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Mixed Up



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Intro: Ice-T Talking] [简介:寒冰-T浅谈]

Oh! Yeah, nineteen ninety three 哦!是啊,一九九三年

Ice motherfucking T in the place, you know what I'm saying? 在地方冰他妈的T,你知道我在说什么?

Cold lounging with my nigga SLJ from Wrecked Dialect 寒冷的休闲与我的兄弟们SLJ从失事方言

You know what I mean? (YEAH!!) melt microphone screams 你知道我的意思? (是的! )融化麦克风尖叫

Have to turn this motherfucker out, you know what I'm saying? 必须把这个混蛋,你们就知道我在说什么?


[SLJ] Yep, digging a profile [ SLJ ]是的,挖一个配置文件

[Ice] Yeah, check the technique whore, ha ha, I'ma do this [冰]是啊,检查技术的妓女,哈哈,我是这样做

[SLJ] Brave Guts!! [ SLJ ]勇敢的胆量!


[Verse 1: Ice-T] [诗歌1 :冰- T]

One, two, three, it's time to flip with the O.G. gangster 一,二,三,是时候翻转的乌龙球黑帮

Banger, underground slanger of the murderous rhymes your moms hates 香肠,杀气地下slanger押韵你的妈妈不喜欢

HUH! mother fuck the K.K.K. and Darrel Gates 呵呵!母亲他妈的K.K.K.和达雷尔·盖茨

Give me the microphone now, goddamn it, so I can blow it 给我麦克风,现在,该死的,这样我就可以吹

Throw it, rip it, wreck it, pimp it, whore it (YEAH!!) 扔吧,撕了,破坏它,它皮条客,妓女它(是的! )

I'm about to take the fuck up, with this bullshit 我将采取他妈的起来,这种废话

Full clips spray from the hands of this convict 完整的剪辑从这个罪犯的手中喷

I'm not no nice nigga, I'm known not to smile at no bitch 我不是没有好的兄弟们,我知道不笑不婊子

How to think; whores be thinking about getting rich! 怎么想的;妓女要想着发财!

I love these whores like money 我喜欢这些妓女喜欢钱

Back on the streets, on a track the Iceberg Cheque plenty (WORD!!) 回到街道上,在轨道上的冰山支票充足(字! )

I got a bullet with your name on it, you want it? 我得到了你的名字一颗子弹就可以了,你要吗?

Knock your grill, I'll fill it with golden ponant 敲你的烧烤,我将与金PONANT填充

Oh! my God, these niggaz hard, call the Bomb Squad 哦!我的天啊,这些兄弟们辛苦,叫拆弹组

Too late, I detonate, I beliderate three states, GONE!! (BOOM!!) 太晚了,我引爆,我beliderate三个州,走了! ( BOOM ! )

I play Russian Roulette all alone 我玩俄罗斯轮盘独自一人

You got me mixed up with a nigga that gives a fuck! 你让我混淆了一个黑人,给出了一个他妈的!

You got me mixed up with a nigga that gives a FUCK!! 你让我混淆了一个黑人,给出了一个他妈的!


[Verse 2: SLJ] [诗2: SLJ ]

How many emcees do I have to rot? (ROT!!) 多少个司仪我有腐烂? ( ROT ! )

How many suckers do I have to drop? (DROP!!) 有多少冤大头我不得不放弃? ( DROP ! )

How many tampers do I have to plot? (PLOT!!) 多少篡改我有阴谋? (曲线! )

Count them, how many rounds are in the glock? (GLOCK!!) 数数看,有多少轮是格洛克? ( GLOCK ! )

