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Base For Your Face


歌词相关歌手:LIL' B

English lyrics 中文翻译对照歌词

[Flavor Flav sample] [味道黄样品]

Bass for your face, London! 低音为你的脸,伦敦!

Everybody in the house make some NOISE! [crowd makes some noise] 每个人都在家里做一些噪音! [围观让一些噪音]


[Chorus 2X] [合唱2倍]

"Base for your face, b-ba-bas-b-ba-base" “基地你的脸,B -BA- BAS -B -BA-基地”

"Base for your face, b-ba-b-base-base-base" “相应于面部, B- BA -B基碱基基”

"Base for your face, b-ba-bas-b-ba-base" “基地你的脸,B -BA- BAS -B -BA-基地”

"Base for your face, ba-base" {Thank you, BasedGod!) “基地你的脸, BA-基地” {谢谢BasedGod ! )


[Lil B talks over chorus] [律乙会谈过合唱]

9th Wonder.. 第九奇迹..

Lil B...BasedGod 律乙... BasedGod

Base...swag! Yeah 基地...赃物!是啊

Base for your face, all day 基地为你的脸,整天

Base for your face, my nigga, it's all... 基地为你的脸,我的兄弟们,这一切都...

Base for your face, rain thang, yeah 基地为你的脸,雨胜,耶

Base for your face, my nigga, it's all daaaaay 基地为你的脸,我的兄弟们,这一切都daaaaay


("Base for your face, b-ba-bas-b-ba-base") ( “基地你的脸,B -BA- BAS -B -BA-基地” )

("Base for your face, ba-base") ( “基地你的脸, BA-基地” )


[Lil B] [律B]

Check it, uh.. 检查一下吧,嗯..

This is real life from long nights 这是漫长的夜晚真实的生活

Niggaz like me I bounce back, it's alright 兄弟们喜欢我,我弹回来,这是正常的

Base for your face, two times, you don't see no actin 基地为你的脸,两次,你不会看到任何的肌动蛋白

All they do is rhyme words, such typical rappers 他们做的是韵词,如典型的说唱歌手

That was divined by the struggle, Metro phones 这是猜到了斗争,地铁手机

got pictures of my partners that died 得到了我的伙伴死了的照片

People like me cried, the whirlwind came from drugs and guns 我这样的人哭了,旋风来自毒品和枪支

We used to call 'em...uh, cocaine numb 我们习惯称之为时间......呃,可卡因麻木

(Yeah, baseheads) Uh, niggaz killed at drive-by (是啊, baseheads )嗯,兄弟们打死偷渡式

The AK-47 took them lil' kids' lives 的AK -47就把他们LIL 孩子们的生活

All these young niggaz, it's like a movie 所有这些年轻的兄弟们,这就像一部电影

Puttin dots on your shirt, talkin 'bout Coogi Puttin点在你的衬衫,说话回合Coogi点击

This is, change, (yes!) please excuse me 这是,变更, (是的! )请原谅我

I rep Based World, nigga please don't lose me, Lil B 我代表处基础的世界,兄弟们请不要失去我,莉莉乙


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Lil B talks over Chorus] [律乙会谈过合唱]

Real complex rap 真正复杂的说唱

Yeah, yeah I just uhhh, speak 是的,我只是唔,说

You connect the dots 你连点

Real... Lil B 真正的...律乙

'ey 9th, I'ma need for you to drop this real fast “安永9日,我是需要你放弃这个真正的快

Drop somethin dope on 'em, swag! 降事端涂料的他们,赃物!


[Jean Grae] [让GRAE ]

I'm a, rebel rouser, the other rebels that crowd around them 我是,反叛唤醒者,簇拥他们周围的其他反政府武装

(C'mon) To rebel levels that leveled up into several thousands (来吧)要造反水平的平整成几千

Records (Houser) like Afrika, we the (Jungle Brothers) 记录(豪泽)像的Afrika ,我们的(丛林兄弟)

This is for townships, backpackers and seasoned lovers of music 这是乡镇,背包客和音乐经验的爱好者

Lil B's in love with the music 律B的爱音乐

So leave the brother to use it, lead the public to new shit 所以,离开哥哥使用它,导致公众新的粪

See the, puppets ain't do it, you keepin up what they viewin 见,木偶不这样做,你坚持让了一下,他们viewin

You see the numbers they doin, refeedin us, the three of us 你看他们上来的数字, refeedin我们,我们三人

Plus 9th, more than Kanye cuff dykes or cuff mics 加上9日,超过坎耶袖口堤坝或袖口话筒

It's my nigga Phonte, Based God, dig-above type 这是我的兄弟们Phonte ,基于神,掏,上述类型

(C'mon) Above the boundaries of music, the counter-culture groove it's (来吧)以上的音乐的界限,反文化的槽是

(Uh) the kind of combination got you puzzled, called cocooners (嗯),把你摸不着头脑,被称为cocooners种组合

We do what we like so hit the common section 我们做什么,我们像这样打公共区间

Do this for life, so what we got in (Common)? (Resurrection) 做到这一点的生活,所以我们得到了什么的(普通) ? (复活)

I'ma tryna bring everything back 我是tryna让一切恢复

...Everything 一切...

