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Hey Lover


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It was Harlem at the rukus 这是哈林在rukus

I saw you with your man, a smile on your face, huh, 我看见你和你的男人,请你笑一笑,呵呵,

A coach bag in your hand 教练包在你的手

I was laying in the coupe with my hat turned back 我躺在轿跑车与我的帽子回头

We caught eyes for a moment and that was that 我们抓住了一会眼睛,而且是

So I skated off as you strolled off 所以我滑冰了,你溜达了

Looking at your legs, god damn, they look so soft (so fine) 看你的腿,该死的,他们看起来很软(做精)

I gotta take you from your man, that's my mission 我得把你从你的男人,这是我的使命

If his love is real he's got to handle competition 如果他的爱是真实的他有处理竞争

You only knew him for five months, that's right 你只知道他五个月,这是正确的

Besides he drinks too much, and smokes too many blunts 除了他喝太多,抽烟太多成风

And I'll be working out everyday thinking about you 我会每天都工作了想着你

Looking at my own eyes in the rear view 看着自己的眼睛在后视

Catching flashbacks of our eye contact 我们的目光接触醒目倒叙

Wish I could lay you on your stomach and caress your back 希望我能躺在​​你的胃和抚摸你的背

I would hold you in my arms and ease your fears 我要你抱在我的怀里,减轻你的恐惧

I can't believe it, I ain't had a crush in years 我不能相信,我是不是曾在多年的暗恋


[CHORUS:] [合唱: ]

Hey lover, hey lover, 嘿,情人,情人哎,

This is more than a crush, 这是一个多美眉,

Hey lover, hey lover, 嘿,情人,情人哎,

This is more than a crush, lover, 这是一个多美眉,情人,

Hey lover, this is more than a crush, 嗨情人,这是多有好感,

Hey lover, hey lover, 嘿,情人,情人哎,

This is more than a crush 这是一个多美眉


I see you at the bus stop waiting every day 我看到你在公共汽车站等每天

Your man must think it's safe for you to travel that way 你的男人一定会认为它是安全的,为您的出行方式

And I don't want to violate your relationship 我不想破坏你们的关系

So I'll lay back in the cut with a crush that's a trip 所以我会躺下来在切割与迷恋,这是一个旅程

Still he can't stop me from having daydreams 他仍然不能有白日梦阻止我

Tongue'n you down with huh, vanilla ice cream Tonguen你吧,香草冰淇淋倒

Kissing on your thighs in the moonlight 在月光下亲吻你的大腿

Searching you body with my tongue girl all night 搜索你的身体与我的舌头女孩整夜

I wonder one day could it be, (I wonder) 我不知道1天会不会, (我不知道)

Simple dreams could turn into reality 简单的梦想可以变成现实

Our love would come down so naturally 我们的爱会降下来所以很自然

We would walk down the aisle of destiny 我们会走的命运的过道

Would your man get his hustle on, got your type scared 将你的男人得到他喧嚣的,有你的类型害怕

Break your off a little chump change to do your hair 打破你关闭一点点小钱做你的头发

It seems to be enough to satisfy your needs 这似乎足以满足您的需求

But there's a deeper level if you follow our lead 但是,有一个更深层次的,如果你按照我们的领先优势


[REPEAT CHORUS]. [重复合唱] 。


Last week I saw you at the mall 上周我看到你在商场

Standing at the pay phone about to make a call 站在付费电话要拨打电话

I had a vision it was me on the other end 我有一个愿景是我的另一端

Telling you come by and then you walked in 告诉你来了,然后你走了

I touched you gently with my hands 我轻轻地摸你用我的手

We talked about traveling to distant lands 我们谈到了前往遥远的国度

Escaping all the madness out here in the world 逃避所有的疯狂在这里的世界

Becoming my wife no longer my girl 成为我的妻子不再是我的女孩

Then you let your dress fall down to the floor 然后,你让你的衣服落到地上

I kissed you softly and you yearned for more í轻轻吻了你,你渴望更多

We experienced pleasure unparalleled 我们经历了前所未有的快感

Into an ocean of love we both fell 成爱的海洋中,我们双双下跌

Swimming in the timeless currents of pure bliss 游泳中的永恒纯粹的幸福的电流

Fantasies interchanging with each kiss 幻想与每个吻交换

Undying passion unites our souls 永恒的激情凝聚我们的灵魂

Together we swim until the point of no control 我们一起游泳,直至无法控制的地步

But, it's a fantasy, it won't come true 但是,这是一个幻想,它不会成真

We never even spoke and your man swears he loves you 我们从来没有谈到和你的男人发誓说他爱你

So, I'm gonna keep all these feelings inside, that's right 所以,我要留着这些感情在里面,这是正确的

Keep my dreams alive until the right time 让我的梦想活着,直到合适的时机


[REPEAT CHORUS]. [重复合唱] 。

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