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Bang Bang



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Intro:] [简介: ]

[Trigg:] Trigger Tha Gambler [特里格: ]触发临屋赌徒

[Ice-T:] Iceberg [冰T: ]冰山

[Smooth] I'm Smoothe Da Hustler [平滑]我Smoothe大骗子

[Trigg:] So come check us out at, sexmoneyguns.com [特里格: ]所以来检查我们的, sexmoneyguns.com

[Ice-T:] Yeah [冰T: ]是啊

[Smooth] What? [平滑]什么?

[Ice-T:] SMG motherfucker, you heard about it?!! [冰T: ]竞彩娘,你听说过它! ?

[Smooth] Fagots know [平滑]柴知道

[Ice-T:] It's going down, niggaz started sounding like motherfucking pussies out there [冰T: ]这是怎么回事了,兄弟们开始像他妈的的pussies试探有

[Smooth] They carry Guns dogg!! no matter.. [平滑]他们携带枪支狗狗!不管..

[Ice-T:] It's real, this is it nigga, yeah, this is Gangster Rap [冰T: ]这是真实的,这是它的兄弟们,是的,这是说唱大佬

[Smooth] [?] heard about it! smell y'all, smell y'all [平滑] [ ? ]听说过吧!闻你们,你们闻

[Ice-T:] Iceberg in the place [冰T: ]冰山的地方

[Smooth] Uhha! [平滑] Uhha !

[Ice-T:] Gambler, Hustler, it's going down bitch!! [冰T: ]赌徒,骗子,它的下降婊子!


[Chorus: Ice-T X2] [合唱:冰-T X2 ]

Bang bang; Every time we come around your city 嘭的一声;大家围过来你的城市,每次

Bang bang; Twenty macks hold about fifty 嘭的一声;二十macks持有约50

Bang bang; Should've claimed your block out quickly 嘭的一声;应该已经声称你的拦网出迅速

Bang bang; Bang bang!! 嘭的一声;嘭嘭!


[Verse 1: Ice-T] [诗歌1 :冰- T]

Out on time gagging; just came to take the sock out of your mouth 退房时间作呕;刚刚把袜子从嘴里拿出来

Then take you in the backyard and blow your fucking brains out [Explosion] 然后把你的后院,并打击你他妈的脑袋[爆炸]

Twist the game up, complex, gangster confusing 扭曲的游戏了,复杂的,混乱的黑帮老大

You'll never know which strap I'm using 你永远不会知道它带我使用

Whores speak the tunes in; better than Gs, hand the heat off 妓女说的曲调;比GS好,手热关闭

Catch you in the V-I-P, knock your whole street off 抓住你的贵宾,敲你的整条街关闭

Catch you in a vall-ey, leave you on your bailey 抓住你的瓦尔,安永,让你在你的贝利

Watch for the ricochet cause.. this is L.A. 关注的跳弹的原因..这是洛杉矶

Home of the Body-bag, home of the toe-tag 家里的健身袋,家里的脚趾标签

Home of the Blue and Red rags, and the pants sag 首页蓝色和红色的破布和裤子下垂

Pull out your gat nigga, dress for the freeze tag 拿出你的水道黑人,打扮的冻结标签

You think I care, I put on my vest before my underwear 你以为我在乎,我把我的马甲我的内裤前

Never smiled nigga, don't talk that much 不会笑的兄弟们,不说那么多

My gat's cold, I feel it when it's touching my nuts 我的水道的寒冷,我觉得它时,它的触摸我的坚果

Let's get it going, fuck the flowing, bring your drama 让我们把它去,他妈的流动,把你的戏

And don't forget your body armor 而且不要忘了你的防弹衣


[Chorus: Ice-T with minor variations X2] [合唱:冰-T有少许变化X2 ]


[Verse 2: Trigger Tha Gambler] [诗2 :触发临屋赌徒]

It's the black beast from Brownsville 这是黑兽从布朗斯维尔

Scaring like the dark block when the Hounds kill 吓唬就像当猎狗杀黑块

You found scar in your life, I found steel 你发现疤痕在你的生活中,我发现钢

Never left a gunfight until the ground's filled 从来没有离开过一场枪战,直到地上的填充

Never ran, never will, I take blocks and raid spots 千万不要跑,永远不会,我拿块和RAID点

Whatever that the round spills, is where the tape stops 无论是圆形外溢,就是磁带停止

Since a kid, we kept a grudge, we hate cops 由于一个孩子,我们一直怀恨在心,我们讨厌警察

SMGs the replay switch, .38 the glocks 冲锋枪重播开关, 0.38的glocks

Play heading niggaz, I can flip your blow bouts 游戏标题的兄弟们,我可以翻转你吹的较量

Heat niggaz by these whores, split the skull out 热火的兄弟们,这些妓女,分裂出的头骨

It's the reason why; Def Jam held me back 这是为什么; Def Jam公司持有我回来

My mind is out of the troll; they had to mail me tracks 我的心是出了巨魔的;他们写信给我的轨道

Trigger's whack; what hell is that? - I spit like the gat 触发的重击;什么到底是什么? - 我吐像水道

I'm iller than your Rasta, you ain't got to tell me that 我比你拉斯塔Iller河畔,你是不是要告诉我,

96 I was back, hard to the core 96我回来了,很难核心

Flex was dropping bombs, like a station just blown to roar Flex的被投掷炸弹,就像刚吹吼站


[Chorus: Ice-T with minor variations X2] [合唱:冰-T有少许变化X2 ]


[Verse 3: Smoothe Da Hustler] [第3节: Smoothe大骗子]

Every time Brooklyn in the place "BANG BANG!!" 每次布鲁克林的地方“嘭嘭! ”

Anytime Hustler on the Mic "Same thang!!" 在麦克风随时骗子“同样的胜! ”

Hit your head, lift your chain 打你的头,抬起你的链条

Watch your brains hang, so maintain nigga 看你的大脑挂,所以保持黑鬼

It's the New York native, Brooklyn ripper 这是纽约本地人,布鲁克林破拆

Niggaz move back when I cop the groove back like stirrer 兄弟们搬回我的警察的沟回状搅拌器

I'm a dolo dirt doer, I do that better 我是一个多洛污垢实干家,我做的更好

Nigga trip, triggers drip, spit through that leather 黑人之旅​​,引发点滴,通过吐皮

Shoot at, do the damage down and dirty, I demonstrate 射击,后果相当严重降浊,我演示

Destruction with the Derringer, and watch niggaz disintegrate 毁灭与Derringer ,看兄弟们瓦解

I'm no joke, blow, gunsmoke, if one choked that's one hope 我没有开玩笑,一击,硝烟,如果呛这是一个指望。

And for second you got the next one wope 而对于第二个你得到了下一个wope

No folks on both coasts who throw toasts 对谁扔敬酒东西海岸没有人

Butter niggaz out for the bread, I'm drawing votes 黄油的兄弟们出的面包,我拉选票

Hustler figured fuck for the bread, I roll with both to keep my .44 so close 骗子他妈的想通了面包,我有两个卷筒保持我的0.44这么近


[Chorus: Ice-T X2] [合唱:冰-T X2 ]

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