And that includes... 这包括...


[Lil B] [律B]

(Swag!) Remember times I was strugglin off my mindset (SWAG ! )还记得的时候,我是挣扎了我的思维定势

Remember, the time will fly, like a caterpillar 记住,时间会飞翔,像毛毛虫

Graduate, I ain't even know that I shoulda 研究生,我不知道,我早该

Sometimes, and don't hate when you know I coulda (swag!) 有时候,当你知道我本可以不恨( SWAG ! )

Now I'm 'bout to give back to the people 现在我回合回馈于民

More than ever, livin like now or never 与以往相比,活着就像机不可失,时不再来

Seem times, people get distracted by the outside hate 似乎时代,人们得到了外界的仇恨分心

Life turn into appetizers (Eat 'em!) 生活变成开胃菜(吃他们! )

And I tell my niggaz, be a man of your word 我告诉我的兄弟们,是你的话的人

I be fakin'...bottom, fuck it, sleepin (Swag!) 我该假装“ ......底部,他妈的,睡袋(SWAG ! )

Watch your sleep 'cause... 看你的睡眠“的原因......

them suckas will trick ya, thinkin about niggaz 他们suckas会欺骗你,想着有关的兄弟们

...(Swag!) Don't change for nothin' ...... (SWAG ! )不要为没什么改变“

I go back niggaz still swing J's and sufferin 我回去的兄弟们还在摆动J的,并在痛苦

I'm movin up in the world, gettin humble as well 我要离开了世界,刚开谦逊以及

Stupid motherfuckers can't tell, this real B 笨怎么就看不出来,这个真乙

Yeah... 是啊...


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Phonte talks over Chorus] [ Phonte谈到了合唱]

Yeah... Hey... 是啊...哎...

It's new Tigallo, new Tigallo, new Tigallo-Tigallo... 这是新Tigallo ,新Tigallo ,新Tigallo - Tigallo ...

And Little B the Based GOD! 和小B的基于上帝!

Thank you, Based God 谢谢,基于神

We gon' make 'em mad on this one, my nigga 我们坤让时间在这一个疯了,我的兄弟们

With 9th Wonder (Waddup) 随着第九奇迹( Waddup )

9th Wonder on the beat 在街上巡逻第九奇迹

And nigga, I cut yo' shit in half, 'cause I ain't feel like waitin 和兄弟们,我砍哟“了一半,妈的,因为我不觉得自己倒底


[Phonte] [ Phonte ]

Uh, I'm back on my shit, pah 嗯,我回到了我的屎, PAH

Back on my incline, Phontigga raisin the benchmark 回到我的斜面, Phontigga葡萄干基准

The young lions gave me a kick start 少壮狮子给了我一脚开始

So here it is, pyramid schemin on y'all niggas like Quickstar/Quixtar 所以在这里它是,在你们黑鬼一样Quickstar /捷星金字塔schemin

The drug test flow got you pissed off 药物测试流程得到了你生气了

So many say the game is contaminated, you niggas is animated 所以很多人说本场比赛被污染,你黑鬼是动画

Meaning you not real - fake nigga, you Pixar 这意味着你不是真正的 - 假的兄弟们,你们皮克斯

A short story, Toy Story 3, where the kids are 一个简短的故事,玩具总动员3,凡孩子

Now we have liftoff, so I'ma just stay firin 现在我们有升空,所以我是一个刚入住firin

Phontigallo low, stay flyin Phontigallo低,停留飞翔

Y'all wannabe niggas stay tryin 你们都想当黑鬼留下难以释怀

But God is my God, don't be ashamed 但上帝是我的神,不感到羞愧

Swallow your pride just like a gay lion - ROAR! 吞下你的骄傲,就像同性恋狮子 - 吼!

Came back for a taste, Lil B, Phontigga back on the case 回来一个人的滋味,律B, Phontigga回的情况下

Feelin like, G-Money in my space 感觉像G-金钱在我的空间

"They ain't come back for the cocaine “他们是不是回来了可卡因

They came back for the BASE!!" 他们回来为基准! “


[Chorus] [合唱]


[Lil B talks over Chorus] [律乙会谈过合唱]

Yeah, shouts outs to everybody that's been holdin me down 是啊,喊奏到大家,一直牵着我失望


[Phonte still imitating G-Money] [ Phonte还模仿G-钱]

Got my jimmy waxed every-DAY last week! Several times a day! 得到了我的吉米上周打蜡每一天!一天几次!


[Chorus] [合唱]

[Lil B ad-libs "Thank you, Based God" continues to fade] [律乙即兴表演“谢谢你,基于神”不断褪色]

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