歌词 "Nursery Rhyme" 的中英对照歌词与中文翻译

Nursery Rhyme



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Intro] [简介]

One-two one-two 一,二一,二

I said ah-one-two one-two 我说是啊,一两一两

Right about now is the time 说得对,现在是时候了

I kick a nursery rhyme (uhh) 我踢童谣(嘘)


[Joell Ortiz] [ Joell奥尔蒂斯]

Goddamn it he did it again, didn't he? 该死,他再次做到了,不是吗?

Hickory dickory dock, the mouse ran up the clock 山核桃婴儿时间学习船坞,鼠标跑上时钟

So it's time to get the cheese, y'all be rhymin like yo please 所以它的时间才能拿到奶酪,你们都被rhymin喜欢哟,请

I got that second bowel flow, I'm rhymin with the ease 我得到了第二次排便流,我rhymin用的放心

You never see me on lists inside these magazines 你永远也看不到我在里面这些杂志名单

But I'm (The Source) of rap discussions, they Vibe-in with Ortiz 但我说唱的讨论(源) ,他们的氛围,与奥尔蒂斯

In my (XXL) shirt, lion over my jeans 在我( XXL )的衬衫,狮子在我的牛仔裤

It's like I'm fightin in Europe, I'm fire overseas! 这就像我奋力抗争,在欧洲,我在海外火!

Hip-Hop's messiah, bring your sire to his knees HIP-HOP的救世主,把你的陛下对他的膝盖

I'm "nevaeh" in reverse, paradise in the P's 我在反“ nevaeh ”天堂在P的

I'm Iron Mike in the '80s in the black trunks 我是铁麦克在上世纪80年代的黑色树干

Act pump ya lyin on your back slump, all my lions pack punch 法雅泵胡扯,你的背部低迷,我所有的狮子包冲

Who wan' be rap lunch? Me make your snack chump 谁婉“是说唱的午餐?我让你嚼的零食

Ya likkle pistol pack pack pump, me mac dump! 雅likkle手枪包装泵,我的MAC倾倒!

Fast munch, I reckon you stay away from the wreckin ball 快速蒙克,我想你在乐队创作了歌曲球远离

If I swing in your direction I'll level you all like a measured wall 如果我摆在你的方向,我会击倒你所有喜欢的测量墙


[Interlude] [插曲]

The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout 该花纹小小的蜘蛛来到了水龙卷

Down came the rain and washed the spider out 羽绒服里来雨洗净蜘蛛出来


[Joell Ortiz] [ Joell奥尔蒂斯]

I'm the definition of ill, Jack and Jill went up the hill 我是生病的定义,杰克和吉尔上山

to fetch a pail of water, I took Jack's crown and pushed him down 去取一桶水,我把杰克的表冠和推他下来

I manslaughter all around the damn border í误杀各地该死的边界

Optimus in his (Prime), a fuckin Transformer! 擎天柱在他(首相) ,他妈的变压器!

Walk in any club I'm the subject of camcorders 走在任何俱乐部,我的摄像机的主题

So I'm slidin out the back e'ry night with a man's daughter 所以我slidin了回来ery晚上与一个人的女儿

Puttin my you-know-what, you know where Puttin我的你知道是什么,你知道在哪里

No not down there, in between both ears 不,不是那里,在两个耳朵之间

Leave my seeds on they nose hairs, oh yeah I go there 离开我的种子在他们的鼻子的头发,哦,是的,我去那里

What the fuck you expect? I fuck necks 'til they throat tears 什么他妈的你期待什么?我他妈的脖子,直到他们的喉咙眼泪

Embody the projects, symbolize the struggle 体现了项目,象征着斗争

Where the kids pawn my object to minimize the trouble 当孩子们典当我的对象,以尽量减少麻烦

I been in rides with duffle bags stuffed with the crack 我一直在游乐设施与行李袋塞满了裂纹

Few years later I put them same drugs on the track 几年后,我把它们放在同一药品在赛道上

Got the globe hot from coca in a flow you can't toca 热了全球古柯的流量你不能TOCA

So listen close chocha, CÁLLATE LA BOCA 所以,仔细听chocha , CÁLLATE博卡


[Interlude] [插曲]

Twinkle twinkle little star 一闪一闪小星星

How I wonder what you are 我怎么不知道你是什么


[Joell Ortiz] [ Joell奥尔蒂斯]

Goddamn I'm the man, Mary had a little lamb 该死的,我这个人,玛丽有只小羊羔

whose fleece was white as snow 其羊毛洁白如雪

I skinned him and ROCKED that lil' nigga to my show í剥皮他和震撼的律黑鬼我的节目

I be dipper than an O-, R-E-O cookie I'ma milk 'em for this dough 我算是瓢比O- ,选举事务处的cookie我是奶挤在这面皮

I'm a pilgrim with the hoes - I could rock a Plymouth Sundance 我用锄头朝圣者 - 我可以晃动普利茅斯圣丹斯

in dumb pants and still thank her for givin me a blow, job 在愚蠢的裤子,仍然感谢她得到安宁了我当头一棒,工作

No prob, they go home I go.. hard 没有概率,他们回家了,我去..硬

And find another broad to hump free/Humphrey, Bo-gart 并找到另一个广阔的驼背免费/汉弗莱,博GART

John Rambo got ammo for whole squads 约翰·兰博得到了弹药的整个小队

I rhyme over a banjo and handle yo' bars í韵达班卓琴和处理哟吧

I'm high and won't fall like a dope nod 我高,也不会落下像涂料点头

I'm outta here, every rhyme's a postdated postcard 我走在这里,每一个韵是一个以后生效的明信片

Don't mention my name, just keep playin yo' part 不要提到我的名字,只是不停地在玩溜溜的一部分

Cause I got a (Gang) of (Wolves), Amadeus Mozart's 因为我得到了(刚) (狼队) ,莫扎特的

I don't smile, ain't gon' set it 我不笑,是不是坤设置

See you in the hospital spellin YAOWA, Yo' Ass On Wild Anesthetics! 看到你在医院spellin YAOWA ,溜溜的屁股野生麻醉药!


[Outro] [尾奏]

Old MacDonald had a farm, E-I-E-I-O 老麦克唐纳有个农场, E-1 -E -I -O

And on this farm he had you ducks, garbage with your flow 并在此农场里有你的鸭子,垃圾与流

Y'all can't fuck with Joell 你们都不能与Joell操

That nigga's nice! 那黑人的太好了!

Y'all just be sayin stuff that only he can understand 你们都只是在说的东西,只有他能理解

Ha ha, the little kids, hehe 呵呵,小的孩子,嘿嘿

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