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Exhibit Based


歌词相关歌手:LIL' B

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Yeah it's your boy Lil B. 是的这是你的男孩律B.

A'yo Just Blaze come holla at me bro. Ayo只是火焰来呼啦了我的兄弟。

It's your boy Lil B Red Flame Mixtape, this the intro 这是你的男孩律B红色火焰的Mixtape ,这个前奏

If you didn't get Blue Flame go get that to understand this. 如果你没有得到蓝焰去拿,要明白这一点。

It's done, rap game's done... 它的完成,说唱比赛的完成......


My nigga told me if I ever stop rappin 我的兄弟们告诉我,如果我停止说唱

The game lost Jordan, trade him to the Magic 本场比赛失去了乔丹,他交易到魔术

Exhibit Based not Exhibit C 参展的基础不是附件C

You niggas couldn't see, let me part the sea 你黑鬼都看不到,让我分开大海

Part a part of me, nothing pardons me 一部分是我的一部分,没有什么赦免我

You niggas arguably is worse than me 你黑鬼可以说比我差

Meet the whole squad, let me go hearse your team 满足了整个球队,让我去灵车团队

Pop bullets in his back make him work his knees 在他的背后流行的子弹让他干活他的膝盖

This is sick I'm on top now 这是病了,我在上面,现在

I remember in the hood I was locked down Oakland 我记得在我被锁定奥克兰罩

Havin YA dreams the pen right ahead of me 就吃YA梦笔正前方的我

Glad I didn't let a few suckas get ahead of me 很高兴我没有让我的几个suckas出人头地

Now I guarantee that they never be forgettin me 现在,我保证他们永远不会forgettin我

Like a hard drive man it's all about the memory 就像一个硬盘驱动器的人它的所有有关的记忆

Strapped with a vest screaming' muthafuck my enemies 背负马甲尖叫“ muthafuck我的敌人

Haters fuck around I start movin like a centipede 仇敌他妈的左右,我开始往前像蜈蚣

I'm the weed-man so you know I got the remedy 我是杂草的人,所以你知道我得到了补救措施

Plus I'm a user, dope-fiend music 再加上我是一个用户,涂料,恶魔音乐

Plus I'm a robber and I dare you suckas push me 再加上我是一个强盗,我敢说你suckas推我

Got the same pistol that they shootin in Blue Streak 得到了他们的蓝色条纹乱射一样手枪

Ridin Aston Martin new suede with the blue seats 坐车的阿斯顿·马丁新麂皮与蓝色座椅

Then I ride Toyota, hit the hood solo 然后我坐的丰田,打引擎盖独奏

Doin dirt solo I'll tee like Mobo 杜安污垢单飞,我会像发球摩博

Got the piece like popo, spreadin peace like grown folks 拿到了一块像POPO ,散播像成年乡亲和平

My mom should be proud of me 我妈妈应该是我的骄傲

I don't know but I'm feelin like she doubtin me 我不知道,但我感觉好像她doubtin我

Real nigga shit everybody hatin' on me. 真正的黑鬼狗屎大家hatin的我。


And you don't know about these handles 而你不知道这些手柄

Most of my songs now I gotta set examples 我大部分的歌,现在我得以身作则

Growin up, I was always the one to have trouble with the ones that was never growin up 长大的,我总是一个能与那些从来没有长大的烦恼

Now we grown up and they never goin up I swear to god that's the type of shit that make me go nuts 现在我们长大了,他们从来没有布莱恩起来,我发誓那是狗屎的类型,让我发疯

Age 16 I was stealin out trucks 16岁我stealin了卡车

Had music in the deck, had zips in the trunk 有音乐在甲板上,在躯干有拉链

Right before class poppin bottles getting drunk 正确的前级瓶屁股喝醉

Never been a driver, never had a license 从来没有一个驾驶员,从来没有执照

Walked in my house and it was smellin like incense 走进我家,这是smellin像香

Bringin home DVD players and TV's Bringin家用DVD播放器和电视

Give em to my Mom as presents for creating me EM给我妈的礼物给我创造

And you knowin that I love ya in the hood I'm like Peter Pan passin out hundreds 而你深深地知道,我爱你,在通风橱中我很喜欢彼得潘passin出数百

No hate in my heart, I was passin out money 在我的心脏没有恨,我passin钱

17 I been fuckin stunin 17我一直他妈的stunin

(Yeah, uh) (是啊,嗯)

