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[intro] [简介]

Yeah,Syndicate's in the house 是啊,辛迪加在家里

Yeah,Geto Boys in the house 是啊,金思维男孩在家里

Yeah,Donald D's in the house 是啊,唐纳德· D的在房子里

Yeah,Body count's in the house 是啊,尸体数量的在房子里

Yeah,Zulu Nation's in the house 是啊,祖鲁民族的房子

Yeah,Ice T's in the house,yeah 是啊,冰T的在房子里,是啊


[verse one] [诗一]


You go on and on and you don't stop 你去和你不停止

Got sticky sneakers from the blood of a shot cop 从拍摄警察的血液粘稠了运动鞋

Belt and a club,I'm leaving tracks on the white rug 腰带和一个俱乐部,我要离开轨道上的白色地毯

Punk tried to rif and he met double-live slugs 朋克试图里夫和他认识了双活蛞蝓

I ain't the nigger to step to 我是不是黑鬼步骤来

I'm catching bodies and the next one could be you 我赶上团体和下一个可能是你

Quick on the trigger,yo,I'm a gravedigger 快速的触发,哟,我是一个掘墓人

Drop off a a body and deep six'em in the river 从卸货到身体和深sixem在河

A nice talking psychopath 一个很好的谈话精神变态

All cops hunt the black male in a skimask 所有警察追捕的黑人男子在skimask

But I'm too damn clever 但我太他妈聪明

Will they ever catch me,never 他们到底会不会抓我,从来不

Because I operate in and out of state 因为我工作在进出状态

Move at a quick rate 移动以速度快

And never hesitate to take a chump sucker down 并毫不犹豫地采取笨蛋吸盘向下

And my H-K it holds 80 rounds 和我的H -K它拥有80发

So when you move be careful and don't play 所以,当你移动要小心,不要玩

And watch for the ricochet 并观看了跳弹


Suicide,it's a suicide,yeah [x8] 自杀,是自杀,是啊[ X8 ]


[verse two] [诗歌2 ]


So shut up motherfuckers as I laid the ink 所以,闭嘴怎么就因为我把墨水

When I'm in Detroit,niggers fight in mink 当我在底特律,黑奴在水貂拼

When I'm in Chicago,motherfuckers get buck wild 当我在芝加哥,怎么就得到降压野

When I'm up in Oakland 当我在奥克兰

Niggers rolling in huge piles 黑奴滚滚巨大的桩

In Atlanta,niggers crash you doors 在亚特兰大,黑奴崩溃你的门

When I'm in Philly,it's a sold out tour 当我在费城,这是一个售罄之旅

In L.A.,I max out real hard 在洛杉矶,我最多出真正的硬

When I'm in New York,I bill with the Gods 当我在纽约,我的神帐单

So don't try to deny me my proper juice 所以,不要试图否认了我正确的果汁

E.cuts the records and the yellow nigger gets loose E.cuts记录和黄色的黑奴松脱

No static,just much respect 无静电,只是很尊重

Truck my Rolex when I cruise the projects 卡车我的劳力士,当我转悠项目

A fly brother that is hard to figure 一只苍蝇哥是很难计算

I punch hos and I smack up niggers í冲居屋,我揍了黑奴

Because I'm a pimp and a player 因为我是一个皮条客和一个球员

Sometimes I bum hip-hop,the other times slayer 有时候,我混混嘻哈,其他时候除魔

You don't like it 你不喜欢它

Well stay out of my fucking way 以及留我他妈的出路

Duck for the gunshot and watch to the ricochet 鸭的一声枪响,手表的跳弹


Suicide,it's a suicide,yeah [x3] 自杀,是自杀,是啊[ X3 ]


C'mon yeah [x7] 来吧耶[ X7 ]


[verse three] [诗三]


