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Just Getting My Money



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Hook:] [钩: ]


Just getting my money 刚开始我的钱

All the girls in the world wanna ride wit me 所有的女孩在世界上想坐我的智慧

Just getting my money 刚开始我的钱

I'm a Chi-town playa can't you see 我是智镇盐湖你看不出来

Just getting my money 刚开始我的钱

Mack all the way what can I say 麦克所有我能说的方式

Just getting my money 刚开始我的钱

I'm the prince of the funk 我放克的王子

And it sounds this way 这听起来这种方式


[Verse 1: Cold Hard, Kilo] [诗歌1 :冷酷,基洛]


Introducing myself as the chief-king Cold Hard 自我介绍为主要王冷酷

Looking cold like the blow 面色冷漠像吹

Of windsmoke like a bodyguard 的windsmoke像一个保镖

Slick as the slickest 油滑的灵巧

Slicker you can thinka 雨衣可以thinka

Screw me ya goofy trick 我拧雅愚蠢把戏

And then I'll switch ya 然后我就改用雅

Got me all hot when haters be at me 把我所有的热,当仇敌是我

Tryin' ta kick off something cause I be jazzy 试着TA揭开序幕的东西,因为我是爵士

But I don't trip at all, I keep on macking 但我不跳闸可言,我一直在macking

Sit back relax as my ends keep on stacking 坐下来放松,因为我的目的不断堆积


[Kilo] [基洛]


Check it out I strut 检查发现我支撑

Peeping all the good butts 偷窥一切美好的烟头

Can I get it on you can have a cut 我能得到它,你可以有一个切

Of a potent raw dope party 一个强有力的原料原液方

That have you peeped in one hit 那你有没有在一击偷看

Of the key to mack, have you freaking 关键麦克,你有没有吓坏

Straight game from the Chi-town 从智镇连胜

The fly town, stop fighting all you fat girls 飞镇,停止战斗,你胖女孩

I'ma thousand grammes so act clown 我是千克这样充当小丑

Playas hated looking faded 帕拉斯讨厌面色褪色

Ain't that funny, dummy, 是不是觉得好笑,哑,

Yo girl be giving up the money 哟女孩被放弃的钱


[Hook] [钩]


[Verse 2: Neverless] [诗2: Neverless ]


Brothers like me you know I have ta ball a bit 像我的兄弟,你知道我有TA的球位

Out wit the Conflict and you know we runnin' it 出机智的冲突,你知道我们在天边它

My fellas told me there's a gang hanging on the road 我的小伙子们告诉我,有一个团伙挂在路上

Rolling down the window macking on these 3-0-4's 滚滚而下的这些3-0-4的窗口macking

They creeping peeping to the game but they all the same 他们匍匐偷窥的游戏,但他们都是一样的

Rolling round wid me this trying ta get up in yo brain 滚丝轮妇女参与发展我这个尝试的TA起床哟脑

But I maintain mine, and I gotta claim mine 但我坚持我的,我要索赔矿

Running wid them renegades stepping in between lines 运行WID他们的叛徒线之间加强在

We rolling up the vibes, stepping in the 9-5 我们卷起的共鸣,加强在9-5

Kilo, Cold Hard and the Never wid the Wild Style 基洛,冷酷而决不妇女参与发展的狂野风格

Freaks in Deca-T Westside and Chi-Town the best 在十溴-T的西边和智城最好的怪胎

Cause we westbound put 2 up on ya chest now 因为我们把西行2上雅现在胸部

Bow down, bow-wow yo yippee-yay 低头弯腰,低头,哇哟yippee的,耶

Crucial Conflict's got 'em in the barn smoking on hay 关键冲突的有时间在谷仓里吸烟对干草

But still it's on to the break a dawn, dawn of the day 但仍然是上破黎明,一天的黎明

As I chill wid the Conflict, just getting my money! 当我冷静妇女参与发展的矛盾,只是让我的钱!


[Hook] [钩]


[Verse 3: WildStyle] [第3节: WildStyle ]


Straight for the hood I be live 4-5 by my side 直罩我算是活4-5在我身边

As I ride on the funky track bumpin' yo back 当我骑在时髦的轨道bumpin 回来哟

In the 'Lac we be like snicking a mix like this 在“紫胶我们像snicking这样的组合

Every single day when I play my way 当我打我的方式每一天

Cause it ain't no thing for me ta just chill 因为那是没有任何事情对我来说TA只是寒意

Got my money in my pocket everything is real 拿到我的钱在我口袋里的一切是真实的

Who is me? What is me? Could you be like me? 谁是我?什么是我的?你可能会喜欢我吗?

Creepin' it's the weekend and I'll be sneaking 情不自禁爱上它的周末,我会偷偷

Bass penetrate my chest when I'm off the cess-sime 低音穿透我的胸部,当我离开塞斯 - 森那美

Ya see the mack make it easy, 你看见的麦克可以很容易,

All a y'all freaks we can party all night 全一你们怪胎,我们可以开派对,整晚

Throw ya hands in the s-k-y put 'em up high 扔雅双手在s -K -Y把举起手来高

Sweet, beet, good enough ta eat, 甜,甜菜,不够好TA吃,

Get ya champagne glasses drink is on me 获得亚香槟酒杯饮料是我

To all you MCs, playas indeed, it's the wicked WildStyle 给你所有的MCS,帕拉斯的确,这是恶人WildStyle

And I'd like ta say peace 我想TA说和平


[Hook til' fade] [挂机直到淡出]

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