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Kush Coma



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[Verse 1:] [诗歌1 : ]

Close my eyes, feel like I'm going down 闭上双眼,感觉我要下去

In an elevator at 90 miles an hour 在电梯里,在90英里的时速

And all I see is stars and they coming at me sort of like a meteor shower 而我看到的是明星,他们在我来有点像流星雨

My forehead's sweaty, my eyelids heavy, feeling like I ain't goin' make it 我额头的汗,我的眼皮沉重,就像我的感觉是不是布莱恩使

Cause inside my head's like a firework show in the 4th July in Las Vegas 原因在我的脑袋就像一个烟火秀在拉斯维加斯的7月4日

Said, I'm trippin', I'm slippin', feeling like I just can't move 说,我践踏,我跌到 ,感觉就像我不能动

I done took me a couple more pills 我做了我花了一对夫妇更丸

Next thing I know, I'm taking off my shoes 接下来的事情我知道,我脱下我的鞋

And I'm on walking on these clouds like marshmallows 而我在走在这些云像棉花糖

Nodding off, smellin' like rose petals 打瞌睡, smellin就像玫瑰花瓣

Zoning out, two-three like the fiend in hell fire and angel wings 区划出,二,三象地狱火和天使翅膀的恶魔

I'm conscious to that world, connin science 'bout that world 我意识到那个世界, connin科学回合的世界

All these drugs up in me, it's a miracle I ain't mirror Kurt 所有这些药物在我来说,这是一个奇迹,我是不是反映库尔特

I'm numb like a mortician, going dumb with Oakland bitches 我麻木的像一个殡仪业者,将哑了奥克兰母狗

They say you hella boosie, roll a backwood up with them cookies 他们说你海拉boosie ,滚backwood与他们的cookie


[Bridge: x2] [桥: X2 ]

I'm smoking, back to back, back to back, back to back 我抽烟,背靠背,背靠背,背靠背

It's the blunt after blunt rotation 这是钝的旋转后钝

Now I'm in a kush coma off the OG aroma and my brain going on vacation 现在,我在兴都库什昏迷关闭OG的香气,我的大脑去度假

Kush coma 库什昏迷


[Hook:] [钩: ]

Kush coma, I am in a kush coma 库什昏迷,我在兴都库什昏迷

Kush coma, I am in a kush coma 库什昏迷,我在兴都库什昏迷

Kush coma, I am in a kush coma 库什昏迷,我在兴都库什昏迷

Kush coma, I am in a kush coma 库什昏迷,我在兴都库什昏迷

Kush coma, I am in a kush coma 库什昏迷,我在兴都库什昏迷

Kush coma, I am in a kush coma 库什昏迷,我在兴都库什昏迷

Kush coma, I am in a kush coma 库什昏迷,我在兴都库什昏迷

Kush coma, I am in a kush coma 库什昏迷,我在兴都库什昏迷


[Verse 2: A$AP Rocky] [诗2 :A $ AP洛奇]

Get high, my niggas, smoke kush 获取高,我的黑鬼,烟都库什

Get fly, my niggas, dope looks 得到飞,我的黑鬼,涂料的外观

So many numbers in my phone book 这么多的数字在我的电话本

I could start a motherfucking phone book 我可以开始他妈的电话簿

Know all the fly bitches gonna look 知道所有的飞母狗要去看看

Like I'm on something, tell 'em roll something 像我的东西,告诉他们的东西滚

I'm that one nigga, bumping two pots 我是一个黑人,撞两锅

Be like three hoes, that's a foursome 是像三个锄头,这是一个四人

Fuck niggas always want to hold something 他妈的黑鬼们总想举得起

Young hot nigga done froze on 'em 年轻性感的黑人对时间凝固了做

Went cold on 'em, beat the golds on 'em 去寒就他们,击败金色的时间

And clothes on 'em, see the hoes on 'em? 而在衣服上他们,看到锄头上他们吗?

Only fear God, never sold on Him 只有敬畏神的人,从来没有在他身上售

Man, I swear to God, put my soul on Him 伙计,我向上帝发誓,把我的灵魂在他身上

Life's a bitch, but she chose on him 生命是一个婊子,但她选择了他

Should've died in Hell, but I rose on 'em 应该已经在地狱死了,但我起来上时间

In big shades, fuck the hypocrites, die 在大色调,他妈的伪君子,死

Time let the tats, for the tick, tock 时间让我们的纹身,为,滴嗒

Clocks on the wall, fuck your wristwatch 在墙壁上的时钟,你他妈的手表

Pause, let it stop, hope we get by 暂停,让它停下来,希望我们能以

Bye when I zoom, let it vroom 再见时,我放大,让它弗鲁姆

'Bout a hundred goons with a fume, better let it [?] “布特百暴徒与通风,好让它[?]

A hundred miles an hour on the booth, better let it loose 一百英里的摊位一个小时,好让它松

A hundred by the sour, molly, flower, and they love the shrooms 一百年的酸味,莫莉花,和他们爱的爆炸蘑菇

That's real rap, I'm stating facts 这是真正的饶舌,我陈述事实

Contradictions, can't take it back 矛盾,不能把它背

Mommy's stripping, make it clap 妈咪的剥离,使它拍手

In a kush coma, finna take a nap 在兴都库什昏迷, FINNA打个盹

I'm out 我走了


[Hook] [钩]


[Verse 3: Danny Brown] [第3节:丹尼·布朗]

Half asleep with that cotton mouth 半睡半醒与棉口

Weed grow house on plantation 杂草上种植生长的房子

Nuggets the size of Rakim rings 掘金Rakim的环的大小

Got my head looking like a fatality screen 得到了我的头看起来像死亡画面

Got my mind drippin' 得到了我的脑海drippin “

Gotta get away from all this bullshit in my way 得摆脱这一切废话我的路

Knowing goddamn well when the high go away 明知道该死的好当高走

Same shit gon' be still in my way 同样的狗屎坤应犹在,我的路

I'm a slave to the sticky icky 我的奴隶,粘甜的

So nigga roll somethin with me 所以,兄弟们滚事端与我

Been smoking blunts since high school 一直抽烟,因为高中成风

Now look at all the bullshit I been through 现在看看我所经历过的废话

Wanna pass out, but we stayin up 想传了出去,但我们留驻了

Nigga gotta keep one eye open 兄弟们我要坚持睁一眼闭一眼

Cause nigga ain't tryna miss the next turn 因为兄弟们从来没故意错过下一回合

Nigga roll up, then we starting smoking 黑鬼卷起来,然后我们开始吸烟

I'm smoking on that ocho, got my mind on that cosmos 我在抽烟上了八条,得到了我的心灵上的宇宙

Sippin' on that purple, got a nigga in slo-mo 在那紫色啜饮着,得到了在慢动作黑鬼

Dipping in that molly, feel like I'm doing 100 on a Harley 浸泡在莫莉,觉得我是在哈雷做100

Tell your baby mama sorry, that was one night and please don't call me 告诉宝宝妈妈对不起,那是一个晚上,请不要给我打电话


[Bridge x2] [桥梁X2 ]


[Hook] [钩]

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