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Deer Wolf



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(7 summers old lovely like I told...) ( 7岁的夏天可爱的像我跟...)


I know a lotta people but not many that I trust 我知道洛塔人,但不是很多,我相信

And outta those I trust not many I would touch 而失控的,我相信没有多少我就摸

They say I talk in circles but I write it line by line 他们说我讲的圈子,但我把它写一行行

And if I don't really know you I'ma lie and say I'm fine 如果我真的不知道你我是撒谎说我没事

And I spit rhymes hoping that someone who thinks like me 我吐押韵希望有人谁认为像我这样的

Related to the emotions interlocked within the phyche 相关phyche内互锁情绪

Spit rhymes to catch chicks to catch hope 吐押韵捉小鸡捉希望

To catch that ear of the kid who says 'damn that shit is dope' (damn that shit is dope) 为了赶上孩子,谁在说那耳朵“该死的那些事是涂料” (该死的那些事是涂料)

Not to mention I love the attention 别说我爱的关注

Went from hidin in the boxcars to drivin the engine 从躲到了棚车到驾乘引擎去

And I sit in the same chair under the same light 和我坐在同一张椅子上在相同的光

Round the same time a night when I write 回合相同的时候,我写了一个晚上

Probably will for life 可能会为生活

25 and I ain't gettin any younger 25 ,我是不是刚开任何年龄

Living to survive can you spare a penny brother? 生活中生存,你能抽出一分钱的兄弟吗?

Now in the name of all world wide rhyme sayers 现在,在世界上所有的名字广韵塞耶斯

I'ma drive pass ? park and spray the soccer players 我是开车过去吗?公园和喷雾的足球运动员


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How many licks does it take to get to the center of your universe? [4X] 有多少舔没有考虑到你们的宇宙的中心? [ 4X ]

(let thy moon arise while I close my eyes...) (愿你的月亮出现时我闭上眼睛...)


Finally finalize the line by line of tryin to climb in between your minds thighs 最后敲定该行由行试着爬在你的头脑中大腿之间

Self esteem watch it grow like mold 自尊看着它成长类模具

Watch the loads it holds 关注其持有的负荷

As the soul unfolds 作为灵魂展开

Track my faith as I wade through a pack a day 跟踪我的信仰,因为我每天涉水通过包

Have to wait call me back next saturday 要等我回电话下周六

Pass the steak I'ma about to stick this vampire 通过牛排我是要坚持这个吸血鬼

Touch the heart and lay the carcass on the campfire 触摸心脏和躺在篝火胴体

Burn baby burn and take your cents with ya 宝宝烫伤烧伤,把你的仙与雅

If the shoe don't fit ya remove it to lose the business 如果鞋不适合雅删除它失去业务

Get the car started warm it up for the journey 让汽车启动预热时间的旅程

Wake up abuse and shake of the blues 醒来滥用的蓝调和震动

And make stops to fill the tank stops to urinate 并停止以填补坦克停止小便

Stops to meditate and let the thoughts resonate 停下来冥想,让思绪共鸣

Stops to celebrate stops just for heavens sake 停下来庆祝站只是天上的缘故

Stops in an attempt to make the bad shit and get it straight 停止企图让坏的狗屎,并得到它直

The ashma regualtes the breath control so thanks for the tapes 该ashma regualtes的气息控制,感谢您的磁带

And eat your vegetables and yo I write it for me and if you like it that's love 并多吃蔬菜和哟我把它写在我,如果你喜欢它这是爱

And if you don't that's life cause life don't like slug 如果你不这样做,这就是生活的事业生活不喜欢塞


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Its the super unleaded imbedded within my head trips 在我的头上游的超级无铅嵌入

Kept it in check with the skeptics and the essense when it 与怀疑和essense时,将它装在办理入住手续

Festers infection fills with fluid 溃烂感染充满液体

Apply the pressure it burts to satisfy the thirst 应用它burts满足口渴的压力

20/20 sight so I got no excuse my soul is broken lose from over use 20/20视线,所以我没有任何借口,我的灵魂是由过度使用赔破

Tell me who can hold the noose while I make certain it fits me 告诉我,谁可以容纳绞索,而我确定它适合我

Judgement first impresstion naturally shifty 判断第一impresstion自然缩骨

Each one tried to teach one when it begun 每一个试图教之一,开始时,

Struggling for freedom tryin to build a kingdom 争取自由试着建立一个王国

Now your sippin Segrums tryin to fix a threesome 现在你还在喝Segrums试着修复三人组

Between you your girl and that freak with the nissan 你们之间的女孩,那怪物与日产

Wheels keep spinning accelerator sticks 车轮不停旋转的加速器棒

So sugar up the coffee and celophane your dick 所以糖了咖啡和celophane你的鸡巴

And lace the spliff and make sure that dosage is right 和花边的spliff ,确保用量是正确的

Cause lifes a bitch (lifes a bitch) and I'ma hold it tight 原因静物婊子(静物婊子) ,我是一个握紧它


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