Before I was a rapper, I was just a trapper 以前我是一个说唱歌手,我只是一个捕兽

Don't trap the real and I used to have a ski-mask 不要陷的真实,我曾经有一个滑雪面罩

Never rob the family, never rob the innocent 千万不要抢家庭,从来不抢无辜

Never rob a nigga who you cool and who you kickin with 千万不要抢你爽谁黑鬼,谁你唱歌了

Bringin back the G-code these niggas started breakin' it Bringin后面的G代码这些黑鬼开始唱到这

How you makin death threats to niggas who was makin it 你如何做个死亡威胁黑鬼谁是出不来它

At your house mad and you really started hatin em 你家疯了,你才真正开始hatin EM

Want to be the hero but you never really takin shit 想成为英雄,但你从来没有真正羚牛狗屎

Fuck around with me I leave your ankles split 他妈的在我身旁我离开你的脚踝裂

Desert Eagle with extended clips, wishin death to enemies 沙漠之鹰加长片段,许愿死亡的敌人

You hate on me, you a fake nigga 你恨我,你一个假的黑鬼

You a fake nigga like Ricki Lake nigga 您假的兄弟们像瑞奇湖黑鬼

Heart and soul of a cold-blooded killa 心脏冷血Killa的和灵魂

But my spirit too pure I had to shower in the river 但我的精神太纯洁我在河里洗澡

And bless my hart I'm a visionary 并祝福我的HART我是一个有远见

Speak in 3rd person, cause it's the only one in the city 说话的第三人,因为它是唯一一个在城市

I'm the greatest rapper alive, Lil B I'm the rawest rapper, greatest to ever do it... (Based God mothafuckas!) 我是最伟大的说唱歌手活着,莉儿乙我最原始的说唱歌手,最大的永远做... (基于神mothafuckas ! )


And I don't know how I survived my childhood 我不知道我是怎么活下来了我的童年

A lotta letters and the judge show a lot of love 洛塔字母和法官表现出很多的爱

PO hate still do a lot of drugs PO恨还是做了很多药

Violate a couple times now I understand 违反几次,现在我明白了

You would act like my friend and send me to the pen 你会像我的朋友送我的笔

Not the pen juvenile hall like a gym 没有笔少年大厅像一个健身房

Start my day man I'm really nice with the pen... 开始我一天的男人,我真的很好用钢笔...


Our world ain't the same 我们的世界是不一样的

I'm thinkin hitman out nigga waitin in the trees 我在树上想着杀手出来黑鬼倒底

If he's relevant, I'm a make him Oddjob 如果他有关,我是让他Oddjob

I got the goldeneye, I got the? Golden gun 我得到了黄金眼,我得到了?黄金枪

I'm on the jet-skis no I'm not James Bond 我在水上摩托车不,我不是詹姆斯·邦德

Split a nigga wig make him think that he James Bond 拆了一个黑人假发让他觉得他詹姆斯·邦德

If I ain't James Bond, bet I got the same gun 如果我不是詹姆斯·邦德,赌我得到了同样的枪

Plus I got money in the bank for the bail-bond 再加上我在的保释债券,银行有钱

Pay him 80 G's if he thinkin he can tell on 他支付80克的,如果他想着他能告诉在

No witness make him run like Rev Run 没有证人指证让他跑像冯润

No blood in his jeans (genes) like a stepson 没血在他的牛仔裤(基因)像一个继子

Yeah I got 45's I'm travelin to India 是的,我得到了45的,我路途。印度

I'm finna have 10 kids it's my millennium 我FINNA有10个孩子,这是我千年

Everything Lil B, everything Based God 一切律B,一切以神

Berkley like Gotham City, hitman is the Joker 伯克利像高谭市,杀手是小丑

Best friend Two-Face 最好的朋友双面人

Who do I approach when I move at night, like Batman 谁做我的方法当我移动到了晚上,像蝙蝠侠

Show my respect with my right hand 显示我尊敬我的右手

Solid? eye contact, hip-hop notepads I bring it full contact 固?眼睛接触,街舞记事本,我把它完全接触

Really in the hood and I do it no contracts 真正的引擎盖和我这样做没有合约

And I won't eat pussy eatin bitches like blunt-wraps 我不会吃的猫eatin母狗一样钝包裹

When you see me, it's like you seen a holy ghost 当你看到我,就像你看到了圣灵。

Put the nine in his mouth nigga like french toast 把九嘴里像黑鬼法国吐司

My niggas, we do it real extra-big 我的黑鬼,我们这样做是真正的外大

Wanna book Lil b that's G's 想要的书律B中的G公司

Start to see life real like my last name 开始看到真正的生活就像我的姓

Lil B that pretty bitch run the rap game 律乙那个漂亮的母狗运行说唱游戏


Hey Just Blaze come holla at me man, come fuck with the greatest bruh. 嘿,就在大火到来呼啦我的人,都他妈的以最大的bruh 。

Lil B, rawest rapper alive can't nobody fuck with me. 律B,最原始的说唱歌手活着不能没有人他妈的我。

Hey, um, Jay Electronica I'm sorry I had to do that... 嘿嘿,这个,周杰伦电子乐对不起,我不得不这样做...

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