Yo D.,what's up?,suckers is popping lip D.哟,这是怎么回事? ,吸盘是雨后春笋般冒出唇

Grab the H-K and the dum-dum clip and spread out 抢H- K和达姆,达姆剪辑,传播出去

I'm putting punk's heads out 我把朋克的头了

Doors is shut,there's no chance to get out 门被关上了,有没有机会走出去

I got the motherfucking side with bi clocks 我得到了他妈的侧双时钟

Raise the auto-loader and let off the buckshot 提高自动加载机和放过巴克肖特


[Sounds of gunfire] [枪声的声音]


That's how I like to do work 这就是我喜欢做的工作


[Gunfire again] [枪声再次]


Got guts on my T-shirt 我的T恤有胆量

Motherfuckers tried to play the ice 怎么就试着打冰

Because I rhyme smooth 因为我顺利韵

And on T.V. act nice 和T.V.行事不错

Saw,that's what you shouldn't have said 看到了,这就是你不应该说

Now I'm so mad I'm busting veins in my forehead 现在,我很生气,我破坏静脉在我的额头上

You want to get off,come on let's rock 你要下车,来吧,让我们摇滚

But have your safety off,and your shit cocked 但有你的安全关,和你的屎翘起

Because when I come to get that ass 因为当我来取的屁股

I'll leave your whole block filled with hot brass 我将离开你的整个街区洋溢着热黄铜

So punk,don't make me pop my trunk 所以,朋克,不要让我弹出我的树干

Show you my amps and my Mossberg pump 告诉你我放我的莫斯伯格泵

Because when I pull it most niggers run 因为当我把它最黑奴运行

Fool niggers stay and get hit by the ricochet 傻瓜黑奴留下来,​​得到了跳弹击中


Suicide,it's a suicide,yeah [x8] 自杀,是自杀,是啊[ X8 ]


[verse four] [诗四]


Niggers want to know about me and the...... 黑奴想知道我和......

We squashed that shit with me and him about a year ago 我们大约在一年前压扁的那些事我和他

But there's a new rule starting tonight 但还有今晚开始一个新的规则

Dis'me on a record,see me bite Disme上的记录,看到我咬

Because in a daze,you saw a battle of mics 因为在发呆,你看到麦克风的战斗


[sounds of gunfire] [听起来枪声]


I'm using gages and flashlights 我使用的量具和手电筒

Ease back and don't give me no feedback 缓解背部和不给我任何反馈

Yo,"Ice cool out",yo,fuck that 呦, “冰冰凉凉去” ,哟,这他妈的

I'm hot,I'm putting niggers in cots 我好热,我把黑奴在床

Some get knocked out,some just get shot 有些人会被淘汰,有的只是被枪杀

Where did I get all the juice I used 在哪里我得到我所用的果汁

Gotta posse full of brothers with nothing to lose 得一团充满了兄弟们什么也没有失去

Some just got out,some will never 有些刚出来,有些人会永远

Some beat the cases 'cause their lawyer was clever 有些击败案件因为他们的律师很聪明

I love'em all and they know that's true í loveem一切,他们知道这是真的

So they won't blink while they doing a punk like you 因此,尽管他们做了朋克喜欢你就不会闪烁

Freeze motherfucker 冻结娘

Get on your knees,hands behind you back 让你的膝盖,你身后的双手背

Bow your heads,if you will please 弓你的头,如果你请

I'll swing my axe,watch the bodies fall 我会摆动我的斧头,看物体掉到

Watch your head roll off like volleyball 看你的头滚下像排球

So all you motherfuckers down with the fly guy 因此,所有你贱人,上下同飞的家伙

Look me in the face,like you're strong when you walk by 你看我的脸,像你强大的时候,你走了

And all you punk niggers talking shit 和所有你朋克黑鬼狗屎说话

Step to the side,bow your head like a bitch 步到一边,低头你的头就像一个婊子

I don't play,you'll get hit by the ricochet 我不玩了,你会得到的跳弹击中


You'll get hit by the ricochet 你会被跳弹击中

You'll get hit by the ricochet 你会被跳弹击中


Yeah 是啊

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