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Nite Nite



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[Mike Skinner] [麦克·斯金纳]

Seriously man, 认真的男人,

Like, you know when you got a good girl, 就像,你知道,当你有一个好女孩,

Or you know when she means something to you, & you've got like, a name. 或者你知道她什么时候意味着什么给你,和你有类似的名称。


[Leo The Lion] 【狮子座狮子]

Here we go again 又来了

Here we go 开始了


[Mike Skinner] [麦克·斯金纳]

Like I had a name for this girl, I used to call her "Ladybird", 像我有一个名字为这个女孩,我习惯叫她“瓢虫”

Cos she always played red, in Connect Four. COS她总是扮演红,在连四。


[Leo The Lion (Chorus)] 【狮子座狮子(合唱) ]

Link em & leave then em high, 连接环监离开的话, EM高,

I've been telling all my man's for time, 我一直告诉我的所有的人的时间,

Link em and then leave em high, 连接EM ,然后离开他们高,

They never take my advice, 他们从来不听我的劝告,

But now I realise, I realise why, 但现在我知道,我知道为什么,

They have not been listening all this time, 他们没有在听这一切的时候,

Cos since I linked you, last night, COS ,因为我联系你,昨晚,

I wont be taking my advice 我不会被考虑我的建议


[Kano] [卡诺]

Look, 你看,

I call her "Nite nite" 我称她为“黑夜黑夜”

'cause she sleeps from the day right to the bright light, 因为她从当天睡有权在明亮的光线,

and I like her too much to say bye bye, 我喜欢她太多可说的再见,

But we getting on fine right, 但是,我们越来越细权,

I don't wanna spoil it, 我不想破坏它,

I don't why I can't commit to girls, 我不为什么我不能承诺的女孩,

And I tell white lies, I'll find out the hard way, 我告诉善意的谎言,我会发现硬盘的方式,

Cos she got my favourite smile, her favourite style, COS她得到了我最喜欢的笑容,她最喜欢的风格,

The first hotel, My favourite time, 第一家酒店,我最喜欢的时间,

And later we could have a baby, maybe a baby boy, my favourite child, 后来我们也有一个孩子,也许一个男婴,我最喜欢的孩子,

"I'm way too tired", My favourite lie, “我这样太累了” ,我最喜欢的谎言,

My verse on so sure, her favourite rhyme 我就这么肯定的是,她最喜欢的诗韵

The windows are steaming up like it's naked time, 窗户被蒸了,喜欢它的赤裸裸的时刻,

Wait, we're way too bait, 等等,我们太诱饵,

I bought her favourite shoes, or they better be, 我买了她最喜欢的鞋子,或者更好的是,

And she's even my favourite size, 她甚至我最喜欢的尺寸,

And she knows I hate holding hands, and I'm hooded up when it's 她知道我讨厌手牵着手,而我蒙头起来时,它的

bait inside, 饵里面,

So I guess she's my favorite, right? 所以我想她是我最喜欢的,对不对?


[Leo the Lion] 【狮子座狮子]

Right, 没错,

Cos nothing comes close to you. COS什么来靠近你。


[Kano] [卡诺]

So numbers? No boys are taking yours, 所以数字?没有男孩子正在你的,

And no girls are taking mine, 也没有女孩正在矿,

Groupies? f*** that, I'm taking time, 追星族?滚泥的,我抽出时间,

We speak from like 8 till late at night, 我们从8一样说话,直到深夜,

When we gets on top, drop my favourite line: 当我们变得之上,将我最喜欢的行:


[Leo the Lion] 【狮子座狮子]

Girl, I ain't going nowhere. 女孩,我是不是无处可去。


[Kano (spoken)] [卡诺(口语) ]

I plain ain't going nowhere, 在纯是不是无处可去,

But, I like you, and it might take some time, 不过,我喜欢你,它可能需要一些时间,

But really I'm like: 但我真的很喜欢:


[Leo the Lion & Kano] 【狮子座狮子与卡诺]

Here we go again, 又来了,


[Leo the Lion (Chorus)] 【狮子座狮子(合唱) ]


[Kano] [卡诺]

I call her sometimes, and I wake her up at some dumb times, 我叫她,有时,我叫她起床,在一些愚蠢的时候,

Touch my phone, and her number my thumb finds, 摸摸我的电话,她的电话号码我的拇指发现,

Cos she's ideal, like a nice meal, and a night in, with a nice feel, COS她的理想,就像一个漂亮的餐点,以及晚上,有一个很好的感觉,

Maybe some wine, 也许一些酒,

Maybe sometime we could hold hands in the park, in the sunshine, 也许有时候我们会牵着手在公园里,在阳光下,

Sometimes, 有时候,

Be patient with me if I got 3 raves in a week, 要有耐心,有我,如果我在一个星期内拿到3很受观众喜爱,

Or in a studio, away for a week, 或在工作室,走了一个星期,

One day we could book a vacation and leave, 有一天,我们可以预定一个假期,离开,

But please: "No drama", I don't need beef like shane, forbe, fabian an dean, 但请: “没有戏” ,我不需要像牛肉巴蒂尔, forbe ,法比安的院长,

I'm just focused on making the peas, Breaking the team, Chasing a dream, 我只是专注于让豌豆,打破了球队,追逐梦想,

I ain't on the street, maybe sometimes, 我是不是在大街上,也许有时候,

But you can't say I don't make enough time, 但你不能说我不作足够的时间,

We speak everyday and meet every week, 我们天天讲,迎接每个星期,

So I dunno. Maybe it's me. 所以,我不知道。也许这是我的。

You? You got it planned out, 你呢?你猜对了计划好了,

I don't make plans, 我不作计划,

You know me, I wait and I see, 你知道我的,我等,我看到,

But if we were together, or even now, 但是,如果我们在一起,甚至现在,

If we weren't "sort-of", but were together, 如果我们没有“排序”的,但在一起,

Would you be faithful to me? 你会忠于我吗?

Treat me massage me, and make me a tea? 对我按摩了我,让我一个茶?

Come link me, lay and wake up from sleep, and look hot like 80 degrees? 快来联系我,躺在从睡梦中醒来,看热像80度?


[Leo the Lion] 【狮子座狮子]

And you know I never say that sort of thing 你知道我从来不说那种事


[Kano (spoken)] [卡诺(口语) ]

See? That's an angel to me 看到了吗?这是一个天使给我

I wouldn't have said that before, you get me? 我也不会说,以前,你会得到我吗?


[Leo the Lion (Chorus)] 【狮子座狮子(合唱) ]


[Leo the Lion] 【狮子座狮子]

No, no, no, no, no, no 不,不,不,不,不,不

Oh my, my, ow, 哦,我,我,嗷嗷,

Baby we could do this again sometime, 宝贝,我们能做到这一点又一段,

I even have a special name for you, 我什至有一个特别的名字给你,

It's "Long Baby", cos you always on my mind, yeah. 这是“龙宝宝” ,因为你永远在我心中,是的。

I'll tell you straight, so straight, yeah, 我会直接告诉你,那么直,是啊,

I won't tell my mates, 我不会告诉我的队友,

No, no, I know, No, I know, 不,不,我知道,我知道,

Yeah I like you, 是的,我喜欢你,

Here we go, 开始了,

Here we go again, 又来了,

Here we, 在这里,我们,

Here we go again. 又来了。

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