Niggaz wanna test me, stress me 兄弟们想考验我,我强调

Well, they can't handle this shit that kick, and that's it 那么,他们无法处理这种狗屎踢,这就是它

Cause they can't catch the feat, that comes with the cleat 因为他们无法赶上的壮举,附带的楔子

Or an A.K. that I shot last week 或A.K.上周我拍

Cause niggaz on the Ave, don't really know the half 导致兄弟们在大街上,真的不知道该半

of my shit, so watch if, you might get stabbed 我的屎,所以如果看,你可能会刺伤

By the Rap plaque, who was trying to get paid 由说唱牌匾,谁试图获得报酬

In this tray, and any nigga stepped gets sprayed 在这个托盘,任何黑人被踩到喷

UHH!! by the verbal-lyrical, mystical, spirit-ual 汉堡!通过口头,抒情,神秘的,精神的UAL

Sucker play me wrong, now watch me get physical 吸盘玩我错了,现在看我拿身体

I can't give a fuck about the punk ass cops 我不能给出一个关于朋克屁股他妈的警察

I got a glock with the infrared dot on it's knot (POP!!) 我得到的红外点格洛克在它的结( POP ! )


[Chorus:] [合唱: ]

[SLJ] Don't get me mixed up with a nigga that gives a fuck! [ SLJ ]不要让我混淆了一个黑人,给出了一个他妈的!

[Ice] Don't get him mixed up with a nigga that gives a fuck!! [冰]不要让他混了一个黑人,给出了一个他妈的!

[Ice] Don't get me mixed up with a nigga that gives a fuck!!! [冰]不要让我混了一个黑人,给出了一个他妈的!

[SLJ] Ice, get on the mic and buck buck! [ SLJ ]冰,坐上了麦克风和降压降压!


[Verse 3: Ice-T] [诗歌3 :寒冰-T ]

I fall in hate the way motherfuckers fall in love 我跌倒在恨怎么就这样爱上

I blew it in the sky as up above 我在空中炸毁它作为了上述

But I'm in the gang no more, slang 'kane no more 不过,我在这帮没了,俗话“凯恩没有更多

Step to me wrong and your jaw meets a cobra (HUH!!) 步骤我错了,你的下巴满足眼镜蛇(嗯! )

I don't give a fuck about nobody 我不给一个关于谁他妈的

Listen, if you like me, I love you, you hate me 听着,如果你喜欢我,我爱你,你恨我

I'm dissing them; suckers, bitches, busters, whores 我瞧不起他们。吸盘,母犬,破坏者,妓女

Can catch a bozack chased by a head crack 能赶上一个头裂纹城管bozack

I love the duckings throughout these ghetto alleys by myself 我喜欢在这些贫民窟的小巷duckings我自己

Dressed in black so I'm stealth 一袭黑衣,所以我隐身

Keep by glock beside me, Ski-Mask to hide me 请按我身边格洛克,滑雪面具来隐藏我

And if I'm out to kill then now the assaults get by me (YEAH!!) 如果我出去杀那么现在的攻击被我弄(耶! )

Niggaz wanna flip but I'm the wrong male 兄弟们想翻转,但我错了男

With the wrong hands, I thought you're in fact, the young shorts foreman 有错手,我还以为你是在事实上,年轻的领班短裤

Let's go back to the old shit, old style 让我们回到旧屎,老风格

Ice motherfucking T on the mic buckwild (YEAH!!) 冰他妈的T于麦克风buckwild (耶! )


[Chorus:] [合唱: ]

[SLJ] Don't get me mixed up with a nigga that gives a fuck! [ SLJ ]不要让我混淆了一个黑人,给出了一个他妈的!

[Ice] You got me mixed up with a nigga that gives a fuck!! [冰]你让我混淆了一个黑人,给出了一个他妈的!

[Ice] You got me mixed up with a nigga that gives a fuck!! [冰]你让我混淆了一个黑人,给出了一个他妈的!

