歌词 "Knock Knock" 的中英对照歌词与中文翻译

Knock Knock


歌词相关歌手:SALT 'N' PEPA

English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

You and I together forever baby 你和我永远在一起宝贝


[Chorus:] [合唱: ]


I've been knockin' knockin' 我一直在敲着敲着

Knockin' at the door 敲响门口

Open up and let me on in 敞开心扉,让我在

I wanna be more than friends 我想成为比朋友多

Woo woo, woo woo woo 呜呜,呜呜呜


[Sandra "Pepa" Denton:] [桑德拉“佩帕”丹顿: ]


Check you, Mr. Slick, who you tryin' to trick 检查你,油滑先生,你试着谁欺骗

See a sign sayin' pick, wanna play me for a quick stick 看到一个标志说挑,想打我快粘

With the next chick telling me you working late 随着未来小妞告诉我,你工作到很晚。

When my girls already saw you on a date 当我的女儿们已经看到你的日期

Whoopty-whoop, black, the hell with that, can't get me back Whoopty -呐喊,黑色,那是地狱,能不能让我回去

Bread's on the menu, pictures of the chick you had 面包的菜单上,你有小鸡的照片

Now you wanna flex to impress with the Lexus 现在,你想挠打动与雷克萨斯

Diamonds and negators, uh, I'll check you later 钻石与非门,呃,我将在后面检查你

There's more comin' attractions in the movie theater 有没有在电影院更科曼景点

I turn you down with the fader, don't be a player-hater 我把你打倒了推子,不要成为一个球员仇敌

Cuz you know what I'm workin' with son 因为你知道我日夜不停的与儿子

The same damn thing that had you shook, trickin' from day one 相同的理由,你的震撼了,从一开始就trickin “

Feelin' the pimp now, pockets lookin' slim now 感觉皮条客现在,口袋里看着“现在苗条

I'm want mad shit, it's sh-sh-shoopin' like, hmmm, with him now 我要疯了,妈的,这是SH- SH- shoopin就像,嗯,他现在

No doubt, yeah, cuz I love the way he work it out 毫无疑问,是的,因为我爱他的方式做出来

And he showed me things you don't even know about 他给我看的东西,你甚至不知道


[Chorus (2x)] [合唱团(2个) ]


[Cheryl "Salt" James:] [谢丽尔“盐”詹姆斯: ]


Always and forever, I remember when you sang it to me 直到永远,我还记得你唱歌给我听

I feel you sleezin' me, sleepin' with the enemy 我觉得你sleezin “我,睡与敌人

The lifestyle you was livin' was a mystery 你还活着的生活方式是一个谜

Don't say shit to me, cuz now you history 不要说狗屎我辩论,因为现在你的历史

Don't ask where you are, I wanna know how far 不要问你在哪里,我想知道有多远

I hear you trickin' on hookers at the bar 我听说你在酒吧的妓女trickin “

You're makin' moves on the girl 你让“移动的女孩

Ain't got a care in the world 是不是有照顾世界

That's why I made you double up every time I twirled 这就是为什么我让你每次我飞旋的时间翻倍

But the sex is not the best, don't expect me to take less 但性不是最好的,别指望我拿少

So rest, and the next man come and bless 所以休息了,下一个男人来祝福

The daisy, boy you crazy, don't play me 菊花,你小子疯了,不打我

Get over yourself baby, cuz you don't even faze me 克服自己的宝贝,因为你甚至不扰我

I'm known as Salt in the game with aim and no shame 我被称为盐中的游戏目标,没有羞耻

And I still have my fame to claim, ain't nothin' changed 我仍然有我的名气要求,是没什么改变

But the weather, and how to make the cheddar better 但天气,以及如何让更好的切达

And I'll never take you back, that's always and forever 我永远不会带你回去,那是直到永远!


[Day Ta Day:] [日大日: ]


And those roses on the bed 在床上的玫瑰

And you grabbed me and said 而你抓着我说

Ooh, you got it, hmmm, you got it 哦,你说对了,嗯,你说对了

Remember I held you real tight 记得我扶着你紧实

And I rocked it all night 我整夜震撼它

I said, hmmm, I got it, hmmm, I got it 我说,嗯,我知道了,嗯,我知道了


(So) Let me in, (Let) let me in (My baby) (所以)我的, (让)我的(我的宝贝)

Let me in, let me in (Ooh) 让我进去,让我进去(访谈)

Let me in, let me in (I'm on my hands and knees, girl) 让我进去,让我进去(我在我的手和膝盖,女生)

Let me in, somethin' 'bout the way I feel 让我进去,事端回合我的感觉


[Sandra "Pepa" Denton:] [桑德拉“佩帕”丹顿: ]


Oh my, how the table's turned, play with fire you get burned 噢,我的,怎么表的转身,玩火,你引火烧身

What goes around comes around, now your ass is hurt 善有善报,恶有恶报,现在你的屁股受伤

Reminiscin' how the Pepa was a real lover Reminiscin “的佩帕如何是一个真正的情人

The type of girl that made you uh-uh-uh, over and over 的女生类型,使得你嗯,嗯,嗯,一遍又一遍

You talkin' like you want me back, but never brother 你说像你想我回来,但从来没有兄弟

You blew it, when I pulled your cover, however 然而,你搞砸了,当我把你的封面,

No need for me to stress the mess 不用我强调的一塌糊涂

The mess caused in our love nest, nevertheless, yes 混乱引起我们的爱巢,不过,是的


[Cheryl "Salt" James:] [谢丽尔“盐”詹姆斯: ]


Moving on, looking good, and I'm well-dressed 移动的,看起来很不错,我精心打扮

The blessed achieve high self-esteem, fulfill my dream 有福实现高自尊,实现我的梦想

That's why I always get the cream cuz I got my child 这就是为什么我总是得到奶油因为我得到了我的孩子

Who makes me smile, no time for the man who keeps it wild (That's right) 谁使我微笑,没有时间的人谁保持它的野性(这是正确的)

I'm keepin' you on foul, you exiled, that's how it gotta be 我坚持让你犯规,你被流放,这就是它得是

So cease cuz you ain't pleasin' me 所以,不再因为你是不是令人开心我

Salt-N-Pepa brand new, uh, for the nine-seven 盐N佩帕全新的,呃,为九七年

Sorry asses get to steppin' 对不起驴去垫脚


[Chorus (2x)] [合唱团(2个) ]


You and I together forever 你和我永远在一起


[Chorus (Repeat 'til fade)] [合唱(重复,直到淡出)

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