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Signs In Life



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Chorus:] [合唱: ]

there are lots of signs in life 有很多在生活中的标志

some that you may not like 一些你可能不喜欢

you could be living this minute 你可以住这一刻

the next minute your gone away 下一分钟你走了

so hold up your heads my brothers 所以保持你的头我的兄弟

and be concious my sisters 并Concious酒店我的姐妹们

and by the worse you will get paid 并通过更糟糕,你会得到报酬


[Verse 1:] [诗歌1 : ]

true, you can move food on the streets 真的,你可以将食物放在街头

did a bit of that got bored of that 没有一点的厌倦那

didnt move the brown or da crack didnt移动棕色或大裂缝

use to pick up for the facts 使用拾取的事实

I could make more back by breaking down to scores n that 我可以让更多的回来打破以分数n表示

Stack to buy out the stores n that 堆栈买了商店n表示

Didn't give a shit about laws or that 没有给狗屎法律或

But I did give a shit about getting locked up 但我确实给人一种对被锁定了狗屎

Or get boxed up, sentenced you'll get about 4 for that 或让盒装起来,判你会得到约4为

Crap, you aint so rich now 废话,你现在是不是那么丰富

I bet you feel like a prick now 我敢打赌,你觉得自己像一个刺现在

Coz where's all your fancy shit now 怎么把那里的一切你的想象,现在狗屎

Where's your whips, chicks and your bits now 哪里是你的鞭子,小鸡和你现在的位

Shit, you should have fixed up 妈的,你应该已经搞掂

Fuck drugs, the mic you should have picked up 他妈的药物,麦克风,你应该拿起

And it was all for the big bucks 而这一切都是为了赚大钱

Now you're sitting in a cell doing sit ups 现在你坐在一个小区做仰卧起坐

Blood I told you this shit's fucked 血我告诉你这狗屎的性交

The ghetto lifestyle's too much 贫民区的生活太过分了

If I bust, be proud of me 如果我胸围,是我的骄傲

But you can't take it out of me 但是你不能把它拿出来我

So im a bit stuck 因此,即时通讯有点卡住

But, I got too much to lose now 但是,我得到了太多,现在失去

Love my life, and I don't wanna lose out 爱我的生活,我不想失去

Im still about, Im home sweet home 我还在约,林家,甜蜜的家

In the ends, like I don't wanna move out 在两端,就像我不想搬离

Im too proud 林太骄傲


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Verse 2:] [诗2: ]

Look, you can do moves on the street 你看,你可以在大街上做动作

Id rather spit bars on the beat 我宁愿吐巴在街上巡逻

Id rather that than nick cars every week 我宁愿这不是每周尼克车

But jack is when I split scars with the heat 但杰克是当我分裂的伤痕与热

So Im solo like the guitars and the beat 因此,林如独奏吉他和节拍

But this rhyming shit is for me 但是,这押韵的狗屎是我

I live this, drink this, eat this, shit this 我住的这个,喝这个,吃这个,这个狗屎

And I've even writ bars in my sleep 我什至令状酒吧在我睡觉

But I aint on hype, I've had enough phase 但是,我是不是在炒作,我已经受够了相

Ghetto's probably inside, hope he bust K's 贫民窟大概在里面,希望他胸围K公司

That undergrounds like roll this, a tough race 像这样卷,一场艰苦的比赛地铁车辆

You can be living this minute, then gone again like mum you was right 你可以住这一分钟,然后再次消失了一样,你妈妈是对的

And I was wrong again 我又错了

But Im strong again 但是我再次走强

Still moved on again 还是又开始往前

Ten more minutes and I writ another song again 十分钟,我又令状另一首歌曲

If I can do it, you can im a true fan 如果我能做到这一点,你可以我是个真正的球迷

Up and coming MC's big up you man 和未来的三菱商事的大了起来,你的男人

The doors open but I aint through man 敞开大门,但我经历的男人是不是

Im'a ball through like a cue dan 我俩就是天生的球一样,通过一个暗示丹

Watch me, aint gonna let no-one stop me 看着我, AINT不会让任何人阻止我

UK im gonna break you properly 英国我还是要正确地破坏你

And If you aint gonna watch me do that, move back 如果你是不是会看我做的是,回迁

Who's that? K-A … I knew that 那是谁? K- A ...我知道,

And I know its not easy, and I know what you're feeling 而且我知道它不容易,我知道你的感觉

Just believe me 只是相信我


[Chorus x2] [合唱x ]


[Verse 3:] [诗歌3 : ]

I fear my safety, I fear im bait, but I cant put my skills to waste 我担心我的安全,我怕IM诱饵,但我不能把我的技能浪费

Because if you're living by the gun you surely will get blazed 因为如果你住的枪,你一定会得到闪耀

I still gon' blaze, refuse to smoke my life away 我还是坤杀出,拒绝抽烟我的生命

Refuse to die before I try then put the mic away 垃圾死之前,我尝试过把话筒离

This life of K, is just one big hype for praise 这生命的K ,只是一个大的炒作好评

Right, night, record then start to write okay 对了,晚上,记录然后开始写好吗

But Im just saying, back on hype of Kane 但我只是说,回到凯恩炒作

But only Im to blame 但是,只有林怪

Today I saw the signs that came, and it's got a good look 今天,我看到来的迹象,而且它有一个很好看

But that's life they say, crime pays 但是,这就是生活,他们说,犯罪自付

And Ill stop crime whenever this grime decides to pay 而每当这种污垢决定支付生病制止犯罪

But grime aint making me mill's 但污垢AINT让我工厂的

So Im picking up a 9 today 所以,我是个9今天捡

And spittin' aint getting me deals 和吐口水 AINT让我的交易

But this shits just getting real 但是,这妈刚开真实


[Chorus] [合唱]

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