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RU Ready


歌词相关歌手:SALT 'N' PEPA

English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

R U ready? ř ü准备好了吗?

Pum, pump, let me see you jump PUM ,泵,让我看看你跳

Shake your rump, push it real good 摇动你的臀部,将其推真正的好

Break it down with the funk 打破它与放克降

One love, like the LB say, right, right 一种爱,像LB说,对,对

Music Makes Us High, but you've been given shade 音乐让我们高,但你已经给灯罩

'Cause I stay paid, sippin' lemonade 因为我留薪,啜饮着柠檬水

Don't be mad 'cause I got it made 不要激动,因为我得到了它制成

Diva-hatin' waitin' snake in the grass 在草丛中的Diva - hatin 等着蛇

Look me up and down when I pass 你看我,下来的时候我通过

Vibin' with your girlfriends 与你的闺蜜Vibin “

Jealous of my dividends and my Benz, and my ends 我的分红嫉妒,我的奔驰,我的目的

Like no other butter, 没有像其他的黄油,

Smooth like cream, I keep in milky 光滑如奶油,我一直在银河系

When I move on the scene 当我移动现场

Got you fiending, on lock down, can't you tell? 把你fiending ,就锁定了,你不能告诉?

Never fell, black queens doing it well 永不倒,黑皇后做的很好

We be the crew that you wanna step to 我们是你想一步船员

Sisters with an attitude, now how my mic sounds? 姐妹们有一种态度,现在怎么我的麦克风的声音?


[1] - My mic sound nice [1] - 我的麦克风听起来不错

Check one, check 2, everybody make way 检查1 ,检查2 ,每个人都让路

Party people coming through 党的人通过未来

Throw your hands up, put 'em up 扔掉你的手,把举起手来

Bounce, hold steady, are you ready? 反弹,持稳,你准备好了吗?


[repeat 1] [重复1 ]


We make you burn with the hot track 我们让你燃烧与热曲目

Spin and scratch the hot wax 自旋和划伤热蜡

So I could grab the microphone and climax 所以我可以抢话筒和高潮

Bars stay lean and cream keep stacking 酒吧保持精简和奶油不断堆积

Dr. Suess cracking the beats with no slacking 休斯没有松弛开裂的节拍博士

So move with the groove, makes your knees weaker 因此,与槽移动,使你的膝盖弱

Salt-N-Pepa coming through your speaker 盐N佩帕未来会通过扬声器

Hot blazing, so amazing, 150 proof raisin' the roof 热炽烈,如此惊人, 150证明葡萄干屋顶

Who got the juice now? 谁的果汁吗?

Yeah, poppa, I'm gonna break you off something proper 是啊,波帕,我要打破你了正确的事

Show stopper like Frankie Crocker 显示瓶塞像克罗克羊羊

Female phenomenon, when you get off, then put me on 女的现象,当你下车,然后把我的

Miss Jiggy, hell yeah, huh, the bom digi Jiggy运行小姐,地狱啊,呵呵, BOM表的Digi

Microphone check one, 2, brand new coming through 麦克风检查一,二,全新透进来

You know how we do, stay on point like a needle 你知道我们做什么,停留在点样针

Who are you to judge like Ito? 你要判断像伊藤是谁?

Recognize Salt-N-Pep's stello 认识盐N佩普的stello

[repeat 1, 1] [重复1,1 ]


I'm about to make the whole world bounce 我即将成为全球反弹

Make it freaky 'til you're drippin' 使其怪异,直到你drippin “

Salt-N-Peppa got me in the VI sippin' 盐N Peppa在VI啜饮着让我

On the dance floor, nonstop how we movin' in 在舞池里,马不停蹄我们如何往前的

Game so tight, lubrication couldn't loosen it 比赛这么紧,润滑不能松动

B.L.A.Q the bomb B.L.A.Q炸弹

Y'all know Chi-Ca, Chi-Co who matching my flow 你们都知道智钙,智公司谁符合我的流

Shake what your momma created until it hurt ya 摇动你的妈妈创造,直到它伤害了雅

Daddy came to freak it down 爸爸来到发飙下来

And work ya, what time is it? 携手亚,现在是什么时候?

P to the B to the P to the A P到B与P到甲

Lay my game down precise like every day 打好我的比赛下来一样精确天天

Display many styles for years I've been here 显示多种风格多年来,我一直在这里


Iced out sex appeal I put your lights out 冰镇出来的性感,我把你的灯熄

Pull your mics out, we rock the party 拉你的话筒时,我们摇滚派对

Freak your body, no need for a shottie 怪胎你的身体,没有必要为一个shottie

I'm gonna make you sweat all night, hold tight 我要让你流汗了一夜,抱得很紧

All heads turn when I snatch the mic 所有的头转的时候我抢麦克风

Send the party into orbit 发送方进入轨道

Coppin' drop tops 'cause I can afford it 卡宾“降上衣,因为我能负担得起

Ain't nothing, party over here 也并非一无是处,党看过来

What you doing on the other side? 你做的另一边是什么?

We came here to get live, take a ride 我们来这里住,坐一坐

With the S and the P, hey, pep mc 用S和P ,嘿嘿,鼓舞士气的MC

Shine every time just like the Lex be 照每次就像莱克斯是

You wanna test me, don't floss 你想考验我,不要使用牙线


We got the flow tha'll break you off 我们得到了流动thall打破你关闭

Decent, leave you locked like the precinct 体面,让你锁定喜欢选区

How we get down worldwide 我们是怎么了世界范围内

Everybody know about the sound 每个人都知道的声音

Let it pound in your system one time 让它砸在你的系统中的一个时间

All up in your mind how we shine? Genuine 所有在你的心中,我们是如何闪耀?正版

[rpt 1, 1, 1, 1] [RPT 1 , 1 , 1 , 1 ]

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