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Joke's On You



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[Spike Lee's "Mo' Better Blues (1990) ":] [斯派克·李的“莫”更好的蓝调( 1990) “ : ]

[Bleek:] I have a certain amount of time allotted for DAILY PRACTICE! [布勒克: ]我有一定的时间分配给日常工作!

You know this! Yet you consistently overlook my program. 你知道这个!可是你一直忽略我的计划。

[Clarke:] I get the times mixed up. [克拉克: ]我得到的时间混淆。

[Bleek:] Hmm. [布勒克: ]嗯。

[Clarke:] Everything with you is so damn regulated. [克拉克: ]你一切都是那么该死的监管。

A certain time to do this... a certain time to do that. 一段时间来做到这一点......在一定的时间来做到这一点。

Everything's on a schedule, a time table! 一切都按计划,时间表!

[Bleek:] Let me explain something to you! [布勒克: ]让我解释一下你!

Life is short... Okay? I need it like this to do the things I gotta do, I like order. 生命是短暂的......好吧?我需要它这样做的事情,我要做的,我喜欢的顺序。

[Clarke:] Order's fine,.. but you're ridiculous! [克拉克: ]订购的罚款, ..但你太荒谬了!

[Bleek:] What do you want? [布勒克: ]你想干什么?

[Clarke:] I want a man who knows what he wants... decisive! [克拉克:]我想一个人谁知道他想要什么......果断!

You don't know what you want! 你不知道你想要什么!

Make up your mind, to be a man, and don't be wishy-washy on me! 让你的心,是一个人,也不要优柔寡断的我!

[Bleek:] Hmm. [布勒克: ]嗯。

I know what I want: my music. Everything else is secondary! 我知道我想要什么:我的音乐。其他一切都是次要的!

[Clarke:] I knew you would say that. [克拉克:]我就知道你会这么说。

[Bleek:] Then why did you ask? [布勒克: ]那你为什么还要问?


[Intro:] [简介: ]

Yeah! 是啊!

I'm just tryna do my thing, you know? 我只是tryna做我的事,你知道吗?

Do yours! 做你的!


[Chorus:] [合唱: ]

I'm on the move everynight, (uh!) 我在移动每个夜晚, (嗯! )

> You know I ain't livin right, >你知道我不是活着的权利,

And you wanna be the wifey! (wifey...) 而你想成为wifey ! ( wifey ... )

So it's hurtin' you to like me, (like me...) 所以这是hurtin 你喜欢我, (像我...)

And it's killin' you to love, (uh!) 而且它的吞噬着你的爱, (嗯! )

Chatter gets to you cause you always in the club, (uh-huh!) 喋喋不休到达你因为你总是在俱乐部, (嗯! )

I ain't tryna cuddle up, girl you gotta go home! í从来没故意搂抱起来,女孩,你要回家!

Don't get me outta my zone. - Stop callin' my phone! (uh!) 不要误会我离开我的区域。 - 停止呼唤我的手机! (嗯! )

Save the cryin' for the dummy! (dummy...) 保存哭泣的假! (假... )

I wake up - both eyes on the motherfuckin' money. (money...) 我醒来 - 两只眼睛的娘的钱。 (钱... )


[Verse 1:] [诗歌1 : ]

Uhh! - You ain't really hurt, bitch! - You been down this road before, 呃! - 你是不是真的受伤了,婊子! - 你之前一直沿着这条道路,

Problem when lies surface (uh!) - bullshit you done heard and more! 问题在于,当表面(嗯! ) - 废话,你听说过做多!

