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Come Up



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Intro] [简介]

"And now for our feature presentation." “现在我们的功能演示。 ”


Uh, ain't no time for slippin, captain of this boat 呃,是不是没有时间跌到,这艘船的船长

You in that water you don't listen, cause I gotta get the dough 你在那水,你不听,因为我得让面团

I got the mind to get to it, look how I bomb through my music 我得到了心灵得到它,看我怎么弹过我的音乐

These old niggaz must've forgot, they got Alzheimer's and stupid 这些老的兄弟们意有所指忘了,他们得到了阿尔茨海默氏症和愚蠢

I re-up, rhyme and recoup it, uhh, just look at my time 我重新起来,韵达,收回吧,呃,只是看我的时间

And I been shinin since Whoo Kid, uhh, nigga I'm grindin 我一直照耀自Whoo Kid后来,呃,兄弟我折磨

Mountain climbin and I stay fresh 山climbin我保持新鲜

Dominate for business, now my name stretch 占主导地位的企业,现在我的名字拉伸

Same guy, grey sky, grade 9, great vest 同一个人,灰色的天空, 9级,大背心

Fuck it, roll up, that's the way I'm livin 他妈的,卷起,这是我生存的方式

Sucker niggaz baby-sittin for my favorite women 吸盘的兄弟们婴儿呆坐着我最喜欢的女人

Pockets full of C-notes, memories full of I-O-U's 口袋里装满了C -笔记,回忆全IO- ü的

Lou' Vuitton peacoat, sleek will shut entire crew 娄威登peacoat ,时尚将关闭整个剧组

Blue, plug and leave 'em, that's just how I do 蓝色,插,离开他们,这就是我刚才怎么办

Masterpieces every time I drew, Jeffrey Dahmer you 旷世每次我画了,杰弗里·达默你

[?] Dennis to McDonald fool [?]丹尼斯·麦当劳傻瓜

Boy don't bring the drama here, heat-seekers follow you 男孩不要把这里戏,热者跟着你

And you, and you 而你,而你


[Chorus: repeat 2X] [合唱:重复2倍]

It's about time a nigga come up, gritty for a lord 它是关于时间黑鬼上来,坚韧不拔的主

Ain't no runnin out you run up, ain't nuttin treated small 是不是没有飞奔出你跑了,是不是尼坦处理小

Mine clockin on the rundown, party 'til it's sun up 矿clockin的破败,党,直到它的太阳了

Foreign cars kitted - all these bitches gettin in it 外国汽车成套的 - 所有这些母狗刚开的这


Uh, these niggaz can't see me, motherfuckin chief 嗯,这些兄弟们看不到我,他妈的长

Three different whores all in my teepee, which one am I gon' keep? 三种不同的妓女都在我的帐篷,我是会去的一个人守?

I got the blood of a playa, spend all the money you pay her 我有一滩血,花光所有的钱,你付出了她

Got a mansion from music cause my flow nice as my neighbor 得到了来自音乐的豪宅引起我的流程很好的为我的邻居

I hit the dope vein (dope vein) the "H.F.M." is flowin, goin Soul Train 我打静脉涂料(涂料静脉)的“ H.F.M. ”在此处流动,布莱恩灵魂列车

(HAM) all on the track in my new rope chain ( HAM)的所有赛道上我的新绳链

Bottles of that co-paign, model mami Coke frame 该合作paign瓶,模型真身可乐架

Twenty bands stuffed in Trues, icy wrist, nuttin brews 塞在Trues二十乐队,冰冷的手腕,酿造尼坦

Every month another cruise, closet damn near closin in 每个月另一巡航,衣柜差点儿closin在

80, 90-somethin shoes, five colors of other Choo's 80 , 90事端鞋,五种颜色的其他Choo的

Big jewelry out in the open, so they wan' judge me 大牌珠宝在开放,所以他们琬评判我

You know the verdict, young black with money so I'm some dummy 你知道判决结果,年轻的黑人用钱,所以我有些哑

Racism, facets of what my grandma seen 什么我奶奶看到种族主义,面

Frontin down M.L.K., jammin while you play that scheme 龙廷下来MLK , jammin边玩的计划

Smoke in Lamborghin's, South Jamaica man of cream 抽烟Lamborghin的南牙买加男子霜

Style out here'll get you stomped, turn your head to trampoline 伴奏输出herell让你踩,把你的头蹦床

Mean! 意思!


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Outro] [尾奏]

"November finally finds me here “十一月终于发现我在这里

Just like the trees so cold and bare" 就像树木如此冷漠和裸“

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