歌词 "Make It Stack (Remix)" 的中英对照歌词与中文翻译

Make It Stack (Remix)



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[12 seconds fades-in/instrumental] [ 12秒渐入/器乐]


[Lloyd Bank$:] [劳埃德银行$ : ]

Too much thinkin' on top of that, I'm gettin' high and drinkin'. 太多想的最重要的是,我刚开了高,喝酒“ 。

I'm floatin'! - On cloud 9 watchin' these niggas sinkin'. 我是莲花灯 ! - 云9凝视着这些黑鬼沉没“ 。

No blinkin'! - You blink too much, you lose your turn. 不闪烁 ! - 你眨眼太多了,你失去轮到你了。

Sleep is the cousin of death. - You might as well pick your urn! 睡眠是死亡的表弟。 - 你不妨挑你的骨灰盒!

I been talkin' my intentions, now it's time to go and do it; 我一直在说我的意图,现在是时候去做到这一点;

Take you were I come from. - That influence on my music. 就拿你是我来自。 - 我的音乐影响力。

Ain't no u-turns on this path! - Think before you choose it; 是不是这条道路上禁止掉头! - 你觉得你在选择前;

Hold this autograph, come get your cash and try to use it! 保持这个签名,来让你的现金,并尝试使用它!

I came here unexpected. (I came here unexpected!) - I'm a leave a' legend. (I'm a leave a' legend!) 我来这里是意想不到的。 (我来这里是意想不到的! ) - 我是离开了“传奇。 (我是离开了“传奇! )

Brought up in this hell. (brought up in this hell!) - How I'm breathin' heaven? (I'm breathin' heaven!) 在这地狱长大的。 (自小在这地狱! ) - 我如何呼吸了天堂吗? (我呼吸了天堂! )

I swear, I fear, I hear my niggas laughin' while I'm ballin'; 我发誓,我怕,我听到我嘲笑黑鬼 ,而我劈腿;

Woke up this mornin' the weed and alcohol callin'. 醒来的时候这个早上,杂草和酒精的呼唤。

Livin' that life of a Mack; (uhh!) kickin' them hoes out off 'em, 活着麦克的生活; (嘘! )在唱歌“他们锄头出了他们,

Ask 'em when they comin' back. - Knowin' that they done lost 'em! 问时间,当他们科曼回来了。 - 深深地知道“他们做失去了他们!

Hit them bitches from the back. - I ain't want all the talkin', 打他们从后面骂。 - 我是不是想把所有的说话“ ,

Don't be blown at my jack. - Flatline on that cat! (flatline on that cat!) 不要在我的插孔吹。 - 平直线上的猫! (平直线上的猫! )


[Chorus: Lloyd Bank$] [合唱:劳埃德银行$]

Let's get this money! (get this money!) - Then let's make it stack! (let's make it stack!) 让我们得到这个钱! (得到这个钱! ) - 然后让我们把它叠加! (让我们把它堆! )

Then let's make history, 'cause they can't take that back! (take that back!) 然后,让我们创造历史,因为他们无法收回那句话! (收回那句话! )

Back to ballin' and spendin'! (ballin' and spendin'!) - Runnin' up in these women. (in these women!) 回到劈腿与赵本山“ ! (劈腿与赵本山“ ! ) - 赶过来了,这些女人。 (在这些女人! )

Got a bitch out the movie; take a look how I'm livin'! (uhh!) 有一个婊子出来的影片;看看我是如何活着的话! (嘘! )

And do you know what it took? (what it took!) - I take you back down the road, (down the road!) 那你知道什么了? (什么了! ) - 我带你回去的道路, (在路上! )

Before the riches and bitches, - and the platinum and gold. (platinum and gold!) 和铂金 - 财富和母狗,前(铂金! )

I got it all from the work. - No contract in my soul! 我得到了它所有的工作。 - 在我的灵魂没有合同!

I don't ball/bawl up and die, I bomb back on them hoes! 我不球​​/呶起来,死了,我弹回他们的锄头!


