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[Intro: Ice-T] [简介:寒冰-T ]

This is SMG 这是上海文广

Yo niggaz, what the fuck is up? 兄弟们哟,他妈的是怎么了?

It's real, it's going down 这是真实的,它的下降

East Coast/West Coast is in your motherfucking face 东海岸/西海岸是你他妈的脸

Tired of you fagot ass niggaz running around reacting like you know what time it is 厌倦了你柴草屁股的兄弟们四处奔波的反应就像你知道这是什么时候

This is S.M.G bitch 这是S.M.G婊子

Sex, Money and Guns baby, for real, yeah 性,金钱和枪支的宝宝,真的,是的

Smoothe Da Hustler, Trigger Tha Gambler, Iceberg, Mark Live, Deuce Fever Smoothe大骗子,触发临屋区赌徒,冰山,马克现场,平分发烧

Brooklyn's in the house nigga, Bronx's in the house nigga 布鲁克林的房子黑鬼,布朗克斯的在屋子里的兄弟们

Queen's in the house nigga, Westside's in the motherfucking house! 女王在家里的兄弟们,西城在他妈的房子!

YEAH, all you pussy ass motherfuckers; 是啊,你的猫的屁股怎么就;

What happened to Gangster Rap? - Y'all forgot about it? 发生了什么事黑帮说唱? - 你们都忘了吗?

Yeah, niggas is up in here, taking your bitches 是啊,黑鬼是在这里,把你的母狗

Grab your motherfucking gun now, nigga 现在抢你他妈的枪,兄弟们

This is going down motherfucker, WHAT! WHAT! WHAT! 这是怎么回事下降娘,什么!什么!什么!


[Smoothe Da Hustler] [ Smoothe大骗子]

Yo, they say Hustler bust for the fuck of it 哟,他们说骗子胸围为它的他妈的

Fuck it, I will cuff it 他妈的,我将袖口它

Rough it up something disgusting, it's nothing 粗糙起来恶心的东西,它是什么

I brutalize, black the blue eyes, smack the crew of guys í施暴,黑蓝色的眼睛,嫌家伙船员

Accidental suicide, you decide 意外自杀,你决定

If you the crew lasts then utilize 如果剧组楦然后利用

Nigga utilize to live away from that crew of eyes 兄弟们利用来自眼睛的船员住走

Black do the wise, if they act too surprise, and they sat through the lights 黑色做聪明的,如果他们的行为太惊讶,他们通过坐灯

For the cheese they slab you a five, and wrap you alive 对于筒子们板坯你五和包装你还活着


[Trigger Tha Gambler] [触发临屋区赌徒]

Plus, we leave up, fifties on faces when we rip mics 此外,我们离开了,五十多岁的人脸时,我们撷取话筒

Take the bottom of the gun dog, just so we can grip tight 取枪猎犬的底部,只是让我们可以握紧

We're on our own, seven forties nigga, we don't miss flights 我们在我们自己的,七四十多岁的黑人中,我们千万不要错过航班

When we flow like water, we're so cold, we can piss ice 当我们像流动的水,我们是如此寒冷,我们可以小便冰

Weave the shit, pounds of bricks, up in that Benz rise 织狗屎,磅砖,在那奔驰崛起

Snatch your money bags for the heights, doing hits on bikes 抢夺你的钱袋的高度,这样的命中自行车

With bitches that's harder than dicks on dikes 随着母狗这比在堤防迪克斯更难

I'm living in hell ever since I pull the fifth of Crikes 我生活在地狱里,自从我拉Crikes第五


[Ice-T] [冰T]

You niggaz make me notice; you're lying every time you're talking 你的兄弟们让我看到;你躺在每次你说话时候

Dreaming about your days of thieving, talking about the shit you did 梦见偷窃你的日子,说你做了狗屎

Bragging on bids, you was a bitch kid, homo thug 吹牛的出价,你是个婊子孩子,同质暴徒

Never moved drugs, never cocked back, never touched crack 从来没有提出毒品,从来没有翘起回来,从来不碰裂

In anyway; make me piss bitch, we don't feel shit 反正;让我小便婊子,我们不觉得狗屎

Time to end this, I started as the Pimp of Pretense 时间结束,我开始是假装的皮条客

Cashed out; with most of my niggaz caught a Life Sentence 套现;大部分我的兄弟们抓到无期徒刑

I kicked game; and Gangster Rapping was invented 我踢的比赛;和黑帮饶舌的发明


[Mark Live] [马克·现场]

This shit is so big (SHIT IS SO BIG!!) [Expolsion] 这一切,是如此之大(狗屎是如此之大! ) [ Expolsion ]

Look, massive attack (YEAH!!) 你看,大举进攻(耶! )

I moved the city with sex in it, Tex in it (SKIRTS!!) 我很感动的城市与性在里面,德州(裙子! )

No batteries included (BREAK YOUR FACE!!) 不包括电池(打你的脸! )

See, no batteries included, don't make us go and prove it (FAGOT!!) 你看,不包括电池,不要让我们去证明这一点(柴草! )

Exclusive (UHH!!) S.M.G shit, you heard it first (YEAH!!) 独家(汉堡! )上海文广,妈的,你第一次听到它(是的! )

