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Finish What You Start



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Intro: Joell Ortiz] [简介: Joell奥尔蒂斯]

I hear y'all talkin 我听到你们说话

It's funny to me (yeah!) 这很有趣,我(是的!)

See, where I come from 你看,我来自哪里

We act first, ask questions later (c'mon!) 我们先行动,后提问(来吧! )


[Joell Ortiz] [ Joell奥尔蒂斯]

If I'm in there the whole place full up 如果我在那里充满了整个地方

I'll use your lil' bar to do a pull-up 我会用你的律酒吧做一个上拉

Use your wack-ass tracks as target practice 用你的怪人屁股轨道为目标的实践

And tell the baddest broads to arch it backwards 告诉最不好的湖区拱它向后

For years I wore the same Starter jacket 多年来,我穿着同样的入门外套

and beat-up tees with the scars to match it 和节拍了伤疤T恤来搭配它

Jeans with the holes, sneakers with no sole 牛仔裤与孔,运动鞋没有鞋底

When Genesis dropped my Nintendo was so old 当创翻掉任天堂这么老

Oh no, couldn't have that 哦,不,不能有

I put the pen where the pad at - VOILÀ! Magic 我把猪圈里垫的 - 瞧!魔术

I'll disappear in the booth, reappear messiah 我会消失在展台上,再现救世主

When I write, call it a night, vampire 当我写,把它称为一个晚上,吸血鬼

Ask around, your boy hot, and I uhh 问问周围,你的孩子热,而我汉堡

don't plan to cool off like a campfire 不打算让自己冷静下来像篝火

E'rybody gather round, I'ma tell a story Erybody围着,我是个讲故事

of a snot-nosed kid, try and smell the glory Ä鼻涕鼻子孩子,尽量和嗅觉的荣耀


[Chorus: Royce Da 5'9" (Joell)] [合唱:劳斯莱斯大59“ ( Joell )

I, shoot first ask questions last 我先拍问最后一个问题

That's how most of these so-called gangstas pass 这就是大多数这些所谓的帮派分子的传递

That's how most of these so-called gangstas pass 这就是大多数这些所谓的帮派分子的传递

That's how most of these so-called gangstas, gangstas {C'MON!} 这就是大多数这些所谓的帮派分子,帮派分子{来吧! }

I - shoot first ask questions last I - 先开枪问最后一个问题

A poof! How low, so low, so low, so low 噗!多低,那么低,那么低,所以低

A poof! How low, so low, so low, so low 噗!多低,那么低,那么低,所以低

I (Well I'ma finish what you start!) I(好吧我是完成你开始了! )


[Joell Ortiz] [ Joell奥尔蒂斯]

This for the block mister, the rock pictures 这为区块老总,岩石图片

Late night, cranberry and Cîroc mixers 深夜,小红莓和Cîroc搅拌机

Parkin lot pissers, glock top shifters 帕金很多pissers ,格洛克顶转换器

Dudes who stay fresh cause they shoplifters 帅哥谁保持新鲜的原因,他们扒手

That's where I come from, so me no run from 这就是我来的,所以我没有跑,从

bumbaclot pussy drummer boy, rumpa-pum-pum bumbaclot猫鼓手男孩, rumpa - PUM - PUM

You no tough stuff, you my son's son 你没有强悍的东西,你我儿子的儿子

You just bluff rough, me say come, come 你只是虚张声势粗糙,我说来吧,来吧

I'll give it to anyone who wants some 我把它给任何人谁想要一些

Go silly on they Achilles until they run's done 去傻傻的在他们的致命直到他们跑的完成

I keep a hot line, 9-1-1 我保持热线, 911

Everyone say hi to the hero that won't go unsung 每个人都打招呼的英雄不会去幕后

A moment of silence while I give Pun some 片刻的沉默,而我给了一些双关语

Scream Borrrrricua 'til your tongue's numb 尖叫Borrrrricua ,直到你的舌头的麻木

What's your angle? Haha, I know mine 你叫什么角?哈哈,我知道我

If it's cheese, (Swizz) style, "SHOWTIME!" 如果它的奶酪, (上当)的风格, “精彩表演! ”


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Joell Ortiz] [ Joell奥尔蒂斯]

I ain't a troublemaker but my flow cocky 我是不是一个麻烦制造者,但我的流量臭屁

So all the pretty mamis yellin "GO PAPI!" 因此,所有的漂亮mamis喊“ GO PAPI的! ”

Man that's so neat, and y'all so sloppy 男人说的那么整齐,和你们都这么马虎

When you think I'm done shittin I do mo' copy[?] 如果你认为我做shittin我莫副本[?]

Just love to flex my rap muscle 只是爱挠我说唱的肌肉

What muzzle? Dog, you just a Jack Russell 什么口吻?狗,你只是一个杰克罗素

Your bite weak and your bark a lil' pitch 你咬弱,你的树皮莉儿间距

Relax, you no match for a hard-nosed pit' 请放心,您敌不过一个铁石心肠坑“

I can't find a track that my bars won't rip 我无法找到一个轨道,我的酒吧不会撕裂

You guys are sick warrin with the Gaza Strip 你们生病warrin与加沙地带

When I back out this pen all you guys'll strip 当我回到了这支笔你guysll条

Like you in Chippendales tryin to wind for tips (haha) 就像你在奇彭代尔斯试着风小费(哈哈)

No need to see, slow down and let the leader lead 没必要看,放慢脚步,让领导带头

DJs, bring this back! I'm what the needle need DJ们,带上这回来了!我是什么针需要

And I don't mean to get all mushy like my last bitch 我的意思不是让所有的糊状喜欢我的最后的婊子

(BLAP!) Damn, I love this rap shit ( BLAP ! )妈的,我喜欢这首rap


[Chorus] [合唱]

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