养老

That content, that conscience, run down to that ? 的内容,即良心,跑下楼来呢?

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