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1 2 3 4 Hit it, Hit it 1 2 3 4打它,打它


[Verse 1] [诗歌1 ]

Yeah, here's a story bout my homeboy randy 是啊,这里的回合我的巨蟹座兰迪故事

He was hooked on a girl named candy 他就迷上了一个女孩名叫糖果

Started off as sex for fun 开始是做爱的乐趣

Now the girl's got him on the run 现在,女孩的得到了他在奔跑

Made love to her just one time 向她示爱只是一个时间

Now she runs his body and mind 现在她经营着身体和心灵

He calls everyday on the phone 他在电话中要求每天

But baby's playin' games 但是宝宝的玩的

Leave a message at the tone 留言在音

Soft and gentle is not her style 轻柔是不是她的风格

This girl is so damn wild 这女孩是如此该死的野

All my partners wanna get next to her 我所有的合作伙伴想要得到她的旁边

But she ain't down with that, She moves right through 'em 但她是不会如你所愿,她向右移动通过时间

Yeah, like paper plates, Tears 'em up and she throws 'em away 是啊,像纸碟,泪举起手来,她抛出时间距离

If you had any guts today, You'd get your butt up and you'd walk away 如果你今天有任何的胆量,你会得到你的屁股了,你会离开

But you're hooked 但是你上钩


Hooked 大呼过瘾

Know what I'm sayin', you're hooked, hooked 知道我说的了,你大呼过瘾,大呼过瘾


[Verse 2] [诗歌2]

Yo, Get tough was your new campaign 哟,强硬是新的广告活动

Cryin' over a girl, boy, you're insane 哭泣过一个女孩,男孩,你是疯了

She treats you like a dirty diaper 她对待你像一个肮脏的尿布

Use you one time and then she wipes you out 使用你一次,然后她抹了你

You understand what I'm sayin'? 你明白我的意思吗?

If you're a man, you'll stop delaying and betraying 如果你是一个男人,你会停下来延缓和背叛

Try to act like you were mack 试着像你是麦克

You can't go an hour without that sex attack 不,性攻击,你不能走一个小时

What's wrong, boy, is it that good? 什么是错的,小子,是不是好了吗?

There's a lot of girls that would and could 有很多女孩的愿望,能

Take you, But you're so damn weak 带你,你怎么这么该死的弱

I think you need to seek 我想你需要寻求

Professional help, For your problems 专业人士的帮助,为了您的问题

Lay on the couch and let the doctor solve 'em 躺在沙发上,让医生解决时间

Talkin' to you and now he took your money 说给你,现在他拿了你的钱

You're took on that honey, You're hooked 你承担了,蜂蜜,你上钩


Hooked, hooked 大呼过瘾,大呼过瘾

Fellas, you know what I'm sayin', he's hooked 伙计们,你们知道我说的了,他大呼过瘾

Ain't got an ounce of mack in him, he's hooked 是不是得了马克在他的一盎司,他大呼过瘾


[Verse 3] [诗歌3 ]

Yeah, baby, run you, she takes your money 是啊,宝贝,你跑,她需要你的钱

While you'll kick back cryin' over honey 当你踢回在哭泣,在蜜

Now, I must admit she's fly 现在,我必须承认她是飞

But i'll be damned if oh me oh my 但我会,如果该死的哦我哦我

If I ever let a girl run my thing 如果我曾经让一个女孩跑我的事

I'm poppin' it the most, you know what I'm sayin'? 我屁股是最多的,你知道我的意思吗?

So understand, you gotta be real hard 于是,懂了,你必须是真正的硬

Don't treat her like a dog, but let her know 不要把她像狗,但要让她知道

You'll pull her card if she ever gets outta hand 你会拉她的卡,如果她得到手失控

What is you a boy or a man? 什么是你是男孩还是男人吗?

Stand up and tell baby you ain't gonna be shook 站起来,告诉宝贝,你是不是会被震撼

Yo punk, you're hooked on that sssy 哟朋克,你上sssy大呼过瘾

I don't know why 我不知道为什么

I don't stand by 我不袖手旁观

And just let a girl run over me 只是让运行一个女孩在我

Fool, I'm a man. can't you see 傻瓜,我是男人。你看不出来

Boy, you're hooked 小子,你大呼过瘾


Yeah - you're hooked, might as well give her to me man 是啊 - 你大呼过瘾,还不如给她给我的男人

Let me do the wild thing, you're hooked 让我做野的事情,你上钩

Shoot, I'm poppin' it man, you're hooked 拍,我屁股这人,你上钩


[Interlude] [插曲]

Let me talk to you for second. 我想和你谈一下第二个。

So, what's up, vanilla? 那么,这是怎么回事,香草?

Yo, man. come here man. what? 哟,哥们。来到这里的人。什么?

You know, man, you ain't doin' it right. you're off man. 你知道,男人,你是不是上来的是正确的。你过的男人。

See, you know what the problem is? 看,你知道是什么问题?

That ring I bought her. the diamonds weren't big enough. 那个戒指,我买了她。钻石是不够大。

I'm tellin' ya' - the diamonds weren't...i'm goin'...you know 我告诉雅 - 钻石是不是......我要去......你知道

What she wants...i'm goin' tell ya'...no man, when I first 她想要什么......我要去告诉你“ ......没有人,当我第一次

Met her she said she wanted a 'vette. I'm gonna' get her a vette 遇到她,她说她想要一个维特。我要让她维特

no man, no...a 'vette...i'm gonna get her the 没有人,没有......一个维特......我要得到她的

'vette. no man, hey, wait up “维特。没有人,嘿嘿,等上


[Verse 4] [第4节]

Now it's saturday, the day you hate most 现在是星期六,这一天你最讨厌

Why, because from coast to coast 为什么呢,因为从东海岸到西海岸

You see girls everday in the club, cold kickin' it 你看女生锁具在俱乐部,冷唱歌这

Reminds you of baby when you used to be with it 当你曾经是它让我想起宝宝你

But now she took you one time for sex and you're so sprung 但现在她带你一次性爱,你怎么这么异军突起

That the next time she seen you 下一次,她看见你

We knew, She had to leave you 我们知道,她不得不离开你

Boy, you're hooked 小子,你大呼过瘾


Boy, you're hooked, hooked hooked 小子,你大呼过瘾,大呼过瘾大呼过瘾

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