Now listen, look, learn a verse (WATTS SHUT UP!!) 现在听,看,学一首诗(瓦特闭嘴! )

My whole clan is; Pakistan types 我的整个氏族;巴基斯坦类型

Killers, with head raps plus murder raps 杀手,头加斥责斥责谋杀


[Chorus: Smoothe Da Hustler & Trigger Tha Gambler] [合唱: Smoothe大骗子和触发临屋区赌徒]

It's repossessional 这是repossessional

Everybody freeze, hit the floor, nothing personal 每个人都冻结,砸在地板上,没有什么个人

But we gotta survive; it's repossessional 不过,我们得生存;这是repossessional

Everybody freeze, hit the floor, nothing personal 每个人都冻结,砸在地板上,没有什么个人

But we gotta survive; don't tuck this shit for talking 不过,我们得生存;不盖被子这个狗屎说话

You'll catch big lift quick, maggots eat shit 你会很快赶上大拉皮,蛆吃屎

We're the wrong clique to beef with 我们是错的集团,以牛肉

Die choking where you rift at, gun smoking when I hit back 呛死你在哪里,枪吸烟裂谷时,我打回去

Blood clots where you drip at, take a block where you sit at 血液凝块,你在点滴,带你坐的位置在块


[Mark Live] [马克·现场]

Yo, they're some bond niggaz, look, killers identity sick 哟,他们是一些债券的兄弟们,你们看,凶手的身份生病

Believe this or unbelieve you're warned (you've been warned nigga) 相信这还是不去信你警告(你已经被警告黑鬼)

As top news at nine, COME ON!! (Channel Five!!) 作为头条新闻九, COME ON ! (第五频道! )

This terror alert don't take us likely 这个恐怖警戒不带我们可能

It's night time kids, no time to react (UHH!!) 这是夜间孩子,没时间做出反应(汉堡! )

So stay the fuck back (BAAW!) fall the fuck back (BAAW!) 所以留在他妈的回来( BAAW ! )落在他妈的回来( BAAW ! )

Insomniacs, we stay walking 失眠,我们呆在走

We stay creeping, Keith-men, stay stalking 我们入住的蠕动,基斯 - 男人,留盯梢


[Smoothe Da Hustler] [ Smoothe大骗子]

Nigga imagine coming out for Dolo 兄弟们想象出来的多洛

Pressing up your records with your re-up money 按了重新起来的钱你的记录

Instead of busting out my polo; or new kicks in a new chain 而不是破坏了我的马;在新链条或新的踢

This is a new game where a few things that do change 这是一个新的游戏,几件事情,这样做改变

I'm up in this page, especially when it's finished the lade 我在这个页面中,特别是当它完成了拉德

We got juice, we get it played the minute it's made 我们得到的果汁,我们把它打它是由一分钟

I'll let the gun talk to end your charades 我会让枪说话来结束你的哑谜

Pop a hole in whatever you gassed up, to end your parade nigga 流行音乐在任何你把油加好了一个洞,来结束你的兄弟们操


[Trigger Tha Gambler] [触发临屋区赌徒]

I'm floating like planes over clouds, destination a million miles 我喜欢飘在飞机云,目的一百万英里

Flying over concerts, got a million in the crowd 飞越演唱会,在人群中有一百万

Got women screaming loud for the Macks and Dons 获得女子大声尖叫的Macks和笠头

Keep a sack of tram, model bitches on my lap and arm 请在我的腿上和手臂一麻袋的电车,型号母狗

Flipping keys, gun is squeezed, ninety eight or ninety five 翻转键,枪被挤压, 98或95

Window down, feel the breeze, Bitch from Queens and Philippines 窗口下,感受微风,母狗从皇后区和菲律宾

Heavy armed, hundred shot, magazine 重型武装,百拍,杂志

Quick to clap a fiend for the lack of green 快速拍手恶魔的缺乏绿色

Take your block, mack the scene 把你的块,麦克现场


[Ice-T] [冰T]

I can stand in these Gators 我可以站在这些短吻鳄

Work so hard, they need it haters 工作这么辛苦,他们需要的仇敌

See me live in the club menu, swimming with bitches, my shit is wicked 看到我住在俱乐部的菜单,母狗游泳,我的屎是邪恶的

Brass gets evicted, Into-tech I'm quick to lick it (BLAW!!) 铜被驱逐,进入高科技,我很快就舔它( BLAW ! )

Never listen to biscuits, of vibe bitches 从来不听盛传母狗来的饼干,

Dime pieces, platinum thesis, have you niggaz premature ejaculating 一分钱件,铂论文,有你的兄弟们过早射精

Keep waiting and hating, we're just demonstrating what it looks (LIKE!!) 请等待,憎恨,我们只是展示了它的外观(如! )

Sounds (LIKE!!) ~ smells (LIKE!!) ~ feels (LIKE!!) 声音(如!) 〜气味(如!) 〜感觉(如! )

Nigga what real is like 黑鬼什么是真正的像


[Chorus: Smoothe Da Hustler & Trigger Tha Gambler] [合唱: Smoothe大骗子和触发临屋区赌徒]

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