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Downtown Love



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[Hook - John Michael Rouchell:] [钩 - 约翰·迈克尔· Rouchell : ]

Downtown love 市中心的爱

Don't want none of your downtown love 不想没有你的爱市中心

Downtown love 市中心的爱

Don't want none of your downtown love 不想没有你的爱市中心

Just wonderin' if you notice me 只是想知道,如果你看到我

Just wonderin' if you notice me 只是想知道,如果你看到我


[Verse 1 - G-Eazy:] [诗歌1 - G- EAZY : ]

Wood floors in your Soho apartment 在苏荷公寓木地板

Every morning always roll one and spark it 每天早上,总是卷之一,它引发

Credit cards left on your glass table 信用卡上的玻璃台面左

You been wildin' since I met you last April 您一直wildin “因为我,你去年四月会见

A beautiful, outgoing, alcoholic, socialite 一个美丽,性格开朗,酒精,社交名媛

Like the way I talk to you, I was so polite 就像我跟你说话的样子,我很客气

Always claimin' that you're not the type to notice hype 总是claimin “你是不是注意到炒作的类型

But that's the reason why we kicked it and you know it's right 但是,这就是为什么我们踢它,你知道这是正确的

I was your Bob Dylan, you were my Edie Sedgwick 我是你的鲍勃·迪伦,你是我阿爹塞奇威克

But where I used to see beauty, now I just see pathetic 但是,在我以前看美女,现在我只看到可怜

It was fun while it lasted but you'll never get it 这很有趣,而它持续,但你永远不会得到它

You're living in your own world, where love is all synthetic 你生活在自己的世界里,爱是一切的合成

Yeah, and now you walk around woefully 是啊,现在你四处走走可悲

For a minute thought about forever like it's Jodeci 对于想过永远像一分钟是Jodeci

But now you're spiraling and falling over hopelessly 但现在你节节攀升无望摔倒

And I just wonder if you notice me, yeah 我只是想知道你是否注意到我,是啊


[Hook - John Michael Rouchell] [钩 - 约翰·迈克尔· Rouchell ]


[Verse 2 - G-Eazy:] [诗歌2 - G- EAZY : ]

And you're just spending your allowance cash 而你只是花你的现金津贴

On some shopping sprees, drinks, and a powder stash 在一些疯狂购物,饮料和粉末藏匿

But it drains like the sand in an hour glass 但它排出像在一个小时玻璃砂

And when it does is when I see you turnin' sour fast 而当它的时候我看你撇开酸是快

Free falling from the sky 'till the gravel caught us 免费从天上掉下“ ,直到碎石出乎我们

Spending cash, burning holes in her fragile pockets 支出现金,燃烧孔在她脆弱的口袋

Doin' drugs on the surface of Apple products 上来的药品苹果产品的表面上

Started beautiful but look at where havoc brought us 开始美丽的,但要看在哪里肆虐给我们带来了

And it was fun but I could never be the one for you 它很有趣,但我永远是一个给你

You're never happy, always looking 'round for something new 你永远开心,一直在寻找“一轮新的东西

But it was unbelievable when I was fucking you 但令人难以置信的是,当我他妈的你

Thought that I was momentarily in love with you 以为我是一时爱上了你

Nah, see you're in love with material 不,看到你爱上材料

And even more in love with attention 而更钟情于关注

Walking through life so eager for affection 通过生命如此渴望亲情走

And never really was a connection, nah 而从来没有真正被连接,全息


[Hook - John Michael Rouchell] [钩 - 约翰·迈克尔· Rouchell ]


[Pre-Verse 3:] [前第3节: ]

So in love with the scene she was 那么爱的情景,她

4AM is when she leaves clubs 上午04点是当她离开俱乐部

She's... 她是...


[Verse 3 - G-Eazy:] [诗歌3 - G- EAZY : ]

In love with fashion, still trying to be Audrey Hepburn 爱时尚,还是想成为奥黛丽·赫本

Grabs the check, but she spends what she hasn't yet earned 抓住检查,但她花她还没有赢得

Life's a bitch, if you play with fire you get burned 生命是一个婊子,如果你玩火,你引火烧身

The road to riches could throw you off at the next turn 致富之路可能会在下一回合你扔了

Yeah, poor little rich girl 是啊,可怜的小富家女

Cries her eyes out, it's all part of the show 呼喊她的眼睛了,这是该节目的一部分

Fell in love with the fast life but started it slow 爱上的快节奏生活,但它启动速度慢

Loves creative types, slept with every artist she know 喜欢创意的类型,睡了每一个艺术家,她知道

Comes from high society, but they frown on her actions 来自上流社会,但他们不同意她的行为

Instagrams half naked, how she sounds in her captions Instagrams半裸,她的声音是如何在她的字幕

Always snobby and conceited, she knows what the deal is 总是势利和自负,她知道这笔交易是什么

Wants to party, thumbs through a rolodex full of dealers 想聚会,大拇指通过全面的经销商关系网

Yeah, cause she said the high was divine 是啊,因为她说的最高神

The first time is what she kept on searching trying to find 第一次是她继续寻觅试图找到

Scared to lose it all but everything was nothing inside 害怕失去这一切,但里面都没有什么

Couldn't face the truth but everyone's got something to hide 无法面对现实,但每个人的得到的东西隐藏

It's ironic how conscious she is of how she appear 讽刺的是,她是她是如何如何出现意识

Two hours getting dressed but still can't look herself in the mirror 两个小时穿衣服,但仍然可以不看镜子里的自己

Making poor choices, even at her wealthiest year 做错误的选择,即使是在她富有的一年

Was a fast lifestyle that no one helped her to steer, yeah 是一种快速的生活方式,没有人帮她,督导,是


[Outro - John Michael Rouchell:] [尾奏 - 约翰·迈克尔· Rouchell : ]

Downtown love 市中心的爱

Don't want none of your downtown love 不想没有你的爱市中心

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