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Paisley Darts



English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Intro: Ghostface Killah] [简介: Ghostface Killah的]

Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yeah, yo, yeah, yo 哟,哟,哟,哟,哟,是啊,哟,是啊,哟


[Ghostface Killah] [ Ghostface Killah的]

Catch me on yo' brochure with beachballs, at least three whores 追我哟“的小册子与沙滩球,至少有三个妓女

Head wop Queens know how to work they jaws 头部痛击皇后知道如何工作,他们爪

They skintone is coffee and milk, mixed up 他们肤色是咖啡和牛奶混合起来

Ass as big as my boss' wife, stomach ripped up 屁股一样大,我的老板的妻子,肚子剖开

Spitting liquor in they mouth, cold Moet 在他们嘴里吐酒,酩悦寒

Captain Morgan, taking flicks, posing, holding my tech 摩根船长,轻弹浅唱,冒充,抱着我的技术

With cowboy hats and coach bags, they party like rockstars 与牛仔帽和Coach包包,他们喜欢派对摇滚歌星

Bo Gary watches, just chill, they down in the shark bars 博加里手表,只是寒意,他们倒在鲨鱼酒吧

And me, gunslinger, clips, cock D 而我,神枪,剪辑,公鸡ð

My fashion on, I'm rocking 'em new Rasheeds 我的时尚,我摇时间新Rasheeds

I'ma finish ya, go in brother like Mr. Cee 我是雅完,走在兄弟象东欧先生

You could find me fucked up like the mice in cheese 你可以找我搞砸了像老鼠的奶酪

Life's a B, Bentley and big bills 生命是一个B,宾利和大面额的钞票

Bottles, biscuits, bitches, blunts, bad boys bodying pit bulls 瓶,饼干,母犬,钝器,坏男孩稠坑公牛

Karate, black belt and I bring booze 空手道黑带,我带上酒

To big bar brawls, ball games blasting, fuck 'til my balls blue 到大酒吧斗殴,球类爆破,他妈的,直到我的球兰


[Raekwon] [ Raekwon的]

We like the black Yankees, old vets who sit in the rest 我们喜欢黑色洋基队,老兽医谁在休息坐

Thankful, counting up currency and move when it rain, pour 感恩,计数货币和移动的时候下雨,淋

From every bitch that we bless, we hit up, automatic love 从我们祝福每一个婊子,我们打了起来,自动的爱

The Cuban Link niggaz is the realest 古巴链接的兄弟们是最真实

My wallet walk, speak to niggaz, cops, judges 我的钱包走,说话的兄弟们,警察,法官

We put it down, Columbian style, with three killas 我们爱不释手,哥伦比亚风格,有三个killas

Based on money, dummies'll die 基于金钱, dummiesll死

It ain't funny, trying to front on mine, we get in ya mommy 这一点都不好笑,想前面的矿,我们在雅妈妈得到

Keep cool, nigga, read him the rules, before he bleeding in pools 保持冷静,兄弟们,读了他的规矩,他在出血前池

And fuck my shit up, and I'ma just lose 他妈的我的屎了,我是一个刚刚失去

Paid a lot of paper to live here 付出了大量的纸张住在这里

American Gangster status, Big Brother, lemme get in ya ear 美国黑帮状态,大哥,在亚耳还是让我得到

You know what time it is, crime it is 你知道这是什么时候,犯罪是

No matter what rhyme it is 不管是什么韵是

We gon' stay fly, hit lye, rock diamond shits (no question) 我们坤留飞,打碱液,岩石钻妈(毫无疑问)

Based on a general's fist of fury 基于愤怒的一般的拳头

Neck, arm, money, all of that's crispy jewelry 颈部,手臂,金钱,所有这一切的香脆珠宝


[Sun God] [太阳神]

Let me show you how I g ride, nina on both sides 让我告诉你,我克怎么坐车,龚如心在两侧

Nobody riding shotgun but the four-five 没有人骑猎枪但四五年

Nigga, if you won't try, I'll give ya something to regret 兄弟们,如果你不尝试,我给你的东西就后悔

Throw that mothafucking semi to ya neck 抛出mothafucking半到领雅

Throw the other black Jimmy to ya chest 抛出其他黑人吉米雅胸部

If you budge, you get stretched, nothing more, nothing less 如果你让步,你就会得到拉伸,仅此而已,无所不及

Pay respect, I'm a element of Homicide Housing 薪酬方面,我杀人房屋的元素

In other words, bitch, I'm the resident from Homicide Housing 换句话说,婊子,我是杀人房屋的居民

Known for drug dealing, stack thousands 已知的毒品交易,栈数千

Four hundred grand in the couches, two hundred grand on the houses 四百大的沙发, 200隆重上的房子

At any time I could move up out this 在任何时候,我可以动起来了这个

And go and cop some shit up in the moutains 去和警察的一些狗屎在moutains


[Trife Da God] [ Trife大神]

