歌词 "B.O.R (Birth Of Rap)" 的中英对照歌词与中文翻译

B.O.R (Birth Of Rap)

B.O.R (出生RAP)

歌词相关歌手:LIL' B

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Lil B 律乙

Based God 基于神


King of rap, I can bet my money on that 说唱之王,我可以打赌,我的钱上

Can't face the facts that a young guy kill this shit 不能面对事实,一个年轻的家伙杀了这个狗屎

Give me another shot and I'm a come with my mask on 再给我一次开枪我是来跟我上面膜

Seen alot of grosses I came with the Vans on 看到了很多票房的我来的面包车上

Now it's 09 and I'm runnin with the based god 现在是09 ,我飞奔的神基

Fire in my eyes mix my soul with the neapoms 火在我的眼前混合我的灵魂与neapoms

Mix and match, all I need is dro, and 1 mike, 1 pad, 1 pen, a iPod a them lights 混搭,我需要的是DRO和1个麦克风,1个键盘, 1笔, iPod中这些灯

Feelin like a plane when it's up and it's in flight 像飞机一样感觉时,它的了,它是在飞行中

Dressin everyday like I'm dead with the pinstripe 穿着打扮每天像我死去的细条纹

This a few things that show that I'm the rawest 这是证明我是最原始的几件事情

Been to cast everyday so I'm ballin like Spalding 去过每天投,所以我劈腿像斯伯丁

More beef like 6 have you baldin like baldwin 更多的牛肉像6有你baldin像鲍德温

Your favorite rapper out, I'm a lay 'em in a coffin 你最喜欢的说唱歌手了,我是个外行时间在棺材里

No talkin when I'm talkin, cause it's legend pay attention 没有,当我对你说说话,因为它的传说讲究

Only time I sat in class was when I was severin a detention 唯一一次我坐在类是在我SEVERIN拘留

I fucks with Soulja Boy, Get money nigga í乱搞了Soulja男孩,拿钱的兄弟们

Everytime I see a rapper, I think that I'm a get him 每次我看到一个说唱歌手,我觉得我是一个让他

In the booth or in the strets, I'm known to tear a rhythm 在展位还是在strets ,我知道撕节奏

Fifteen and sixteen, eyes breakin down the system 十五和十六,眼睛唱到关闭系统

Nobody can tell me nothin, I was livin off my system 没有人能告诉我没什么,我还活着了我的系统

Head fucked up, I thought it would be cool to go to prison 头搞砸了,我认为这将是很酷的要坐牢

Watchin Hot Boyz on BET, gettin all these women 凝视着热男孩的下注,刚开所有这些妇女

So I got my gold grill because I'm thugged out with em 所以,我得到了我的黄金烧烤,因为我thugged用EM

B-Town, Waterfront I put on for my city B超城,滨水我把我的城市

We done did it for six years, just reached 20 我们做这做了六年,刚满20

Alot of dudes I grew up with, didn't see 20 帅哥的很多我长大了,也没有看到20

Everytime I have a birthday, I'm thinkin God love me 每次我的生日,我在想上帝爱我

Everytime I hit the beat, man I do it for my mom 每次我打节拍,人,我做我的妈妈

Workin hard everyday I'm a make it where it's mine 辛苦干活每天我是让它在那里是我的

I'm a hustle all the time, like Lil Wayne do 我是一个喧嚣的时候,像律韦恩做

And if you ever get me, you get ate like grapefruit 如果你得到了我,你得到像吃柚子

My first reaction was like just chill and stay cool 我的第一反应和大家一样只是放松和保持冷静

The rap game is slow and it just ain't cool 说唱比赛是缓慢的,它只是不冷静

Always jockin all my style and it just ain't you 总是jockin所有我的风格,它只是不是你

Only time I feel you, is if a based boy do 只有一次,我觉得你,如果是基于孩子做

Because I'm rap god and a based boy too 因为我是神的说唱和基础男孩太

I can listen to the hate and put the volume on mute 我可以听的仇恨,并把音量静音

So the only thing I hear is the horses in my coupe 所以,我听到的唯一的事情就是我的轿跑车马

And when the roof go down it reminds me of my chick 而当屋顶往下走,它让我的小鸡我

Gettin money off the flo' because I'm trappin like a bitch 刚开的钱掉了FLO ,因为我倒卖毒品就像一个婊子

Like Gucci Mane said but it's rich nigga click 喜欢Gucci的鬃毛说,但它是丰富的黑鬼点击

And my name is Lil B you can call me king of rap 而我的名字是莉莉乙,你可以叫我说唱之王

I done did a few things and I'm never goin back 我做了做了几件事情,我从来没有布莱恩回来

Mirror mirror on the wall, shit, I'm askin who the man is 在墙壁上,狗屎镜子镜子,我阿斯金谁该男子是

Lil B for Lil Boss I'm prayin to my canvas 律B中律老大我祈祷我的画布

I deserve the ground because I'm speakin for the Mases 我应得的地上,因为我speakin的马塞斯

And I'm in the weed, I'm gettin cheify like Kansas 而我在杂草,我刚开cheify像堪萨斯州

Words to the wise, you should fear the competition 也就是说聪明人,你应该害怕竞争

Because I'm the only vet that's a Based God spittin 因为我是唯一的兽医,这是一个基于神吐口水

And you ain't in the game until you make a thousand songs 而你是不是在游戏,直到你做了一千首歌曲

And you dyin for this rap, Because it's the only thing you love 而且你快要枯萎了这首rap ,因为它是你所爱的唯一的事

Birth of Rap 说唱的诞生

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