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Rich Niggaz



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

Why, why, why 为什么,为什么,为什么

Why, why, why 为什么,为什么,为什么

Why, why 为什么,为什么

Cash Money, Rich Niggaz 现金货币,丰富的兄弟们



[Lil' Wayne] [莉儿韦恩]

Loud pipes, big rims 响亮的管道,大轮辋

Nigga, that's my life 兄弟们,这就是我的生活

When I pull up at the club sorry that's my night 当我拉起在俱乐部很抱歉,是我的夜晚

I know a lot of haters probably sayin that that's not right 我知道有很多仇敌可能是在说那是不对的

Well, my diamonds so much bigger 嗯,我的钻石那么多的大

So, that's my life 所以,这就是我的生活

Gleam, gleam 微光,微光

Now, only carry big face and you hear the ching, ching 现在,只有随身携带的大脸,你听到青,青

Now, you can ask your wife and she will say the same thing 现在,你可以问问你的妻子,她会说同样的话

And your children be amazed when they see me on the big screen 和你的孩子很惊讶,当他们看到我在大银幕上

Ha, ha, ha 哈,哈,哈

I crack myself up 我打击我了

I know I talk lot but I can back myself up 我知道我说话很多,但我可以备份自己了

Got a little house on the beach that's where I shack myself up 有一个小房子上海滩这就是我的窝棚自己了

You ain't really got more money than me 你是不是真正得到了更多的钱比我

Think about it 想想吧

Let's just say somebody gave me a check to think about it 远的不说有人给了我一张支票去想它

So I just bought a new Rollie and got to take a link up out it 于是我就买了一个新的罗利,并得采取衔接起来了它

And me with no ice is like a Prince concert that ain't crowded 而我,没有冰就像一个王子演唱会不拥挤

They see the Beam, and the truck, and the B-12 他们看到的光束,和卡车,以及B -12

And we was next 我们是下一个

Then that's when I pull up in the B-E-L 然后,当我拉起来,在B - E-L的

Le-Le-Lex 乐乐莱克斯



[1st Chorus] [第一合唱]

I'm on Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiire 我在Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiire

Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot 热,热,热,热,热,热,热,热

We on Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiire 我们对Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiire

Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot 热,热,热,热,热,热,热,热


[Juvenile] [少年]

Juvenile used to be R-E-T-A bound 少年曾经是R- E- T-绑定的

Now I be bustin these bitches head when I come 'round 当我来到圆现在我要认真过这些母狗头

Acting like a nigga that ain't never had shit 像个黑鬼是不是从来没有狗屎

Look into my bed sayin that's a mad hit 看看我的床在说这是一个疯狂的打

I'll damned if these diamonds and golds ain't shinin 我该死,如果这些钻石和金色不照耀

My Rollie ain't mine and my bank ain't climbin 我的罗利是不是我的,我的银行是不是climbin

You lookin at a multi-millionaire in the flesh 看着你在千万富翁的肉

Might don't have it now, but I just got me a check 可能没有它了,但我刚收到我的支票

I can walk it like I talk it, play it how I say it 我可以走像我讲的,打它,我怎么说

Teach it like I preach it; now, put that in your head 教它就像我宣讲;现在,把在你的头

Nigga, bet a thousand, shoot a thousand - ain't nuttin 兄弟们,下注一千,拍千 - 是不是尼坦

Smoke a pound, pop the Cristal and drink somethin 烟一斤,流行的水晶,喝事端

Meet me in the casino, way in the back 迎接我在赌场,这样在后面

Losin money like a motherfucker, still shooting craps 失去感到钱像一个娘养的,还是掷骰子

Tomorrow I'll be back, I got millionaire status 明天我会回来的,我得到了百万富翁状态

We make so much money IRS be lookin at us 我们做了这么多钱国税局在看着我们


[Repeat 1st Chorus 1X] [重复第一合唱1X ]


[Turk] [土耳其]

I got more ends than Bonnie have in a factory 我得到了比邦妮更多的两端有一个工厂

I'm Lil Turk, I'm living large, got the baddest hoes after me 我是律土耳其人,我住的大,得到了最不好的锄头追我

Picture me, a young nigga bawling out of control 想象着我,一个年轻的黑人嚎啕大哭失控

Playing with millions, laying in condos 玩数以百万计,铺设公寓

Nigga I shine, shine through the fucking week 黑鬼我闪耀,通过他妈的周大放异彩

The flyiest ride with crystal in the passenger seat 该flyiest乘坐水晶在乘客座位

Don't hate me, 'cause I'm a little bawler 不要恨我,因为我有点号啕大哭

Got more weight than Angola 有超过安哥拉更重

Fucking your girl Carla 他妈的你的女孩卡拉

Nigga I stunt, 黑鬼我的特技,

And I'm a stunt 'til I can't no more 我就是一个噱头,直到我不能没有更多

Chest lit up like the oaks 胸照得如同橡树

From the diamonds I sport 从钻石í运动

Yo, I can't be touched 哟,我不能碰

Don't think I'm too much, nigga I'm rich what the fuck 不要以为我是太多了,兄弟们我很有钱什么他妈的

Rolex crushed out with the bezel 劳力士粉碎用挡板

And all the foes that get close to me got to be on my schedule 和所有靠近我的敌人一定是对我的日程表

I got so much money 我有这么多钱

I don't know what to do 我不知道该怎么办

Buy isles and cars 购买岛屿和汽车

And break bread with my crew 并打破面包,我的船员


[2nd Chorus] [第二合唱]

I'm on Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiire 我在Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiire

Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot 热,热,热,热,热,热,热,热

We on Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiire 我们对Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiire

Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot 热,热,热,热,热,热,热,热

B.G. on Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiire B.G.在Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiire

Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot 热,热,热,热,热,热,热,热


[Paparue] [ Paparue ]

Uh, uh, uh 嗯,嗯,嗯

Hear me 听我说

It's like, monkey see, monkey do 这就像,猴子看,猴子做

Rolling with the Cash Money Runners I stay true 与现金货币亚军滚动我留真

Cause when were running and climbing on the million-dollar scene 当正在运行,并攀上百万美元的景象引起

Holding together, mo-de-ming, mo-de-ming 维系, MO -DE明, MO-德明

When I bring out the rubber around the Hummer 当我带出各地的悍马橡胶

?? Benz, or in the Lex Bubble ?奔驰,或在莱克斯泡泡

When I start they said I had no fame 当我开始他们说我没名气

Now all the girls just end up calling my name 现在,所有的女孩就这样结束了叫我的名字

10 G's to ?? 10 G公司,以??

Fax the contract to big Cash Money 传真合同到大现金货币

Cause you know this whole clique right with me 因为你知道我这整个集团的权

They're right with me 他们是对我

Sip-pe-di-dy SIP- PE-二DY

Won't count the diamonds just around my neck 不会算就在我的脖子上的钻石

X amount-a dollars on a bankroll check 量X -A美元在资金检查

If you want to really come and sing with me 如果你想真正来跟我一起唱

Those that got me wicked, then I do some free 那些让我邪恶,那我做一些免费的

For free! 免费!

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