[A$AP Rocky:] [A $ AP Rocky:我]

Uhh! - I'm tryna buy my soul from Satan. - I can't keep up with payments! (true!) 呃! - 我tryna从撒但买我的灵魂。 - 我不能跟上付款! (真的! )

Strange writings on the waaall (waaall!) got me feelin' like a cavemen. (all right!) 在waaall奇怪的著作( waaall ! )让我感觉就像一个野人。 (好吧! )

Call that shit the "Days Inn". (uhh!) - Life is so degradin'. (uhh!) 叫那些歌的“天连锁酒店” 。 (嘘! ) - 生命是如此degradin “ 。 (嘘! )

But to my last statement, I keep praying till it's "Amen"! (uhh!) 但我的最后一句话,我一直在祈祷,直到它的“阿门” ! (嘘! )

Top is where I'm aimin'. (yeah!) - Left the way I came in; 顶就是我爱民“ 。 ( !耶) - 左我进来的方式;

I'm a keep on ravin' till them islands is the caymens, (uhh!) 我是一个不断猎食“ ,直到他们的岛屿是caymens , (嘘! )

And my bitch from Mexico. (Mexico!) - She don't know she next to go. (next to go!) 而从墨西哥我的母狗。 (墨西哥! ) - 她不知道,她的旁边去。 (旁边去了! )

Suit yourself, then screw yourself! - Shoot yourself, plexicooo! 随你便,然后拧一下吧! - 拍摄自己, plexicooo !

Bang, bang! - Thought you were a giant. (uhh!) 砰,砰! - 以为你是个巨人。 (嘘! )

Couldn't hear the mornings, but I bet you hear them sirens. (uhh!) 听不见的早晨,但我敢打赌,你听到他们的警笛声。 (嘘! )

First I close my eyelids, (yeah!) - then everything is quiet. (quiet!) 首先,我闭上我的眼皮, (是的!) - 那么一切都是安静的。 (安静! )

I could go out in silence, but I would prefer the riot. (yeah!) 我可以去,就在沉默,但我宁愿骚乱。 (是的! )

I catch the first star with my fist raised, Versace shades, my french braids 我抓住了第一颗用我的拳头抬起,范思哲的阴影,我的法国辫子

Had sick chains since 6th grade - safe to say we've been slaved. 从那以后6年级病链 - 安全地说,我们一直在苦练。

These niggas tryna shoot me! (uh-huuuh!) - These crackers tryna sue me! (yeah!) 这些黑鬼tryna拍我! ( UH- huuuh ! ) - 这些饼干tryna告我! (是的! )

Wake up to your favourite actresses; my life is like a movie, boy! (uhh!) 醒来的时候,你最喜欢的女演员;我的人生就像一部电影,孩子! (嘘! )


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Lloyd Bank$:] [劳埃德银行$ : ]

Heat up in the winter, so I'm cooler come the summer. 加热在冬天,所以我进来凉夏。

We out here, - gamblin' the Ruger money, sucker! 我们在这里, - 布林“鲁格钱,傻逼!

PYT and all we up the Cougar, I'm a crush her; PYT和所有我们了美洲狮,我是一个暗恋她;

And I always been a rebel. - Never been a cuffer! 我一直是个叛逆者。 - 从来没有一个cuffer !

You just talk it, you don't does it; 你只是说说而已,你不要做它;

To all those who suffer, 所有那些谁吃亏,

You so humble out in public. - Computer make you tougher! 你这么谦虚了在公众面前。 - 电脑让你强硬!

I got Rosé by the bottle, - bitches by the Car-Load, 我有上升的瓶子, - 母犬的汽车负载,

6 or 7 new ones. - I'm switchin' up the mob! 6或7个新的。 - 我switchin 了暴民!

Bitch, I sleep in the Apollo. - I'm always on stage; (uh!) 婊子,我睡在了阿波罗。 - 我总是在舞台上; (嗯! )

I should take my show to broadway 'cause that hallway like a grave. (frave!) 我应该把我的演出百老汇因为那照片喜欢一个墓穴。 ( frave ! )

Can't no bitch get in my miiind! (miiind!) - So I know it's physical; 不能没有母狗让我的miiind ! ( miiind ! ) - 所以我知道这是身体;

I kick out the dimes. - I think I'm invincible! 我踢了角钱。 - 我想我是无敌的!

I climbed to the top, - now I'm pissin' off the pinnacle; 我爬到顶端, - 现在我pissin 关闭的巅峰之作;

I pray to God that I get rich. - Gettin' money spiritual! 我祈祷上帝,我得到丰富。 - 刚开了钱的精神!

Diamond in my physicals. - That's why I'm a stand out, 钻石在我的体检。 - 这就是为什么我是一个站了出来,

You don't got your hand in. - You just got you hand out! (you just got you hand out, son!) 你没有得到你的手 - 你只是把你的手了! (你只是把你的手了,儿子! )


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Outro: Lloyd Bank$] [尾奏:劳埃德银行$]

I bomb back on them hoes... [echoes] í弹回他们的锄头... [回音]

I bomb back on them hoes... [echoes] í弹回他们的锄头... [回音]

I bomb back on them hoes... [echoes] í弹回他们的锄头... [回音]

I bomb back on them hoes... [echoes] [beat fades-out] í弹回他们的锄头... [回音] [拍淡出出]

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