Aiyo, aiyo, you know ya boy stay fresher than produce 哎哟,哎哟,你知道,你的孩子留比生产更新鲜

Timberland snow boots, collecting more CREAM than a toll booth Timberland的雪地靴,收集更多的奶油比收费站

I grind daily, Patriotic like Tom Brady í每天磨,爱国像汤姆·布雷迪

I'm the bomb baby, cuz what I write is beyond crazy 我是炸弹宝宝辩论,因为我写的东西是超越疯狂

I'm the Don with the teflon armor, good karma, mac palmer 我是唐与聚四氟乙烯铠甲,人缘很好, MAC帕

Call me Arab Diesel cuz I'm a track bomber 叫我阿柴油因为我是一个轨道轰炸机

Roger that, my niggaz ain't got it cracked 罗杰说,我的兄弟们是不是知道了破解

All we do is dollar stack, get twisted like bottlecaps 我们所要做的就是美元的协议栈,得到扭曲状bottlecaps

While you on the block getting indicted 当你在该区块越来越被起诉

We island hopping, globe trotting through the friendly skies flying United 我们环岛游,通过友好的天空飞美全球小跑

There's a party over here and everybody's invited 有一个聚会在这里,每个人都被邀请参加

The headliners is Theodore and everybody's excited 该顶棚是西奥多和大家的兴奋


[Method Man] [方法人]

Fuck that, 'bout time we took it back to the block 他妈的说, 回合的时间,我们把它带回块

The task force coming, I got crack in my sock 工作队来了,我得到了破解我的袜子

White Rock on the dinner plate, get cash, shit is hot 白石镇上的餐盘,获得现金,狗屎是热的

Smash whips on the Interstate, we dash on the cops 粉碎鞭子在州际公路,我们就冲了警察

It's them dudes, drug slingers, 1-6-Ooh 这是他们的帅哥,药物索具, 1-6 ,哦

Crime figure, rhyme spitter, his gun spit too 罪案数字,韵达spitter ,他的枪也吐

Call 'em Sex Pistols, ravishing, nigga, I'm Rick Rude 叫全身性手枪,引人入胜,兄弟们,我是瑞克粗鲁

And ain't many mothafuckas could fit up in Rick's shoes 并没有多少mothafuckas能够在里克的鞋适合了

Man, listen, ice glisten, they love the life we living 男人,听着,冰反光,他们爱我们生活的生活

That's a given, like football players love white women 这是一个给定的,像足球运动员喜欢白人妇女

White linen, a tight denim, that ass look right in 'em 白色的床单,一紧牛仔布,屁股的样子就在时间

Shit, I'm riding 'em, cool as Kahlua's with ice in 'em, shit... 妈的,我骑着他们,冷静的甘露与冰他们,狗屎...


[Hook: Ghostface Killah (Cappadonna)] [钩: Ghostface Killah的( Cappadonna )

Aiyo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo I pass the mic to Cap (Nah, I pass it back) 哎哟,哟,哟,哟,哟,哟我通过麦克风来盖(不,我把它传递回)

Never, son, hold that, you the master of the rap attack 从来没有,儿子认为,你的说唱攻击的主

So knick knack patty wack (This is how we do it black) 所以尼克斯的诀窍肉饼怪人(这是我们如何做到这一点黑色)

(Slap you with the almanac) Where actual facts is sold as facts (拍你的历书)在实际的事实是作为销售的事实


[Cappadonna] [ Cappadonna ]

We on our grown man shit like Quincy Jones 我们对我们的成年男子狗屎一样昆西·琼斯

Travelling across the world while we smoking the bone 在全世界旅行的同时,我们吸烟的骨

We grinding, y'all niggaz know what we do 我们磨,你们的兄弟们知道我们做什么

We get it in with the Murderland, Chi-town too 我们把它与Murderland ,智镇太

Hit you up, something nice 'til the death of Yakub 打你了,东西不错,直到雅库布死亡

Swagger stuck on ya face like a New Jack tool 扬鞭停留在你的脸像新杰克工具

Right back at you, yeah me and my dude Toney 右后卫你,是我和我的伙计托尼

We don't fuck with fake contracts and niggaz that's phony 我们不会用假合同和兄弟们这是假的操

Trying to get this money, right homey 想要得到这笔钱,对不对温馨的家庭

And lay back in the Riverside, just chill, relax the domepiece 躺下在滨江,只是放松,放松domepiece

Link up with a fly dime, brick and a chrome piece 连接了一只苍蝇毛钱,砖和镀铬件

Coming for that gwop, yeah nigga, you got beef 未来该gwop ,是黑人,你有牛肉


[skit of Ghostface and co. speaking during concert follows] Ghostface和合作的[小品。演唱会发言时说明]

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