歌词 "Lock Down" 的中英对照歌词与中文翻译

Lock Down


歌词相关歌手:THREE 6 MAFIA

English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

Yeah you know what im sayin, these lil flodgin ass niggas 是的,你知道我在说什么,这些可爱的小flodgin屁股黑鬼

come down on the lower level actin like they hard. 下来就喜欢他们的下级肌动蛋白辛苦。

Off the street ass punk! yaint bout shit nigga! 在街头朋克屁股! yaint回合狗屎黑鬼!

Bring that shit to the floor nigga, got 4 mo muthafuckin days nigga 把那些歌在地板上的兄弟们,拿到了4个月的muthafuckin天黑鬼

go get yo ass delt with bitch! 去拿到溜溜的屁股衣食住行用婊子!

Nigga gone get yo mufuckin ass put in a piledriver nigga. 兄弟们走了会让你mufuckin屁股放在一个打桩机黑鬼。

Bring it to the floor muthafucka 把它带到地上muthafucka

you cant fuck wit dis pimp nigga (Vrroom Vrroom Vroom) 你不能他妈的机智DIS皮条客黑鬼( Vrroom Vrroom弗鲁姆)

Don't get yo ass put into a muh fuckin piledriver like I said aaaaa 不要让她的屁股哟放入慕娘打桩机就像我说的AAAAA


[Juicy J] [多汁J]。

It started out into a one lock down 它开始变成一个锁定

me and paul in a hopeless cell 我和保罗在无望的细胞

waitin to use the fuckin phone 倒底用他妈的电话

waitin to get a fuckin bell 倒底得到他妈的钟

some people think 2 on 1 is just a place for cops and robbers 有些人认为2月1只是为了警匪的地方

niggas still smokin weed constantly, passing dollars 黑鬼还是戒掉杂草不断,路过美元

mase in yo face when it's time to get buckwild 忧愁的脸哟,当它的时间来buckwild

cuz lawyer fees are high as hell CUZ律师收费高得要命

payin these can't even help my trial 婚前这甚至不能帮我试

So while I'm thinkin to myself 所以,当我在想我自己

a nigga walked right up to me 一个黑人径直向我

lookin me up and down wit a frown 我看着上下机智皱眉

smellin like a bottle of Crown smellin就像一瓶冠

but I dont give a fuck 但我不给他妈的

cuz this hoe gone make me make the news CUZ这个锄头走了让我做新闻

for shankin niggas in the neck 在颈部shankin黑鬼

whippin guns and takin shoes whippin枪和羚牛鞋

he threw up a gang sign 他扔了一个帮派标志

I turned my back didnt pay em no mind 我转身didnt支付EM没有心

and when I looked around again 而当我环顾四周,再次

he threw it up another time 他把它扔了另一个时间

I said yo whats up fool 我说你怎么了傻瓜

is there somethin that your trying to proove 有事端,你的努力坡口

I aint wit that gang shit 我是不是机智的黑帮狗屎

he smiled and fired up a Kool 他笑了,并发射了库尔

walked a little closer to me 走了我更近些

I'ma pull them dreds up outta his head 我是拉不动上将小于失控了他的头

he didnt show no violent act 他没有表现出任何暴力行为

but in a low tone this is what he said 但在低声这是他说的话


[Chorus] [合唱]

Killa, Killa, whatcha gonna do Killa的, Killa的,干麻要怎么做

get blessed in the red, I get blessed in the blue 得到祝福的红色,我在蓝得祝福

on the 34th floor they got them G's claimin true 在34楼,他们得到了他们的G公司的claimin真

So whatcha gonna do, young killa 所以,你会怎样该怎么办,年轻的Killa的


[ScareCrow] [稻草人]