I tap the pen, - let out the bullet, - but I don't serve 'em raw, (raw!) 我一敲笔 - 让出的子弹, - 但我不为时间生的, ( !生)

Quickest way of trappin' 'em, havin' you, have to go to court. (daamn!) 倒卖毒品的“快捷方式时间,就吃你,一定要到法院。 ( daamn ! )

Life long accident, one night of action got ya caught, 使用寿命长车祸,行动一晚得到了雅抓住了,

Victim to their spot, now you're up to your knees in child support, 受害人自己的位置,现在你到你的膝盖在子女抚养费,

But uh-uuuhh! (uh-uh!) - Not me! - I'm Rocky in a drop V, 但是UH- uuuhh ! (嗯,嗯! ) - 不是我! - 我是洛矶在降V ,

I'm top see - on it word to big an' lil' katif. 我顶看到的 - 就可以了字到大的律 Katif的。

Lambo' down the side streets, 兰博“下横街,

Same neighborhood as LL Cool J and Mobb Deep, (Ca) Pone and Nore' and fly sneaks! (uh!) 同一地区的LL Cool J与和Mobb深, (CA )推迟实施和诺尔“飞钻进! (嗯! )

Ghetto bitches dime freaks! - I'm just tryna fit in, 贫民窟的母狗毛钱的怪胎! - 我只是tryna适应,

Finally get my shit off so they mention my name with them! (yeah!) 终于搞定了我的屎关闭,因此他们提到我的名字和他们在一起! (是的! )

No Valentine, cause none of these ladies mine, (nah!) 无情人,没有造成这些女士的矿山, (罗! )

Not my girl, girl like be fiancée - or baby mom. (mom!) 不是我的女孩,这样的女孩是未婚妻 - 或婴儿的妈妈。 (妈妈! )

Brand new women to bring home, chains watches and ring shown, 全新的女人带回家,链手表和戒指所示,

Come into my reality! - "P.I.M.P." my ringtone! (ringtone!) 进入我的现实! - “ P.I.M.P. ”我的手机铃声! (铃声! )


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Verse 2:] [诗2: ]

How do you think I got to the money? - Bein' stupid?! 你怎么想,我到了钱吗? - 贝因愚蠢?

You done fucked around and got yo' dumb ass in my music. 你做了性交各地,并得到哟哑巴屁股在我的音乐。

I got new hoes - for the day. - fuckin' girls they all will pay, 我得到了新的锄头 - 这一天。 - 该死的女孩,他们都将付出,

I'm guarented to score - like Jordan in a basketballer way. 我guarented得分 - 就像乔丹在篮球运动员的方式。

A lot of missed callin', ya borin'? - I'll be gone to all them, 很多错过的呼唤“ ,雅borin ”? - 我会去所有这些,

Girls in no order! - You can have 'em, I can't afford 'em. (whooo!) 女孩在没有订单! - 你可以有他们,我买不起他们。 (呼! )

Don't pillow-talk, them broads ain't holdin' water, 不要枕头说话,他们湖区是不是牵着水,

And they ain't' faithful either, catch me in the nightclub throwin' Rozay on her. 他们不是“忠实要么,赶上我在肆意夜总会” Rozay她。

Balls in a model hand, shine like a hologram; 在模型手的球,明亮如全息图;

Orgies, a dime a dozen. - Clockwork like a dollar van! (yeah!) 狂欢,一毛钱一打。 - 发条像美元面包车! (是的! )

Barely like 'em, don't love 'em! - Showstoppers exotic tans, 几乎没有像他们,不爱他们! - 搅局异国晒黑,

Dancin' while I judge 'em, I thug 'em all the way out in France. (France!) 跳舞,而我判断时间,我暴徒全身所有在法国的方式。 (法国! )

I ain't ya come up! - She gonna roll the blunt up, (yeah!) 我是不是雅来了! - 她要去滚钝了, (是的! )

An hour later and one nut, - then I'll hit you back, nunchuck. (uh!) 一个小时后,一个螺母,​​ - 然后我会打你回来,双节棍。 (嗯! )

Hit the street when the Sun's up. - Shittin' now by the dump truck; 打街时,太阳的上升。 - Shittin “现在的自卸车;

Hold on! - Let me see what this bitch want! - WHAT?! 坚持,稍等! - 让我看看这个婊子想要的! - 什么?


[Chorus] [合唱]

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