[SLJ] SLJ, get on the mic and destruct!! (YEAH!!) [ SLJ ] SLJ ,坐上了麦克风和毁灭! (是的! )


[Verse 4: SLJ] [第4节: SLJ ]

Now watch me, grip up, zip up, split off suckers' heads 现在看我,握起来,拉链拉上,分裂了吸盘的头

Who thought that I was soft (HUH!!) cause it's ninety three 谁想到,我是软的(嗯! ),因为它是93

It's time for me, to get a fat Cheque, ain't that right boss? (YEP!!) 现在是时候对我来说,得到一个胖支票,是不是啊老板? (是的! )

Cause this game is strange, it's just may change back to chains 因为这场比赛很奇怪,它只是可能改回链

Caressing ankles back to brains 抚摸着脚踝回大脑

Cause it's backdoor, once again to the end 因为这是后门程序,再次进行到底

At this time, you might know whose your friends 这时,你可能知道的朋友

So watch your back, and the sounds of the clack 所以,看着你的背影,以及瓣的声音

Like other fool just succumbs to, who carries a gat (PING!!) 像其他的傻瓜只是屈从于谁携带水道(平! )

Who's scheming, fiending, remember he's a demon 谁在策划, fiending ,记得他是一个恶魔

Looking for the brothers who be straight disagreeing 寻找兄弟谁是直不同意

Cause if he haven't heard, who tried to dis the Iceberg 因为如果他还没有听说过,谁试图存款保险计划的冰山

Last year, this year, we still no fear 去年,今年,我们仍然无惧

Because we drop Ammo, that niggaz couldn't handle 因为我们丢弃的弹药,是兄弟们玩不转

And after this blunt we still beget another scandal (YEAH!!) 这钝后,我们仍然招致另一丑闻(耶! )


[Verse 5: Ice-T] [第5节:冰-T ]

Check the hood, check the hood for some real Gs 检查引擎盖,检查发动机罩的一些真正的GS

So many suckers, I need some niggaz to roll with me 因此,许多吸盘,我需要一些兄弟们滚我

To kick up some dust, drive-by and bust 扬起一些灰尘,路过式和胸围

I love God but it's in GLOCK! I fucking trust 我爱上帝,但它在GLOCK ! í他妈的信任

I got a fucking Souleaf in my damn brain 我在该死的大脑有一个他妈的Souleaf

And the shit is dripping out, I'm damn near insane 和狗屎滴出,我已经快疯了

I don't wanted to, but I gotta, and I shot her, then I chopped her 我不想要,但我得和我拍了她的话,我斩了她

Then I packed her, then I stuffed her, then I rocked her (YEAH!!) 然后,我收拾好了,然后我塞进了她的话,我震撼了她(是的! )

The bitch is so fucking good anyway 母狗是那么他妈的反正好

Snitched on my boys to the motherfucking D-E-A 偷拿我的男孩他妈的D-E -A

What's up? - You wanna try to focus your sights on the Mic 这是怎么回事? - 你想尝试把你的目光投向了麦克风

This nigga can flip scripts all night 这黑鬼可翻转脚本整夜

Yeah, I wreck shit nice, the microphone smokes like Tri-ice 是的,我破坏狗屎不错,麦克风抽烟一样三冰

Bang nigga, bang nigga, I'm a known gang figure 砰黑鬼,黑鬼的一声,我是一个已知的黑帮人物

Killed so many bodies, need to make my trunk bigger (HUH!) 杀了那么多机构,需要让我的树干大(呵呵! )

Dig a shallow grave on the side of the freeway 挖一个浅浅的坟墓在高速公路边

Yo, I don't play and I'm ready to die today 哟,我不玩了,我准备今天死


[Outro: Ice-T] [尾奏:冰- T]

Don't get me mixed up with a nigga that gives a fuck! 不要误会我混了一个黑人,给出了一个他妈的!

Don't get us mixed up with the niggaz that give a fuck! 不要让我们混在一起的兄弟们给他妈的!

Don't get us mixed up with some niggaz that give a fuck! 不要让我们混了一些兄弟们给他妈的!

Don't get us mixed up with some niggaz that give a fuck! 不要让我们混了一些兄弟们给他妈的!

YEAAAAAHHHH!! - Motherfucker!! YEAAAAAHHHH ! - 娘!

The Syndicate's in the motherfucking house! 该集团在他妈的房子!

Word them up! 单词起来!

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