Ya gotta have somebody watchin somebody else 你必须拥有有人在看着别人

and them watchin somebody too 而他们在看着别人太

while you watchin everybody 当你凝视着每个人

cuz they ass is out to get you 的Cuz他们的屁股就是要控制你

no matter if you 不管你

in the dope game 在纺丝原液游戏

or the rap game 或说唱游戏

or what situation 或者是什么情况

you hear my friend 你听到我的朋友

there is no such thing as a fuckin friend 有没有这样的事,作为一个他妈的朋友

mabey you got to get them secretly 玛贝你得让他们秘密

they out to get you 他们出去找你

cant no love be in yo heart 着无爱是心脏哟

by the way fuck these hoes too 顺便说他妈的这些锄头太

you know they just as devious as ni-gga-ros 你知道他们就像狡猾的NI- GGA - ROS

that ho don't love yo ass 该浩不爱溜溜的屁股

and fool if you was broke she'd blow like smoke 和愚弄,如果你被打破了,她会像吹烟

And fuck these police ass niggas, snitches pull the sword 他妈的这些警察屁股黑鬼,告密者拉刀

Stab you in ya back for a muthafuckin re-ward 在雅刺你回来了的muthafuckin重病房

junky muthafuckers sittin down at the precinct 毫无价值muthafuckers呆坐着倒在选区

Lookin at pictures trying to damnify a nigga 看着照片时试图damnify一个黑人

On the realla man, this game is so filthy 在realla的人,这场比赛是如此的肮脏

And everybody guilty, niggas talkin trilly 每个人都犯了,黑鬼说话trilly

so keep next to clip see 所以保持旁边看剪辑

man trust is somethin that I never had much faith in 人的信任是事端,我从未有过多少信心

cuz fuckin wit niggas you will end up in the state pen 的Cuz他妈的机智黑鬼,你最终会在该州的笔


[Chorus] [合唱]


[DJ Paul] [DJ保罗]

yeah, aww shit they tryna blues up on my candy 是啊, AWW狗屎他们tryna布鲁斯在我的糖果

they said somebody done dropped the time that these 他们说,有人做过下降的时候,这些

playa hatas can stand me 盐湖hatas可以站在我

and now my burbons on the record at about eleven 现在我burbons上的记录约11

in the back of the car, Im hope'n I see tha 9-7-11 在车的后面,林hopen我看塔11年9月7日

45 they done brought that dog 45他们做带来的狗

me and Crunchy eye to eye while chris be snuffin in dro 我和香脆的看法,而克里斯是snuffin在DRO

I heard a roomer that damn hound done found my stash 我听到一个房客那该死的猎犬做我发现藏匿

fo I done had for juice a blow FO我做了果汁一击

and a infa red on my 40 and a glock 和INFA红在我40和格洛克

aww fuck, we on our way to da do someone AWW他妈的,我们的道路上大做的人

this shit was foolin around for while but now it ain't so fun 这一切,是说着玩的左右,而如今却也不是那么好玩的

but little do they know ben's made friends 但殊不知Ben的朋友做

I had to spend plenty of em 我不得不花费大量的EM

but we ain't seein no payin at least this shit 但我们是不是seein没有婚前至少这狗屎


[Gangsta Boo] [黑帮嘘]

Nigga let me ask you are you really down wit yo game 兄弟们让我问你,你真的下来机智哟游戏

or when you get locked up do that shit change 或者当你被关起来做那些事的变化

Now I'm comin real, tryna know the deal 现在我马上就要真实, tryna知道交易

bout you killas, are you just them shiesty niggas 关于你的killas ,你只是其中shiesty黑鬼

that hang around drug dealers 周围毒贩挂

when yo ass be locked up 当溜溜的屁股被锁定

ho, do you be like doin chores 嗬,你会喜欢干什么家务活

for so cockin that you in 这么科金,你在

like VDs and bite lures 如核销和咬饵

let this lady kick some knowledge 让这位女士踢一些知识

for niggas thats full of flodgin 黑鬼这就是全flodgin的

Its garuanteed to get fucked up 其garuanteed得到性交

by the real bosses killa killa killa 通过真正的老板Killa的Killa的Killa的

Whatcha gonna do, is yo color red or blue 干麻要怎么做,是哟红色或蓝色

You fucked up, you gonna get stuck up because you ain't true 你搞砸了,你会被卡住,因为你是不正确的

For that simple reason, found you shakin, bleedin, in yo cell 出于这个原因很简单,找到你颤抖,流血,哟细胞

now yo ass done bought a one way ticket to a burnin hell 现在溜溜的屁股做买了一张单程票到燃尽地狱


yeah for you niggas that's thinkin that 2 on 1 is a joke 是啊你这黑鬼想着的是2合1是一个笑话

(a muthafuckin game) (A的muthafuckin游戏)

you muthafuckas (watch you back nigga) 你muthafuckas (看你回来黑鬼)

a nigga need to work that trunk ho 一个黑人需要的工作,干豪

rock man, rock man let me get some rock man 摇滚人,摇滚的男人,让我得到了一些摇滚的人

(rock man pass the muthafuckin Kool-aid bitch!!) (摇滚人通过的muthafuckin库尔急救婊子! )

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